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What Are All the Asus Beep Codes? What Do They Mean

Getting beep code in your PC is seldom an indication you need to ignore. It often signifies that the system has run right into a concern. But, having stated that, the plus level is we are able to deal with and repair the difficulty with the assistance of beep codes.

If your PC suffers from a system crash or a malfunction that halts the startup course of, you need to use the beep code speaker in your motherboard to find out the reason for the error. Since the beeps are generated from the audio system on-board motherboard, the data is often very dependable and needs to be given consideration to.

You might want to analyze the sequential beep codes to find out potential error. These error might imply PC not with the ability to boot correctly or, might point out different extreme concern with the PC. Depending on the motherboard producer, every sequential beep code might have a special that means. 

This article explains all of the beep codes for ASUS motherboards and laptops and their that means.

What Are Beep Codes? What Do They Mean?

connect speaker to motherboard asus beep codes

When you flip in your laptop, it performs a sequence of POST(Power On Self-Test) assessments that verify whether or not the pc {hardware} required to run the PC is practical. Once full, this check will make one brief beep indicating that the pc has handed POST.

The system will solely boot as soon as it passes the POST. However, if the PC fails this preliminary check, the speaker linked to your motherboard will make a sequence of beep codes to tell customers that there’s some malfunction within the system.

Beep codes are first and most dependable information in troubleshooting a {hardware} concern in a system. Referring to the information from POST, beep-sound are generated by the motherboard offering precise identification of the failed element. Since these beep-sounds are a cryptic code in actual, they’re referred as codes: Beep Codes.

Beep Codes in ASUS Devices

Now that we’ve got a transparent understanding of beep codes, allow us to take a look at the that means behind every kind of beep code in your ASUS system and issues you are able to do to repair the difficulty.

One Short Beep

Once your PC get previous POST, it should doubtless make one brief beep. You don’t want to fret if the PC makes one small beep throughout startup. This beep signifies that the system has handed Power On Self-Test and can activate easily with none interruption.

One Long and Two Short Beeps

RAM issues asus beep codes

In ASUS merchandise, one lengthy beep adopted by two brief beeps means the system has confronted points detecting the reminiscence. Most of the time, the system makes this sequence of codes if it doesn’t detect the reminiscence put in in your system.

A system might have points detecting reminiscence if it’s not secured into the motherboard or if the reminiscence module itself is corrupted or broken.

To verify if that is true, you may strive utilizing one reminiscence stick at a time.

  1. Turn off the system and take away the PC from any wall outlet.
    remove wall outlet asus beep codes
  2. Remove all of the screws that maintain the facet panel to entry the motherboard.
    remove side panel asus beep codes
  3. Now search for the RAM slot. The RAM slot is comparatively lengthy and is positioned close to the CPU. 
    reseat hardware component asus beep codes
  4. The RAM slot can have locks on each of its sides. Remove these locks and take away the reminiscence module.
  5. Only insert one reminiscence at a time to find out the defective one.

Once you’ve got decided the defective reminiscence, we advocate changing it instantly.

One Long and Three Short Beeps 

graphics card error asus beep codes

One lengthy and three brief beeps means the system has run into points relating to the graphics card. The drawback could possibly be the system not detecting the cardboard attributable to connection points, or possibly the PSU just isn’t supplying sufficient energy to the graphics card.

If you hear one lengthy and three brief beeps out of your motherboard, reseat the graphics card and all its cables. And activate the PC. This will eradicate all of the errors that may have occurred attributable to unfastened wires or any connection points with the graphics card.

If this doesn’t work, utterly take away the GPU from the board and run the system utilizing the built-in GPU. However, in case your CPU doesn’t have an built-in GPU, you have to a separate graphics card to show something on the monitor.

One Long Four Short Beeps

cpu temperature beep codes

A {hardware} element failure, for instance, the CPU fan, triggers this particular kind of beep code. Besides this CPU reaching excessive temperatures or the CPU getting over voltage might additionally trigger the motherboard to offer such an error message.

To repair this, we advocate that you simply carry out the next steps to cease the beep error codes.

  • Lower excessive CPU utilization
  • Change thermal paste
  • Reseat CPU followers
  • Change PSU

5 Short Beeps CPU Error

error with cpu asus beep codes

If the system runs into an error the place it can not detect the CPU, the speaker in your motherboard will beep 5 brief beeps. Bent pins on the motherboard/CPU, or a DOA CPU, could possibly be why you’re getting the error codes.

You can strive fixing bent pins in the event you solely have a couple of bent ones. However, it’s dangerous information if there are a number of bent pins in your CPU, and also you doubtless want to exchange the CPU. If not one of the pins are broken, there’s a excessive likelihood that the CPU itself is DOA.

You may also verify the facility cable that provides energy to the CPU. This is an 8-pin cable that connects the PSU to the motherboard and provides energy to the CPU. If this cable is broken or not linked correctly, the motherboard might have points detecting the processor. Try reseating this energy cable to repair the issue.

Two brief Beeps

Two brief beeps often imply a parity error has occurred when recording knowledge in reminiscence. Parity errors in some important system recordsdata might additionally trigger the whole system to crash. One frequent cause a system suffers from parity error is because of corrupted or defective reminiscence modules. 

To repair this, we advocate you utilize one reminiscence stick at a time to find out the defective one.

Fix ASUS Beep Codes Error

If reseating particular element doesn’t repair the beep code error, you may strive a couple of generic steps.

Reconnect Hardware Component

reseat hardware component asus beep codes

You can disconnect and reconnect your whole PC elements to verify if it fixes the beep code error. Sometimes, loosely linked {hardware} elements could possibly be the rationale your system just isn’t detecting them. Therefore, strive reconnecting your {hardware} element.

Reset BIOS

reset bios asus beep codes

BIOS or the Basic Input Output System, has entry to the whole motherboard and all of the {hardware} elements linked to it. You may also change BIOS settings to allow or disable most {hardware} element. If you’ve got modified improper setting within the BIOS, it might trigger the system to offer error codes

Resetting BIOS reverts all BIOS setting to its manufacturing unit state, fixing any beep code error message.

AMI BIOS Beep Codes

ami BIOS asus beep codes

All the beep codes talked about above are devoted to ASUS motherboards and laptops. However, most motherboards available in the market use AMI BIOS. American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) has a devoted set of beep codes which have separate meanings.

Beep Codes Meaning
1 Beep Memory refresh timer error
2 Beep Parity bit error
3 Beep Memory learn/write error
4 Beep System timer failure
5 Beep Process Error
6 Beep Keyboard controller error
7 Beep General Exception error
8 Beep Display reminiscence error
9 Beep ROM BIOS checksum error
10 Beep CMOS shutdown learn/write error
11 Beep Bad cache reminiscence

All these errors are doubtless attributable to corrupted or defective RAM, you may strive utilizing one reminiscence module at a time to find out if that’s the case. If your system solely has a single reminiscence stick, we advocate that you simply get a separate RAM to find out if the earlier one is defective.

However, System timer failure, or 4 beep codes might additionally imply that “The System clock/timer Integrated Chip has failed or there’s a reminiscence error within the first financial institution of reminiscence”. If the reminiscence module just isn’t inflicting the difficulty, there’s a risk that the motherboard is dying.

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