15 Best Pocket Operator [2022 You Can Buy]

15 Best Pocket Operator [2022 You Can Buy]

The greatest Pocket Operator are those that provide you with what you want with none pointless extras. We know that once you’re in search of the very best Pocket Operator, you wish to discover a product that does what it is presupposed to do and nothing extra. In at this time’s world, there are such a lot of choices for all the pieces – and typically now we have bother deciding which one is true for us.

If you are out there for the Pocket Operator, look no additional than our checklist beneath. It consists of all the pieces from the very best value to the highest quality, so it doesn’t matter what your wants are, we have one thing that may match them completely!

Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth

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List of 15 Best Pocket Operator Reviews of 2022

teenage engineering CA-X Silicone Pro-Case for all Pocket Operators PO-12, PO-14, PO-16, PO-20, PO-24, PO-28, PO-32, PO-33, and PO-35 (Black)

$34.00  in stock
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • KEEPS YOUR POCKET OPERATOR SAFE - The teenage engineering CA-X is a tailor-made silicone case that protects the fragile Pocket Operator module from accidental bumps or scratches.
  • PREVENTS THE MODULE FROM SLIPPING OR SLIDING - The anti-slip feet helps in keeping your Pocket Operator in place on top of the table.
  • OFFERS BATTERY-PROTECTION - The CA-X Pro-Case keeps everything in your Pocket Operator in place, even the batteries, especially when you're out for live gigs.
  • DOESN'T OBSCURE INTERNAL MIC AND SPEAKER - The CA-X Pro-Case has specific cutouts so you can still hear the beats loud and clear. Plus, it doesn't completely hide the LEDs.
  • PROVIDES A UNIVERSAL FIT FOR ALL POCKET OPERATORS - Instead of specific symbols, the CA-X features numbers so that you can use it with any Pocket Operator. It is compatible with PO-12 Rhythm, PO-14 Sub, PO-16 Factory, PO-20 Arcade, PO-24 Office, PO-28 Robot, PO-32 Tonic, PO-33 K.O!, and PO-35 Speak.
Part Number TE010XS811
Model TEE0036

[Regular Import Goods] Teenage Engineering Po – 14 Sub Pocket Operators Base, Shin Se te010as014 

$132.69  in stock
4 new from $132.69
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


Part Number TE010AS014
Model TE010AS014

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Po – 24 Office Rhythm Machine te010as024 a [Regular Import Goods] Pocket Sized Professional synthesizer

$115.00  in stock
2 new from $115.00
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


Part Number TE010AS024A
Model TE010AS024A

teenage engineering CA-X Pro Silicone Protective Case for Pocket Operator PO-133 Street Fighter (Red)

$38.37  in stock
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • KEEPS YOUR POCKET OPERATOR PO-133 SAFE - The teenage engineering CA-X Red is a tailor-made silicone case that protects your Pocket Operator Street Fighter from accidental bumps or scratches.
  • PREVENTS THE POCKET OPERATOR FROM SLIPPING OR SLIDING - The anti-slip feet keep your PO-133 Street Fighter in place, on top of a desk or keyboard.
  • OFFERS BATTERY-PROTECTION - To ensure the batteries won't fall out during practice or live performances, the CA-X Protective Case keeps everything in your Pocket Operator in place.
  • DOES NOT OBSCURE THE MIC OR SPEAKER - The CA-X Red Case has specific cutouts for the microphone and speaker for you to hear the beats clearly. Plus, this silicone casing doesn't completely hide the LEDs on the Pocket Operator.
  • OFFERS A UNIVERSAL FIT FOR ALL POCKET OPERATORS - Instead of specific symbols, the CA-X Case features numbers so that you can use it with any Pocket Operator. It is compatible with PO-12 Rhythm, PO-14 Sub, PO-16 Factory, PO-20 Arcade, PO-24 Office, PO-28 Robot, PO-32 Tonic, PO-33 K.O!, PO-35 Speak, PO-128 Mega Man, and PO-137 Rick & Morty.
Part Number TE010XS007
Model TE010XS007
Color CA-X Silicone Pro Case - Red

Candycord Korg Volca/Pocket Operator Special Audio Cable by myVolts, Angled Mini Jack to Angled Mini Jack, Curly 20cm to 30cm, Powder Grey Colour

$16.99  in stock
2 new from $16.99
Free shipping
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • Unique family of coloured curly audio cables. Tangle-free, hard-wearing and expertly finished.
  • 1st connector: 3.5mm mini jack angled
  • 2nd connector: 3.5mm mini jack angled
  • cable shape and length: curly, 20 - 30cm
  • colour: Powder Grey
Part Number ACV3CG
Model ACV3CG
Color Powder Grey

Mchoi Hard EVA Travel Case Fits for 2 Pack Teenage Engineering PO-14 Pocket Operator Sub Bass Synthesizer, Case Only Blue

$17.86  in stock
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • High grade EVA condition:This hard portable case is made of high quality EVA to provide durable and a long-lasting performance!
  • Perfect fit:We have specially designed the case to suit your 2 pack teenage engineering po-14 pocket operator!
  • Fashion look: This case features a sharp fashion look!
  • 100% Safe:The case is semi waterproof, shockproof, stylish and durable. Classic zipper design makes opening and closing easy and simple!
Part Number M300-1
Color Blue

Title: MyVolts Revolt 2 x AAA Battery Eliminator Compatible with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synth, with Ripcord USB Power Cable - Power from Any USB Port

$29.99  in stock
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • MyVolts Revolt 2 x AAA Battery Eliminator lets you power the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synth from a USB port instead of batteries. You'll never need to buy standard batteries for your Pocket Operator Synth again.
  • Included is the Bridge Cable with Smart Battery that gives the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator a DC power jack input, a dummy battery and a 3V Ripcord USB power cable.
  • The ribbon cable that protrudes is robust enough to deliver power, yet flat enough to allow you to easily close the door on a device’s battery compartment.
  • ReVolts works with anything else that needs 2 x AAA batteries: Christmas Lights, LED lights, toys, synths, handheld consoles, musical instruments and thousands more.
Part Number USB-45897

Analog Cases GLIDE Case For The Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

$44.98  in stock
2 new from $44.98
Free shipping
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • Perfect fit for 3 Pocket Operators (can also fit one or two)
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ultra-compact and totally flat
  • Durable molded exterior
  • Exterior dimensions 10.25 x 6.75 x 1.6 Inches
Part Number G16TEPO
Model G16TEPO

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-33 KO

$170.00  in stock
3 new from $170.00
Free shipping
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • Sampling with Built-In Microphone (NEW!) / 8 Melody Sample Slots (NEW!) / 8 Drum Slots (NEW!) / 40 Seconds Sample Memory (NEW!) / 16 Types of Effects
  • Built-In Microphone / Sequencer/ Parameter Lock / Built-In Speaker / 3.5 mm Audio Input / Output
  • Jam Sync Function / Animation LCD Display / Folding Stand / Write Lock Tab / Alarm Function Watch / Battery Operated (AAA Batteries 2)
  • 8 drum sample slots play samples as one-shots
  • 16-step sequencer and 16 patterns, with parameter locks for creating complex sequences
Part Number TE010AS033
Model TE010AS033

JUST MIXER Audio Mixer - Battery/USB Powered Portable Pocket Audio Mixer w/ 3 Stereo Channels (3.5mm) Plus On/Off Switch

$43.99  in stock
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • Versatile and Compact - The perfect way to mix multiple sound sources whenever and wherever you are (ideal for mixing audio/music from computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, Amazon Echo/Dot, mics and instruments)
  • Stereo 3 in / 1 out Configuration - 3 stereo channels (3.5mm / 1/8") allows up to 5 mono input connections
  • Signal Level - Gain knob allows input of multiple devices from mic to line level (high-sensitivity microphone recommended if using mics)
  • Overload Indicators - LEDs will light up when signal level overloads mixer capacity; monitor for optimal audio performance
  • Batter or USB power - Use USB power for a long term solution, or 2x AAA batteries when mobile (USB charger/cable not included; battery power requires top quality batteries, ex. Energizer Ultimate Lithium. Approx. battery life is 8 hours running time.)
Part Number 85U06R01R0-Orange
Model 85U06R01R0

Teenage Engineering Sync Cable Kit with 3.5mm Stereo TRS Connectors for Pocket Operators (Multi-Color)

 in stock
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • SYNCS ALL POCKET OPERATORS - The teenage engineering Sync Cable Kit contains 5 pieces of 5.9-inch long insulated cables with 3.5mm stereo TRS connectors. Connect your master Pocket Operator with this cable to control the tempo of the sync unit.
  • OFFERS STEREO AUDIO - The TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) connectors provide three conductors for the ground/return and for transmitting right and left channel audio data.
  • PROVIDES SMOOTH AUDIO SYNC - The cables efficiently transfer signals from one Pocket Operator to another unit. No need to worry about audio latency.
  • ENSURES ENHANCED SIGNAL CLARITY - Equipped with Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors, the teenage engineering Sync Cables prevents electromagnetic interference from muddling your music.
  • LASTS LONGER - The insulated cables have great resistance against corrosion. Even if you bend the cords, these won't get damaged easily or change their performance. The cables can withstand everyday rough handling.
Part Number TEE0055
Model TEE0055
Color Multi-color,Multi-colored
Release Date 2020-01-10T00:00:01Z

teenage engineering Pocket Operator PO-133 Street Fighter Micro Sampler and Sequencer

$154.99  in stock
4 new from $154.99
Free shipping
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • PROVIDES 40 SECONDS OF SAMPLING - The teenage engineering PO-133 is a micro sampler equipped with 40-second sample memory. Create all-new music using the Street Fighter game-based samples or with the powerful, built-in recording microphone.
  • OFFERS A CUSTOM LCD SCREEN - Watch your favorite Street Fighter game characters move in tune to your beat with PO-133's animated LCD.
  • CREATE NEW BEATS WITH PO-133 - You get 8 melodic sample slots, 8 drum slots, and 15 punch-in effects in the PO-133 Street Fighter. Enhance your beats by adding a stutter effect or short loop on top of your sampled recording!
  • BACKUP YOUR DATA - Connect a 3.5mm stereo cable from the PO-133's line output towards an audio interface or USB recorder to export the sound and pattern data to your computer.
  • MAKE MUSIC ON THE GO - Conveniently plug a 3.5mm headphone in the audio jack and listen to your jam while traveling on the bus or plane. You can also sync other Pocket Operators or other external devices (e.g., computer, volca, iPhone via synckontrol) with the PO-133.
Part Number TE010AS133
Model TE010AS133
Color PO-133 Street Fighter

Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth

$34.95  in stock
4 used from $29.71
Free shipping
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • Miniature stylus operated synthesizer is a recreation of the 1967 classic
  • 5 Octaves. Optional vibrato effect
  • Tuning knob on bottom allows you tune the Stylophone or do pitch-bend effects
  • Built in speaker with volume control, Optional headphone jack
  • Line Out (3.5mm)
Part Number STYLO
Model DU05151
Warranty 30 days parts.
Color black
Is Adult Product
Publication Date 2015-11-10T00:00:01Z

Aproca Hard Travel Storage Case, for Teenage Engineering Pocket PO-20 / Operator PO-14 Sub Bass Synthesizer and Sequencer

$14.99  in stock
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • Eco-friendly Material: Made of High-density EVA and 1680D Material, premium Hard EVA to provide durability and a long-lasting performance.
  • Perfect Fit: Specially designed for teenage engineering Pocket PO-20 / Operator PO-14 Sub Bass Synthesizer and Sequencer.
  • Convenient Design: Comfortable hand strap easy portability,Comes with specially mesh pocket for other accessories,Smooth but strong double zipper are easy for opening and closing, giving you a better using experience.
  • Great Protection: Stylish and Durable,prevents any damages or scratches caused by accidentally bumping,dropping, secures the device in good condition on travelling or outdoors.
  • For sale is case only(device and accessories are not included).

Korg Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer

 in stock
13 new from $49.00
Free shipping
as of January 4, 2023 6:24 am


  • VCO (Sawtooth) with Pitch control; VCF with Cutoff and Peak controls
  • Space Delay with Time and Feedback controls; LFO with Waveshape, Rate, and Intensity controls
  • Ribbon Keyboard with extra-wide four-octave range; keyboard glows under blacklight
  • Original MS-20 Filter with aux input allows the filter & delay to be applied to any source
  • Built-in speaker, battery power; graphics that glow under black-light
Warranty 1 year manufacturer.
Color standart
Size standart
Language English
Publication Date 2012-03-15T00:00:01Z

What to search for when shopping for the very best Pocket Operator

Choosing Pocket Operator is a frightening activity. It includes a variety of analysis, evaluation, and comparability. Here are some issues to contemplate whereas shopping for Pocket Operator:

1. The variety of opinions and star ranking

It is vital to take a look at the variety of opinions a product has, in addition to its star ranking. The extra opinions a product has, the extra correct it’s prone to be. If you discover Pocket Operator with 5 stars, however solely two opinions, that is not so nice. But if it has fifty opinions and 5stars? Then that is extra prone to be correct.

2. Price

Pricing is at all times vital when making a purchase order determination, particularly if you are going to be spending cash on one thing that is probably not used usually or could not even turn out to be helpful in any respect. It’s at all times good to match costs throughout totally different retailers with a purpose to discover the very best deal for what you want.

3. Trustworthiness

When selecting Pocket Operator, it’s essential guarantee that it’s reliable. The greatest manner to do that is to learn opinions concerning the product and see what different individuals should say about it. You also can try the web site for the corporate who makes the product and see if they’ve a bit the place individuals can go away opinions for his or her merchandise. If there are many adverse opinions or if the corporate’s website does not have any details about their firm or merchandise, then it won’t be price shopping for from them.

4. Product high quality

Product high quality can be vital. The Pocket Operator needs to be created from high-quality supplies and designed with care. You can inform whether or not or not one thing was designed with care by trying on the particulars. If they had been simply slapped collectively with out a lot thought put into them, then that is an indication that the product was not made with care.

5. Customer service

The customer support of an organization is what in the end determines whether or not or not you can be happy together with your buy. In order to make sure that you’ve a constructive expertise together with your new product, it will be important that you just select an organization with wonderful customer support.

Buying Pocket Operator Online: Is It Worth It?

Buying Pocket Operator on-line has many advantages. You can discover the very best offers, and you’ll even get free transport. Here are among the different ways in which shopping for Pocket Operator on-line is best than going to a retailer:

1. Convenient and quick

Convenience is the principle purpose why individuals purchase Pocket Operator on-line. The course of of buying one thing is way simpler than going to a retailer, particularly once you’re busy or do not have time to exit. You should buy objects from your house or workplace, and they are going to be delivered proper to your door. This makes it straightforward to buy when you’ve restricted time.

2. Save effort and time

Another advantage of purchasing Pocket Operator on-line is that it saves you from spending hours touring from one retailer to a different simply to seek out what you want. You can do all of your purchasing in a single place; this can prevent each effort and time since you will not should journey round in search of totally different shops that promote what you need after which drive again house with heavy baggage full of things which can be heavy to your arms or again muscle groups!

3. Save cash

When you purchase Pocket Operator on-line, you’ll be able to usually lower your expenses by buying in bulk. This is very true of merchandise which can be made in massive portions, like meals and low. If you purchase in bulk, you can too lower your expenses on transport charges by having your objects delivered to your house reasonably than having them delivered one by one from totally different shops.

4. Find the very best costs

The purpose why individuals don’t store on-line is that they assume they can not discover the very best costs on Pocket Operator. But this isn’t true! You can discover every kind of on-line coupons and reductions that may show you how to get extra bang to your buck when purchasing on-line. These promotions are sometimes out there on web sites like Groupon and RetailMeNot, so it is price testing these websites earlier than shopping for something new!

5. Get high quality merchandise

There’s no want to fret about whether or not or not an merchandise is real once you order it on-line; all main retailers have a strict coverage towards promoting counterfeit items. Plus, since most objects include warranties and ensures, if something goes flawed together with your buy, there needs to be little bother getting it changed or fastened up with out problem!


We’ve coated a variety of floor at this time. We’ve checked out the very best Pocket Operator, the worst merchandise, and a few merchandise which can be simply okay. But what does all of it imply?

In this publish, we have talked about how to decide on the very best merchandise to your wants and find out how to keep away from shopping for issues that are not price your time or cash. We’ve additionally talked about find out how to get essentially the most out of your new buy by selecting a product that really works for you and utilizing it correctly.

If you are in search of a great product, then look no additional than our checklist of prime 15 Pocket Operator!

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