Should I Unplug My Microwave When Not in Use

Should I Unplug My Microwave When Not in Use? (Answered)

How many home equipment in your house are plugged in proper now, although they’re not getting used? If you’re like most individuals, the reply is “fairly a number of.” Many of us have come to simply accept this as merely the way in which issues are. After all, it’s not like leaving your microwave plugged in goes to harm something…proper?

Three Reasons Why You Should Unplug Your Microwave When Not in Use

As it seems, there are fairly a number of good causes to unplug home equipment while you’re not utilizing them.

1. Protection from Power Surges

For one factor, it may possibly shield your equipment from surprising energy surges.

Power surges are transient however intense spikes in electrical energy that may happen for any variety of causes. They can injury the delicate digital elements in your home equipment and trigger them to cease working. In some instances, they will even trigger fires.

Although normally the possibility of your microwave catching hearth is low, it’s nonetheless higher to be secure than sorry particularly in case your microwave has a historical past of experiencing micro-surges.

2. Save Money on Your Utility Bills

The second motive to unplug your microwave when not in use is that it may possibly prevent cash in your energy invoice. Every equipment, irrespective of how small, use a small quantity of electrical energy when it’s plugged in.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, on common, 10% of the overall family electrical invoice is because of gadgets and home equipment being plugged in, however not turned on. This is what’s often known as a “phantom load.”

So don’t underestimate the facility of unplugging! By unplugging your microwave when not in use, it can save you a stunning quantity in your utility payments.

3. Extend the Life of Your Appliance

Finally, unplugging your microwave when not in use can lengthen its lifespan. Like all home equipment, microwaves are topic to put on and tear from on a regular basis use. This can shorten their lifespan and make them extra vulnerable to breaking down. Unplugging it while you’re not utilizing it may possibly assist lengthen its lifespan and hold it working correctly for longer.

What about surge protectors?

You is perhaps considering that you simply don’t want to fret about unplugging your home equipment as a result of you could have surge protectors. And whereas surge protectors can definitely assist shield your electronics from injury, they’re not foolproof.

Surge protectors can put on out over time, they usually don’t do something to guard your home equipment from fires attributable to overheating. Even when you have surge protectors, it’s nonetheless a good suggestion to unplug your home equipment after they’re not in use.

Is it Bad to Unplug a Microwave?

As we’ve seen, unplugging your microwave when not in use is definitely factor. It can carry a number of advantages, from defending your equipment from energy surges to saving cash in your utility payments.

However, there’s one draw back to unplugging your microwave – you might have to reset some settings every time you plug it again in. This generally is a minor inconvenience, however it’s effectively definitely worth the effort for the peace of thoughts that comes with understanding your microwave is protected.

Some Maintenance Tips for Your Microwave

Unplugging your microwave when not in use is a crucial a part of preserving it operating easily. Here are another ideas to assist hold your microwave in good situation:

1. Clean Your Microwave Regularly

You ought to clear your microwave at the least as soon as per week. Food splatters and grease can construct up over time, making it tougher to wash in a while. Wipe down the within and out of doors of your microwave with a humid fabric and gentle dish cleaning soap. Pay particular consideration to the door sealing surfaces, as these can get soiled actually simply.

2. Check for Of Damage or Wear and Tear Periodically 

Inspect your microwave commonly for any indicators of injury or put on and tear. If you see any cracks or breaks within the casing, irrespective of how small, it’s greatest to have it repaired as quickly as attainable.

The very last thing you need is in your meals to return into contact with electrical wiring! If the door isn’t sealing correctly, that is additionally a difficulty you’ll need to deal with straight away as it may possibly trigger your meals to overcook and even begin a fireplace.

3. Purchase Surge Protectors 

Surge protectors are gadgets that may assist shield your home equipment from damaging energy surges. Power surges can happen for a wide range of causes, akin to lightning strikes or energy outages.

And whereas most surge protectors will solely present safety for a restricted period of time, they may help stop pricey repairs or replacements down the street. So, if you wish to give your microwave an additional layer of safety, contemplate investing in a surge protector.

4. Remember What Can and Can’t Be Used in a Microwave

One of the most typical causes of injury to microwaves is misused. People typically put issues within the microwave that shouldn’t be microwaved, akin to steel foil or containers with steel handles.

These gadgets could cause sparks that may injury the inside of the microwave. So, earlier than you place one thing within the microwave, be certain it’s secure to take action. 

5. Treat The Microwave Door Gently

The door of your microwave might be probably the most used and abused a part of the equipment. So it’s essential to be light with it. Slamming the door shut could cause injury to the hinges and seal, which may result in different issues down the street.

6. Use The Pre-Set Programs

Most microwaves include pre-set packages for frequent duties like cooking rice or defrosting meat. These packages are there for a motive—to make issues simpler for you and to stop unintentional injury to your meals or equipment. Don’t overlook to benefit from these packages the subsequent time you could use your microwave.

7. Read The Instruction Manual

Finally, it’s at all times essential to learn the instruction handbook that comes along with your equipment. It will inform you numerous about methods to use and keep your microwave correctly, so be sure to hold it helpful and reference it everytime you’re unsure about one thing.


Should you unplug your microwave when not in use? The reply is sure. It’s really useful that you simply unplug any equipment when it’s not in use particularly while you’ll be away from house for an prolonged time period.

Doing so can shield your home equipment from surprising energy surges, prevent cash in your energy invoice, and lengthen the lifetime of your microwave.

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