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How to Remove Write Protection on Hard Drive

Hard drives are usually write protected for read-only and archiving functions. But whether it is an energetic disk, this performance successfully renders the drive nugatory by not permitting customers to jot down or modify information in them.

It may be purposefully set by the person or by accident set off by a system error. Other causes that could trigger write safety to be enabled are as a consequence of mismanaged settings, registry modifications, or {hardware} points.

Methods to Remove Write Protection on Hard Drive

Write safety can’t be faraway from the system. Instead, customers can solely disable it. Some options require the person to make adjustments within the {hardware} whereas others require making adjustments via the software program. 

Here, we’ll discover the methods on how one can disable the write safety function in your system’s arduous drive.

Disable the Hardware Lock

Some arduous disks have a {hardware} swap that disables the power to jot down new info. To repair this problem, customers must disable or unlock the safety swap on their arduous drive. 

Write Protection Switch
Write Protection Switch

To disable this, merely toggle the write safety swap to unlocked or 🔓 and test to see if any information may be written or modified within the arduous drive. The swap could also be positioned on the arduous drive or within the case of an exterior arduous drive, the protecting cowl of the disk. 

Change Disk Permissions

Another motive which may be inflicting the arduous drive to show the error may be due to disk permission points. If the administrator of the system has restricted customers from writing or modifying information within the disk, the write shield function can set off. To disable this

  1. Log-in to the system utilizing an administrator account
  2. Press the Windows key + E to open File explorer
  3. Right-click on the protected drive and choose Properties
    volume properties
  4. In the brand new window, click on on the Security tab 
    security tab
  5. Now, from the Group/ User listing, choose the person you need to grant write entry
  6. To change the permissions, click on on the Edit button 
    edit volume properties
  7. From the Permissions listing, test mark on Allow for Modify and Write permissions
    volume permission
  8. Click on Apply and OK to save the settings

Note: You will want administrator entry to proceed with this repair.

Disable Using Disk half Tool

Another motive which may be inflicting the arduous drive to show the write shield message could also be due to the learn solely flag. Clearing the disk attribute from the command immediate will assist remedy the difficulty. To do that:

  1. Press the Windows key + R to open Run
  2. Type cmd and press Ctrl +Shift + Enter keys collectively to open Command immediate with elevated entry
  3. Now, within the console kind diskpart and press Enter
  4. In the disk partition, kind listing disk and press Enter to point out the listing of disks related to your gadget
    list disk command
  5. Type choose disk <disk quantity> [eg: select disk 0] and press Enter. Make positive that you simply enter the variety of the disk that wants the write safety to be disabled
    clear read only attribute
  6. Now, kind attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter to disable the write safety
  7. Close the command immediate and test if the difficulty has been solved

Change Registry Entries

Sometimes, as a consequence of misconfigured insurance policies, the write safety may be triggered within the arduous drive making the drive unusable. You can change a registry worth to repair the error.  

  1. Open Run and kind regedit to open the Registry editor
    regedit run
  2. If prompted by the UAC(User Account Control), click on on Yes
  3. In the deal with bar copy and paste the next
  4. Inside the listing, seek for a folder labelled Storage Device Policies. If the folder will not be current, create a brand new one by right-clicking on the empty area and choosing Key
  5. Name the folder StorageDevicePolicies and contained in the folder right-click on an empty area once more
    registry storage policy
  6. Click on New and choose DWORD-32bit Value
  7. Open the binary information file and within the Value identify, kind WriteShield
    storage policy dword
  8. In the Value information part, write 0 and set the Base worth to Hexadecimal
  9. Restart your gadget after closing the Registry editor

Disable Drive Encryption

Note: This repair doesn’t apply to units that do not need Windows BitLocker activated or units having Windows 11 house version.

Encryption is a function in Windows working techniques that gives an additional layer of safety to the information saved in a quantity of the arduous drive. If enabled, it may possibly stop the person from modifying or writing information on the encrypted drive.

Disabling the encryption companies may also help remedy the difficulty. For Windows units, drive encryption is completed via Windows Bitlocker. To disable this

  1. Log in to the gadget utilizing an administrator account
  2. Open Run and kind management to open Control Panel
    control panel run
  3. Click on System and Security
    system and security
  4. Select BitLocker Drive Encryption
    bitlocker control panel
  5. Inside, increase the drive that has BitLocker enabled and choose Turn off BitLocker
    turn off bitlocker
  6. On the affirmation window, choose Turn off BitLocker
    disable bitlocker confirm
  7. Let the method end and restart your gadget to finish the method

Check Drive for Errors

Another repair for this error is to test the drive for errors. Sometimes the header information of a storage drive can get corrupted or miss fully from the system inflicting the write safety error to look.

Fixing this problem from the disk restore device may also help remedy the difficulty.

  1. Press the Windows key + E to open File explorer and right-click on the drive
    disk properties
  2. Click on Properties and within the new window, click on on the Tools tab
    disk properties tools
  3. In the Error checking part, click on on the Check button to start a scan
  4. On the affirmation window, choose Scan drive to start the scan
    scan drive
  5. Let the method full and restart your gadget to finish the method

Alternatively, you should use command immediate to scan the drive for errors. The chkdsk device may also help scan and restore the drive for logical errors.

Format the Drive

The closing answer for this drawback can be to format the drive fully. This course of wipes the information from the drive and resets any adjustments made to the drive. This course of will make the drive usable once more. To format the drive, 

  1. Press the Windows key + E to open File explorer and right-click on the drive
  2. Select Format from the menu
    format volume
  3. Click on Start to start the method
    format disk window
  4. Click on OK to proceed
    format confirm
  5. Wait till the method completes
  6. Access the drive and test if any information may be written in it once more

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