Why Are Left Handed Pitchers Better? (Key Advantages)

Why Are Left Handed Pitchers Better? (Key Advantages)

In the sport of baseball, the pitcher is essential.

Ask any coach and they’re going to let you know “you may by no means have sufficient pitching.”  Ask them in the event that they most well-liked a proper handed or left handed pitcher and we imagine that almost all would favor to have the left handed pitcher, however why?

Why Are Left Handed Pitchers Better?

Lack of reputations towards left handed pitchers for a lot of batters. Many occasions batters, each proper handed and left handed, don’t face as many left handed pitchers all through their enjoying profession as they do proper handed pitches.  So naturally, batters see the ball higher out of the suitable handed pitcher and a few could battle towards the left handed pitcher.

When you may mix an influence arm left handed pitcher with somebody that has nice off velocity and breaking pitchers and you’ve got a pitcher that may be dominant.

Left handed pitchers have 4 key benefits.

Do Left Handed Pitchers Have An Advantage?

Yes, primarily because of the infrequency during which batters get to hit towards left handed pitchers.  They left handed pitcher has the next benefits:

  • Infrequency
  • Advantage towards left handed hitters
  • Different spin
  • Holding runners on base

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Advantage #1: Infrequency

We have already touched briefly on this level.  Over the course of a gamers profession, from the time they’re in Little League, during highschool, faculty, the minor league ranges after which on to the majors batters face lefty rather more occasionally than proper handed hitters.  

As a outcome, the batters do not need the pure variety of repetitions that they do towards the suitable handed pitcher.  In a mean rotation within the main leagues, there may solely be 1 to 2 starters which might be left handed.  This implies that on common the starters on a significant league time may solely face a left handed beginning pitcher 20-40% of the time.  

These numbers are comparable via the decrease ranges of baseball because the inhabitants inside the United States is simply 10% left handed.  So on common, they could solely face a left handed pitcher 10% of the time whereas developing via Little League Baseball.

Naturally, batters are going to really feel extra comfy towards a proper handed pitcher in comparison with a left handed pitcher.

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Advantage #2: Advantage towards left handed hitters

Throughout the years, the lefty on lefty matchup could be very tough on the hitter, however why?  The primary purpose is the curve ball that the left handed pitcher throws to the left handed batter.  It generally is a pitch that seems to be headed proper at your, however then curves over the plate.  

Over the years the suitable handed hitter ultimately adjusts to this pitch towards the suitable handed pitcher, however the lefty may take a few years to regulate and a few by no means get comfy towards this pitcher.  There have been completely different left handed energy hitters which might be benched when there’s a left handed pitcher beginning the sport.

The different main adjustment you see in a significant league recreation is that late within the recreation the supervisor will usher in a left handed reliever to match up towards the left handed energy hitter.  This offers the benefit to the pitcher because the left handed hitter usually has a a lot decrease batting common in comparison with the batting common vs a proper handed pitcher.

Advantage #3: Different spin

The spin off of a left handed pitcher is completely different from a proper handed pitcher, particularly on the breaking ball and off velocity pitches.  Regardless of the hitter, it takes time to regulate and this benefit is linked to the first benefit of infrequency and the dearth of general repetitions that the batter is ready to construct up over time.

Advantage #4: Holding runners on base

When a runner does attain first base, the left handed pitcher has a bonus with holding the runner nearer to 1st base and limiting the quantity of stolen base alternatives.  

With the left handed pitcher wanting proper on the runner vs over his shoulder for the suitable handed pitcher, there may be the larger capability to maintain the runner nearer to the bottom.  The decide off transfer of a left handed pitcher is tough to learn and onerous to steal 2nd base off of.  Overall, this retains the power play in place and helps the protection.

How To Hit Better Off Left Handed Pitching?

Get loads of repetitions.  Find a teammate, buddy or coach who can throw you loads of batting follow. Make positive you follow continuously and work on hitting the off velocity, breaking pitches which might be most tough. Also, there at the moment are pitching machines that use video to see the ball out of a left handed throwing movement.  Investing in considered one of these pitching machines may very well be key for a workforce to enhance their batting common.

How To Be A Great Left Handed Pitcher?

Watch loads of YouTube movies on left handed pitchers. If you might be energy pitcher, watch a left handed energy pitcher. If you might be extra of a finesse pitcher, discover the right left handed finesse pitcher. Keep a watch on how they assault hitters with completely different pitchers and the way they situated each pitch they throw.

Overall, an amazing deal could be discovered from watching one of the best of one of the best and taking notes after which follow their method! The nice information for baseball gamers and coaches in right now’s recreation is the entry to one of the best which have ever performed the sport and the quantity of video on their pitching method and method!

Stealing bases are rather more tough off of a left handed pitcher.

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