What Is Double Dribble In Basketball? An Ultimate Guide

What Is Double Dribble In Basketball? An Final Information

In sports activities matches, making errors is inevitable. Generally, there are some elementary errors, however they seem very often.

Double dribbling is one such error. When observing the match, the viewers can acknowledge it by way of the gamers’ actions.

So, in basketball, what’s a double dribble? Let’s discover out with What Prince George Wore by way of the article under.

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What Is Double Dribble In Basketball? 

A double dribble violation is a time period that refers back to the unlawful ball motion of a participant who pauses throughout dribbling after which begins once more.

One of many fundamental guidelines of dribbling prohibits a participant from holding or stopping the basketball with two palms after which persevering with to dribble. It acquired its identify as a result of it’s a double dribble with an alternating pause.

In keeping with rule 10 of the Nationwide Basketball Affiliation, gamers could make this error every time they maintain the ball. If a participant touches the ball twice earlier than it hits the ground, this motion shall be counted as a foul.

The double dribble rule is a elementary rule of basketball. It’s extra frequent in youth matches than in faculty {and professional} tournaments.

Examples Of A Double Dribble Throughout A Basketball Sport 

Double-dribble violations are fairly frequent in basketball video games. It occurs when a participant holds the ball or stops it with two palms, then dribbles once more.

Various frequent eventualities result in this error when a match is in progress.

The commonest instance is when a participant has simply obtained the ball from a go. Often, he would dribble after which cease. If that participant continues to dribble to get previous the opponent’s protection, he’ll make a mistake.

One other instance of double dribbling is pretend ball moments. Gamers usually use this trick to trick the opponent.

Often, they are going to fake like they need to go the ball to their teammates, however it’s dribbling. This case counts as a foul as a result of they dribbled, stopped, then resumed dribbling.

The offending crew should change the ball into defensive mode if both happens.

Not like making a mistake, double dribbling by no means ends in a free throw, thrown-in, or free throw. Its penalty is often a change in ball management.

Why Is Double Dribbling Unlawful In Basketball? 

Double dribbling permits gamers to dribble and block a number of occasions with out passing the ball. This motion will unintentionally put plenty of stress on the opponent’s protection.

In keeping with frequent sense, the crew will dedicate all sources to the star gamers. Due to this fact, they are going to often preserve the ball for a lot of the recreation.

If the gamers have absolute management and dribbling potential, they are going to at all times be afraid of the protection. They’ve many choices, and it is going to be troublesome to foretell their subsequent plan of action.

Nevertheless, when an individual is proscribed within the variety of dribbles, they’re now not scary. The protection can ignore them to deal with different objects.

Apart from, a participant who holds the ball for too lengthy will hinder the sport’s stream. It makes the sport much less engaging and doesn’t set up the crew’s teamwork.

Giving the protection many benefits additionally helps create engaging steals. Generally, an efficient protection is an efficient offense.

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What Occurs When A Participant Double Dribbles? 

Like different dribbling violations, the penalty for double dribbles is turnovers. It implies that the protection will obtain the ball instantly.

Nevertheless, completely different leagues can have guidelines in regards to the space and the crew that may obtain the ball.

At highschool or faculty basketball video games, the NFHS, FIBA, and NCAA permit the defending crew to throw the ball into the world closest to the place the violation occurred on the courtroom.

In distinction, the NBA requires gamers to place the ball in the midst of the sphere. The crew can be not allowed to place the ball within the space in the midst of the free-throw line baseline.

The reason being that inbounding on this space helps shorten the crew’s distance from the online. Due to that, they’ll rapidly attain and rating instantly.

Different Dribbling Violations

The foundations of basketball file three completely different dribbling violations, and double dribble is only one of them.

These strikes are all violations and have the identical penalty as double dribbling. The offending crew loses possession of the ball.

The primary offense is touring or strolling. This violation happens when a participant picks up the ball after which strikes or steps with their pivot foot.

Until they actively transfer in direction of the ring, any motion with out dribbling is a violation.

Conversely, if a participant approaches the basket space inside two steps, they won’t be in violation. This transfer is also referred to as the “two-step rule.” If two actions are exceeded, the participant will make a touring error.

The second violation is a palm. This motion refers back to the participant turning the ball over of their hand whereas dribbling as an alternative of returning the ball to the sphere.

It’s easy for the referee to note this violation as a result of it causes the participant to be stopped for a substantial period of time throughout play. 

Controversy Concerning Double Dribbles In The NBA 

NBA critics discourage the usage of double dribbling throughout play. Nevertheless, the NBA doesn’t appear to place an excessive amount of emphasis on this foul.

This error is sort of acquainted, and longtime followers of the NBA simply acknowledge it seems. Due to this fact, the viewers will really feel uncomfortable, which reduces the event’s professionalism.

In distinction, dribbling violations are extra frequent in highschool tournaments like FIBA. Due to this fact, when taking part in worldwide arenas, American gamers usually tend to make errors.

For the reason that punishment just isn’t too extreme, it is going to be troublesome for the gamers to right this unhealthy behavior. It has quite a bit to do with ball dealing with and management abilities.


In case you nonetheless have questions on double dribble, please seek advice from the part under.

what is double dribble in basketball


What Are The two Varieties Of Double Dribble?

There are two forms of double-dribble fouls. The primary mistake is when the participant dribbles with two palms as an alternative of 1.

The second error is when the participant dribbles, stops, and continues to dribble.

Can You Double Dribble In A 1v1?

Sure. The attacking facet should make not less than one backup dribble earlier than transferring ahead. The utmost variety of backup dribbles by a participant is 2.

What Is The Distinction Between The Double Dribble And Carrying The Ball?

Many newbies to basketball might confuse double dribbling and carrying. Nevertheless, there are two completely different errors.

The obvious distinction lies in the truth that the carrying error includes the act of inserting one hand beneath the ball.

The participant who holds the hand for a very long time whereas transferring will make a mistake.

How Many Instances Can You Dribble A Basketball?

A participant can solely dribble as soon as when in management. He can solely dribble twice if he loses management of the dwell ball on the enjoying subject for a few of the following causes:

  • One other participant touched a fumble or their go.
  • The opponent touches the ball.
  • A shot on a subject aim.

How Lengthy Can You Maintain A Basketball With out Dribbling?

You’ll be able to solely maintain the ball for as much as 5 seconds or dribble for 5 seconds if you’re nicely protected.

An in depth guard is a state during which a participant controls the ball within the entrance yard with an opponent standing inside 6 toes of them.


What’s a double dribble violation in basketball? It’s a dribbling violation that includes the participant pausing after dribbling after which beginning once more.

This rule is sort of easy and really recognizable. Nevertheless, many assume they don’t get a lot consideration in skilled leagues just like the NBA.

Now, you recognize the principles. Give it some thought and comply with the gamers’ actions; chances are high you’ll discover them earlier than the referee.

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