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Why do Baseball Players Chew Gum?

If you watch baseball on TV it’s possible you’ll discover that baseball gamers of every kind chew gum, they usually chew a whole lot of it.  You could even discover that there are buckets of gum positioned within the dugouts throughout MLB video games.

Why do Baseball Players Chew Gum?

It relies upon!  Some gamers chew gum to interchange a tobacco behavior, others chew gum to alleviate pressure, keep away from dry mouth, to take away the style of dust, it has develop into a behavior, or as a result of it’s enjoyable.

Below we are going to deal with six totally different causes that baseball gamers chew gum throughout a recreation:

  • Replace a chewing tobacco behavior
  • Relieve pressure
  • Avoid dry mouth
  • Chewing gum has develop into a behavior
  • Chewing gum is enjoyable

We will talk about all of those causes as to why baseball gamers chew gum throughout competitors.  This has develop into standard with skilled baseball gamers and has been handed right down to even the youth ranges.

Chewing gum has develop into a staple on the baseball area

Chewing Gum Replaces Chewing Tobacco

Ever because the invention of baseball as a sport, gamers have chewed tobacco.  In the 1920’s chewing tobacco turned extraordinarily standard and a staple of the sport of baseball.  At that point, it was regarded as a sound different to smoking cigarettes.

Over time, the results of chewing tobacco has performed a serious well being danger for those who selected this behavior.  

Major League Baseball acknowledged this difficulty and the well being issues that got here with chewing tobacco and in 2016, together with the gamers union, bargained to outlaw using smokeless tobacco.

In 1990, faculty baseball banned chewing tobacco, and in 1993, minor league baseball banned chewing tobacco.

Chewing gum, for a lot of, has develop into a alternative for a chewing tobacco behavior that was developed by many gamers at younger ages.  Chewing gum is a a lot safer choice and has develop into a staple at most baseball video games, whether or not the MLB, faculty, highschool, or youth ranges.

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Chewing Gum Helps Relieve Tension

Sports may be nail biting, nerve wrecking, and tense.  Baseball is a sport that has a whole lot of down time, particularly in between at bats, and performs on the sphere.  For some positions, there’s a probability {that a} ball will not be hit to you all recreation.

The emotion and pressure of baseball, the downtime to consider the final play, and the stress that’s concerned, may be considerably anxious for a lot of.  Chewing gum is a technique to keep relaxed, a technique to relieve the stress that naturally comes with any sport.

Chewing gum throughout a baseball recreation is a type of leisure, a type of distraction, that may assist many overlook about errors, a distraction that helps gamers transfer on and be calm beneath stress.

Chewing Gum Helps Avoid Dry Mouth

Sports can create stress, nerves, and pressure.  Baseball is a exact recreation, with little room for error.  The physique reacts usually with stressors that may trigger dry mouth.  This in flip could cause extra stress.

Having a dry mouth throughout baseball will also be induced from excessive temperatures and from exertion in the course of the exercise.  Chewing a chunk of gum helps each the dry mouth difficulty in addition to a leisure and calming of nerves.  

Some video games are performed in excessive warmth, chewing gum limits the dry mouth impact that always happens from excessive warmth and stress.  In flip, chewing gum may also help an athlete calm down extra and hopefully come by way of throughout essential moments in baseball.

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Chewing Gum Has Become a Habit

Any exercise may be behavior forming in nature.  For no matter motive a baseball participant may chew gum, typically it turns into a behavior as a result of mentally it’s a leisure approach throughout excessive stress conditions.

Baseball gamers are creatures of behavior, and lots of consider within the superstitions which are concerned within the recreation of baseball.  A participant that performs nicely whereas chewing gum may assume that the explanation it occurred is as a result of they had been chewing gum in the course of the success.

Many sports activities have gamers which are superstitious, however baseball gamers would be the most superstitious and routine.  Although chewing gum was greater than probably not a motive a participant had success, baseball gamers are identified for repetition and routine.  

Most gamers will discover the little issues throughout success and proceed to do these little issues. This is one thing that has occurred because the starting of baseball and can greater than probably proceed for a few years to return.

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Chewing Gum is Fun

Let’s face it, at a younger age, youngsters need to chew bubblegum.  Gum is enjoyable, it means that you can be distracted and luxuriate in one thing, particularly throughout down instances.  

Gum permits bubbles, with every bubble trying and reacting totally different.  It is enjoyable for teenagers to blow bubbles, then to pop them.  It is a problem; to blow one of the best bubble.

If you watch movies of MLB gamers, you’ll be able to see gamers chewing gum all recreation.  If you watch nearer, they wish to blow bubbles and present them off.  Whether within the dugout or on the sphere, blowing bubbles with gum is a pastime that can by no means die.

What are the Most Common Types of Gum for Baseball Players?

Although baseball gamers will chew any sort of gum, there are a couple of frequent kinds of gum which are hottest.

Double Bubble

Dubble Bubble is a standard gum that MLB gamers chew.  Most dugouts have buckets of Double Bubble gum, and you will notice gamers placing a brand new piece of gum in, nearly each inning.

Big League Chew

In 1979, Big League Chew was a brand new invention, and it caught consideration and recognition in a short time.  The thought was to imitate chewing tobacco, however taking gum and shredding it.  Big League Chew is a greater, a extra wholesome choice than chewing tobacco.  It is a technique to really feel just like the previous timers, however with out the results of the well being dangers of tobacco.

Child-Like Spirit

Professional athletes are identified for being younger at coronary heart.  Many childhood reminiscences of enjoying baseball within the yard, or enjoying youth baseball with neighborhood pals are reminiscences that may not get replaced.

Professional baseball gamers can chew gum as a technique to deliver again these child-like spirits, the sensation they acquired once they performed as younger youngsters.

Alternatives to Chewing Gum in Baseball

  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Beef Jerky

Sunflower Seeds

Once once more, the child-like spirit of competing and having fun with being younger and enjoying baseball may be performed once more by way of consuming sunflower seeds.  Sunflower seeds are cheap and may be put within the pocket of any baseball participant.

Most younger baseball gamers have tried sunflower seeds, it’s a summertime specialty and relieves a number of the pressure and stress that chewing gum does as nicely.  Sunflower seeds are a staple at any baseball advanced, as you will notice empty shells on the concrete and area.

Beef Jerky

Although not as frequent as gum and sunflower seeds, and principally eaten however baseball gamers that aren’t skilled, beef jerky is one other different to gum.  Beef jerky has a resemblance to chewing tobacco, however has well being advantages.

Beef jerky is a superb supply of protein, and a superb pick-me-up on an extended day of baseball.

Final Thoughts

Baseball gamers of all ages chew gum, and for a lot of totally different causes.  Players as younger as 5, as they take the sphere, need to have that feeling of being a real baseball gamers.  Young youngsters emulate skilled baseball gamers, chewing gum, blowing bubbles, and have a good time.

Each participant chews bubble gum for a special motive, whether or not it’s to alleviate stress, to keep away from dry mouth, as a behavior or superstition, or simply as a result of it’s enjoyable, chewing gum whereas enjoying baseball has develop into a staple and can be for years.

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