What Do Football Players Wear Under Their Shoulder Pads?

What Do Football Players Wear Under Their Shoulder Pads?

Football is a contact sport, a sport that includes physicality, and subsequently wants safety.  Football gamers put on shoulder pads to guard their shoulder, chest, and higher again.  

Shoulder pads are made out of a foam-like materials.  This is the half that rests towards the physique.  The exterior of shoulder pads are made out of a complicated plastic materials, giving extra safety when contact happens.

Shoulder pads will not be probably the most comfy materials, so selecting one thing to put on beneath the pads is important for consolation and to get rid of rashes from sweating and the weather.

What Do Football Players Wear Under Their Shoulder Pads?

Football gamers should select the correct materials to put on beneath their shoulder pads.  A easy t-shirt, a compression shirt, or a padded shirt can scale back the sweat, rashing, and sliding of the shoulder pads.

Why do soccer gamers put on shoulder pads

Below we’ll talk about completely different choices to put on beneath shoulder pads:


This might be the preferred undergarment when enjoying soccer.  T-shirts are light-weight and cozy.  The choices could be cotton and efficiency.

Performance t-shirts will hold you a bit cooler beneath the shoulder pads, whereas cotton will take in sweat simpler.  Cotton will scale back the sliding of the shoulder pads, whereas efficiency t-shirts don’t catch the sweat as a lot and may trigger an excessive amount of sliding.

Performance t-shirts are a bit extra fashionable nowadays, as they’re a cool model of a t-shirt.

The different benefit of sporting a t-shirt beneath shoulder pads is that they’re reasonably priced and most of the people have random t-shirts that may work beneath.

T-shirts will drastically scale back the rubbing of the shoulder pads and scale back rashes and irritation throughout scorching days.

Compression Shirt

Compression shirts are an ideal selection to remain cool.  Compression shirts will conform to the physique and do an ideal job of wicking the moisture away, making a cooling sensation.

Compression and efficiency are related, besides that compression shirts are tighter to the physique.  

Advantages of Compression Shirts

Compression shirts do an ideal job maintaining the physique cool when over exerting throughout a sport.  When overheated, fatigue might set in, which might scale back general efficiency and success. 

Compression shirts are additionally recognized for serving to muscle groups to rebuild after exercising.  They do that by rising blood stress to a sore muscle.  This helps rebuild and restore a damaged down muscle. 

Compression shirts additionally assist enhance flexibility.  Stretching, lifting, and lengthening are improved with compression shirts.

Padded Shirts

Padded shirts are an ideal choice to put on beneath shoulder pads.  Padded shirts present further safety for a participant’s ribs, underarm areas, and shoulders.  

Football, being a contact sport, can typically trigger some contact shock.  Padded shirts assist to soak up this contact and provides further safety throughout tackling or being tackled.

These padded shirts not solely present further cushion, but additionally are made out of efficiency materials, to assist in the wicking course of throughout scorching temperatures.  

These padded shirts have tender pads often made out of hexagons, creating an excellent cushion for contact and security.

What Could Happen if I Don’t Wear a Shirt Underneath My Shoulder Pads?

The largest situation of not sporting a shirt beneath shoulder pads is irritation and rashes.  Football begins in scorching climate, sometimes in August, when it’s fairly scorching in most components of the nation.

The warmth could cause irritation from sweat, after which trigger rashing on the shoulders and higher again.  These rashes will be painful and restrict efficiency in soccer.  

Odor is one other situation that will come up when not sporting undergarments throughout soccer.  Shirts assist catch sweat earlier than they attain the froth padding in shoulder pads.  The extra sweat that the shoulder pads are subjected to, the extra odor that may come from them.

Shoulder pads will be troublesome to scrub and get clear, so sporting the correct undergarments are extraordinarily vital, as they scale back odor and break down of the froth materials that shoulder pads are made out of.

Is There Anything Else I can Wear Under Shoulder Pads for Protection?

The expertise and design of shoulder pads have come a great distance so far as security and safety.  Shoulder pads these days are very protected and the expertise behind them continues to enhance.  

Vinyl Coated Shoulder Pad Cushion

This is an choice for beneath shoulder pads, as they supply extra added safety on contact.

This added safety is extraordinarily comfy and straightforward to put on and match.  They are often one-size-fits-all, and are very adjustable.  These shoulder net cushions have been round for a very long time, however are nonetheless extraordinarily efficient for security and added cushion.

Should I Wear a Cutoff or Full Sleeve Shirt?

This relies on desire, however take into account that cutoff shirts can nonetheless have shoulder publicity and trigger rubbing and rashing probably.  Most of the stress from shoulder pads comes on the very high of the shoulder, so for some gamers, a cutoff remains to be efficient.

T-shirts (cotton and efficiency), compression shirts, and padded shirts all are available in full sleeve or cutoffs.  Depending on physique sort and comfortability, cutoffs and sleeve shirts will be efficient and helpful.

Do I Only Need to Worry About Heat and Shoulder Pads?

Football begins in August when this can be very scorching, however ends in November or December, when this can be very chilly.  Som eo the gear beneath shoulder pads might have to be modified, as lengthy sleeves do assist.

Compression lengthy sleeve shirts are very efficient for staying heat and in addition giving added safety.  Padded shirts do are available in lengthy sleeves, however can be worn as cutoffs over lengthy sleeve compression shirts.

Final Thoughts

Shoulder pads are a mandatory and vital piece of kit for all soccer gamers, in any respect ages.  They present safety and create the most secure manner of enjoying soccer.  Football is a contact sport, so the proper tools is extraordinarily vital.  

The correct undergarments are vital for sporting beneath shoulder pads as nicely.  There are a number of choices so far as sleeves and materials.  SOme of that is based mostly on desire, and a few relies on security.

It is vital to select the correct tools, but additionally be comfy and protected beneath.  Wearing further padding within the type of shirts will be helpful to forestall shoulder and again points, rashes, and in addition assist muscle groups get well shortly.

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