15 Best Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch [2022 Ultimate Reviews]

15 Best Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch [2022 Ultimate Reviews]

The greatest Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch are those that provide you with what you want with none pointless extras. We know that if you’re on the lookout for one of the best Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, you need to discover a product that does what it is imagined to do and nothing extra. In right now’s world, there are such a lot of choices for every part – and generally we’ve bother deciding which one is correct for us.

If you are available in the market for the Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, look no additional than our listing beneath. It contains every part from one of the best worth to the very best quality, so it doesn’t matter what your wants are, we have one thing that may match them completely!

WFCO T57 50 Amp Transfer Switch

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List of 15 Best Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch Reviews of 2022

Technology Research (40100 50 Amp Surge Guard Automatic Transfer Switch

$164.95  in stock
8 new from $164.95
2 used from $125.93
Free shipping
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Permanently install Surge Guard protection in your RV
  • Protects RV bumper to bumper from faulty park power
  • Benefits of a transfer switch are a plus for some RV owners; mechanical interlocking contactors, time delay at power up, Transfers to generator power automatically when energized after 30 second delay
Part Number 40100
Model 40100
Release Date 2014-11-19T00:00:01Z

PowerMax PMTS 50A - Automatic Transfer Switch for RV with 30A or 50 Amp AC Service | Safe, Easy to Use, Durable, Reliable & Superior Performance (One pack 8 x 8 x 5 ")

$122.24  in stock
6 new from $122.24
1 used from $88.51
Free shipping
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • ✅ POWERMAX AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH - Designed for use in RV’s with 30- or 50-Amp AC service. When plugged into the shore power it will automatically provide AC power to all AC appliances. To operate your appliances from an onboard generator or alternative Power source simply start them and the PMTS-30 or PMTS 50A will automatically transfer the electrical power to AC appliances. They also feature a time delay of 20-30 seconds to allows the generator voltage to stabilize.
  • ✅ WHY DO YOU NEED AN AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH? Upon failure of the connected power source, the ATS will automatically transfer (switch) the load circuit to the other power source (if it is available). Our automatic transfer switches seek connection to the primary power source by default and will only connect to the alternate power source (engine-generator, backup utility) when required or requested to do so.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE W/ COMPLETE PROTECTION FUNCTION: Powermax Automatic Transfer Switch is very easy to install so it’s a free hassle to use. This is a self-acting, intelligent power switching device governed by the dedicated control logic. This switch supports a variety protection function, including short circuit, overload, lack of phase, under-voltage protection and guaranteed safe for you to use.
  • ✅ THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED! Powermax Automatic Transfer Switch comes with LCD display which allows you to define the Cut-Off and Recovery Voltages. Great for you RV, Boat trolling motors, house lighting, solar or wind off grid systems. Automatically switches over to grid power on those cloudy or windless days and your batteries get low. This 50A dual power transfer switch allows for trouble-free operation of inverters and AC mains in the same circuit.
  • ✅ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED! PowerMax is a privately held corporation based in the USA. We supply Battery Chargers, AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/AC Inverters, Generators, DC Converters, DC-DC Converters, and Automatic Transfer Switches. With years of experience, we make sure that you are satisfied with our products that’s why we offer 100% Money-Back Guaranteed. Feel free to contact us so that our team can assist you. All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground unless otherwise specified.
  • Replaces IOTA 50R
Part Number PMTS 50A
Model PMTS 50A
Warranty 2 Year warranty
Release Date 2011-08-01T00:00:01Z
Size 50 Amps

Furrion 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch for RV to changeover input between 125/250Volt AC power sources. With Vibrationsmart & Climatesmart Technology- F50-ATS , Black

$211.95  in stock
7 new from $211.95
4 used from $168.56
Free shipping
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Safe and Automatic Transfer Switch - Furrion’s 50amp Automatic Transfer Switch has a built-in safe switch interlock system and is used to automatically switch between two separate 125 /250 volt AC power sources. These power sources can be from a Generator, shore power cord or inverter
  • Avoid Over-voltage - Provides an added feature of a mechanical interlock between contractors to ensure both contactors cannot be closed in parallel, preventing overvoltage on the output line.Casing Material: UL 94 Fireproof Plastic
  • Time Delay - Once AC power from the Generator is sensed by the transfer switch at Input 2 terminals, it will start a timer and automatically switch over to generator power supply after a 20-30 sec delay which ensures the generator has sufficient time to run up to speed before electrical load is applied.
  • Durable & Reliable: Designed with Furrion's proprietary VibrationSmart and ClimateSmart technologies, this ATS is built to withstand constant vibrations & extreme temperatures. Solid brass terminals are used to increase conductivity and reduce heat and are Nickel plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Highest Safety Standards - The Automatic Transfer Switch comes in a UL94 Flame retarded enclosure and is certified to UL Standards UL1008.
Part Number F50-ATS
Model F50-ATS
Warranty 1 Year
Color Black
Release Date 2015-11-07T00:00:01Z
Size 50 Amp

RV Transfer Switch, Briidea Automatic Transfer Switch 50 Amp Applied to RV, Speedboats, 240 VAC

$159.99  in stock
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • NEW GENERATION: Our generator automatic transfer switch sets the generator preferentially to power supply. When the generator stops, it can automatically switch to the mains power supply. When the generator restarts, power will go to the panel from the Gen side and theshore side will be locked out-GREEN generator LED on front panel will light
  • DELAY CIRCUIT PROTECTION FUNCTION: When switching to the generator power supply, the built-in MCU precise control circuit is connected with a delay of 20s, so that the generator voltage is maintained at a stable level and then transmitted. Double protection of mechanical interlocks and control circuits prevents two power sources from entering the AC distribution board at the same time and causing a short circuit
  • DURABLE ENCLOSURE: The coating process used on the surface of our products can be waterproof, rust-proof and anti-corrosion.The waterproof level can reach ip65, which can effectively prolong the service life of the product so that it's very durable
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Our products have simple installation steps, easy-to-remove protective cover with wiring diagram inside,and the internal copper wiring is more concise and durable
  • WIDE APPLICATION: 240 VAC, 50 Amps. It can be applied to RVs, speedboats, and various high-power equipment that requires emergency power supply
Part Number HGAS-01
Model HGAS-01
Warranty 1
Energy Efficiency Class 90

Arterra Distribution T-57 50A Automatic Transfer Switch

 in stock
17 new from $146.31
Free shipping
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Easily mounted to flat surfaces
  • Safe and reliable performance
  • Fits in compact areas
  • Input Voltage: 120/240 VAC, 60 Hz
Part Number T-57
Model T-57

Progressive Dynamics PD52V 5200 Series Automatic Transfer Switch - 240 VAC, 50 Amp

$170.96  in stock
49 new from $170.96
1 used from $83.59
Free shipping
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Rugged, heavy duty, screw type wiring terminals ready to wire to contactor base.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Time delay circuit board ensures generator voltage is at a stable level before transfer occurs. Automatically senses generator power and prevents two power sources from entering the AC Distribution Panel at the same time
  • Easy-to-remove protective cover with wiring schematic inside
  • 240 VAC, 50 Amps
  • One-year limited warranty
Part Number PD52V
Model PD52V
Color Regular
Release Date 2013-12-27T00:00:01Z

Go Power! TS-50 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

 in stock
24 new from $195.99
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Made for use with inverter, shore power or generators
  • Comes with knockouts for easy and professional installation
  • Delay switch for use with generators
Part Number 70278
Model TS50M
Warranty Manufacturer Warranty
Language English

Surge Guard 40100 Basic Automatic Transfer Switch - 50 Amp,black

 in stock
6 new from $99.10
1 used from $98.11
Free shipping
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Time delay at power up. Connection type: Screw terminals
  • Mechanical interlocking contactors
  • Generator dominant
  • 120/240 Volt, 50A
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
Part Number 40100
Model 40100
Color black

MOES Dual Power Controller 50A 5500 Watt Automatic Transfer Switch for Off Grid Solar Wind System ATS DC 12V 24V 48V AC 110V 220V.

$119.99  in stock
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • 【Beneficial to Solar or Wind System】: On cloudy or windless days when your battery gets low, it will automatically switch to grid power, protect your battery.
  • 【Works like an opposite direction UPS】: The ATS controller will switch to grid power when batteries votagle are lower than cut off point,it will switch back to battery power when the batteries votagle are higher than recovery point.
  • 【Auto distinguish】: DC 12/24/48V,AC 100-120V 60HZ / 220-240V 50HZ auto distinguish.User can define the Cut-Off and Recovery Voltages.Recovery voltage must be higher than Cut-off voltage. Battery type: Suitable for Sealed,Gel,Lead-acid,Lithium battery and so on. as long as the voltage of your battery are within the voltage ranges in the followings.9-17V at 12V system;18-30V at 24V system; 30-60V at 48V system.
  • 【Big Power】: 5.5kw(110V) or 11KW(220v),Fast Transfer time:Inverter transfer to public power ≤10ms,public power transfer to inverter ≤16ms.
  • 【LCD display】: Battery real-time voltage;working status of public power,inverter and battery.⭐Note: The controller needs to connect the battery, powered by the battery and get battery power data.
Part Number NV-001
Color Black
Size ATS

Elkhart (LPT50BRD 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

 in stock
31 new from $188.82
3 used from $129.09
Free shipping
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • ESCO Automatic Transfer Switch LPT50BRD-50 Amp 120/240 Volt relay based with terminal strip
  • 50 Amp per pole
  • 70 Amp neutral
  • 12.0KW, 110VDC
  • 22 second nominal time delay to allow generator to get up to speed Time delay is defeatable for instant switching Has terminal strip for easy wiring Shore power pass through design Size 8,5" x 8,5" x 4,5"
Part Number LPT50BRD
Model LPT50BRD
Release Date 2016-03-01T00:00:01Z

Surge Guard 41260 Automatic Transfer Switch - 50 Amp

$346.92  in stock
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Protects RV bumper to bumper from faulty park power
  • Provides protection from open neutral and reverse polarity
  • Mechanical interlocking contactors
  • Time Delay at power up (Shore 3-4 Sec., Generator 30 Sec.)
  • UL Approved ATS - full transfer switch rating, UL1008
Part Number 41260
Model 41260
Color Multicoloured

Technology Research (41260 Surge Guard 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

$259.95  in stock
10 new from $259.95
3 used from $161.21
Free shipping
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Product type : ELECTRONIC SWITCH
  • Country of Origin : Honduras
  • Package Weight: 4.785 kg
  • Package Dimensions: 34.798 L x 24.13 W x 15.748 H(cm)
Part Number 41260
Model 41260
Release Date 2016-03-01T00:00:01Z

Elkhart Automatic Transfer Switch - 50 Amp Service - Es50m-65n

$294.35  in stock
10 new from $294.35
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Power Transfer Switch; Transfers Power From Shore To Generator; Automatic; 240 Volt AC; 50 Amp; 8-1/2 Inch Length x 4-1/2 Inch Width x 8-1/2 Inch Height
  • Automatically Switches From Power Cord To Generator. Heavy Duty Contactor Assembly Specifically Designed For Rigorous Use, Will Handle 50 Ampere Power Cord And Up To 12 Kilo Watts Generator
  • Transfers Both Hot And Neutral Legs Simultaneously. Economical And Reliable Time Delay Switches Automatically From Shoreline To Generator Power
  • Capable Of Monitoring For Low Generator Voltage, Built-In Time Delay Allows Generator To Get Up To Speed
  • Quick And Easy Installation
Part Number ES50M-65N

WFCO T57 50 Amp Transfer Switch

$161.23  in stock
5 new from $161.23
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Warranty Period : FCC Class B Two Year Limited Product Warranty
  • Input : 105-130 VAC, 60 Hz, 30-amp or 50-amp service
  • Dimensions : 8.1” wide; 10.1” high; 5.5” deep
Part Number T57
Model T57

JONASC 63A 2P Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch 110V Generator Changeover Switch 50HZ/60HZ

$44.59  in stock
1 used from $28.00
Free shipping
as of May 1, 2023 11:24 am


  • Technical Parameter: Line Voltage: AC110V, Line Current: 6A-63A, Operating Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ, Conversion Time: 2S or so; Installation Dimension: 128mm*122mm hole: M6
  • Automatic & Manual: This automatic switch not only support auto mode, also can be operated by manual button, simple operation and reliable performance. When one power goes wrong (only test normal Phase A voltage and reserve Phase A voltage, only test loss voltage or loss phase), it will automatic connect one or several load circuits from one power to the other power automatically, to ensure normal power supply of load circuits
  • Protection Function: The switch supports multiple protection functions, including short circuit, overload, phase loss, and undervoltage protection
  • Easy installation: Reasonable structure, small size, equipped with protective cover, power supply is easy to install and reliable (with Electronic Instruction Manual)
  • Wide application: This switch can be used for home and public places, especially suitable for office buildings and public places which requiring fire fighting
Part Number GCQ2-63/2P 63A
Model GCQ2-63/2P 63A
Size 110V 63A 2P

How to decide on one of the best Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Choosing the correct Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch is a vital determination. You need to just be sure you put money into a product that may final and ship what it guarantees, so you possibly can get pleasure from the advantages for years to come back. Here are 5 issues to contemplate when selecting Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch.

1. The Quality of the Product

The high quality of Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch could be measured in a number of methods, however one method to measure it’s by wanting on the critiques of different clients who’ve bought the product and used it earlier than you. The extra optimistic critiques, the higher!

2. The Product’s Durability

You need your Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch to final so long as potential so you do not have to purchase one other one for years after its preliminary buy date! So be sure that no matter you are shopping for has been examined for sturdiness and endurance so that it’ll work nicely for years after its preliminary buy date.

3. The Brand’s Reputation

Another consider selecting Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch is ensuring that it comes from a reliable model with a very good status amongst shoppers who’ve purchased their merchandise earlier than you made your buy determination too! If they’ve 1000’s of optimistic critiques on-line then they most likely have some great things happening over there too!

4. The Price

The worth of a product is necessary, however you even have to contemplate the general funding too. This signifies that it’s important to weigh all of the elements, so you may make a choice on which product will ship what it guarantees and will not be an enormous burden in your pockets.

5. The Price of Replacement Parts and Additional Services

Even if the product itself would not actually break down for years after its preliminary buy date, there are alternative components that may put on out over time and inflicting issues for you. So just be sure you select Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch that comes with good alternative components so will probably be simple so that you can change these components if essential.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch Online?

Online procuring has turn out to be probably the most handy method to get your fingers on Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch. You can order from wherever, any time, and get it delivered to the doorstep inside just a few days. It is straightforward, handy, and hassle-free.

You can examine costs and critiques

If you will have a specific product in thoughts, however you’re unsure which retailer has one of the best worth, then you possibly can simply examine the costs on-line. You may also learn critiques written by individuals who have bought merchandise from totally different shops. This will will let you discover out what they favored and disliked about every product. When you examine totally different shops, it can turn out to be clear which one affords one of the best worth to your cash.

You can get skilled recommendation

If you will have any questions on Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, then you possibly can ask an skilled for recommendation. Most web sites provide chat rooms the place individuals with expertise in shopping for services or products can reply questions on their experiences with totally different services or products. Sometimes these web sites provide stay chat assist as nicely. In many instances, the consultants are paid for his or her time and providers so they can give extra data than free assist workers would provide on a web site.

Returns are simple

If you purchase Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch on-line and it would not match or is not what you anticipated, returning it’s simple. You do not have to fret about driving to the mall and preventing with different consumers for an open dressing room — all it’s important to do is ship an e mail or give the retailer’s customer support division a name. Most retailers will will let you return gadgets without cost in case you make your request inside 30 days of receiving them (or inside another particular timeframe).

It’s handy (and means quicker than driving to the mall)

The comfort issue of shopping for Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch on-line is big. You can store from wherever at any time with out having to go away your own home or workplace. And in case you’re like me and have a tough time discovering parking at malls and different shops, procuring on-line is even higher! You do not have to fret about discovering a parking spot or lugging round luggage whereas strolling by means of crowds of people who find themselves additionally attempting to get parking spots! And if there’s one thing that I completely will need to have proper now, I can get it delivered on to my door in just some days with free 2-day transport with Amazon Prime

You can store out of your sofa

Another wonderful thing about shopping for Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch on-line is that it means that you can take your time merchandise and evaluating costs whereas sitting at residence on a Saturday evening as a substitute of constructing journeys forwards and backwards between shops throughout enterprise hours. You may also take a look at critiques from different consumers earlier than making a purchase order, which may help be sure that you get precisely what you need.

Final Word

The greatest Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch will rely in your particular wants. Making positive that you simply buy the correct product can save you time and money by stopping a waste of cash or having to exchange an merchandise that doesn’t work.

When selecting Rv 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, be sure to analysis critiques from different clients who’ve already bought the merchandise. This will assist you to decide if the product is value buying or if there are higher options out there.

Ultimately, selecting which merchandise are greatest to your wants is a private determination that ought to be primarily based on what works greatest for you and your loved ones’s wants.

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