How To Play Shortstop (Complete Overview)

How To Play Shortstop (Complete Overview)

Arguably probably the most tough and vital place within the discipline, the shortstop is important to any pitcher’s success.

There is a variety of duty from fielding floor balls, attending to the quick pop fly within the outfield, serving because the cutoff individual for balls hit into the outfield, masking 2nd base on a steal, and turning the double play.  The listing might go on!

The backside line is that to play the shortstop place, the participant should posses particular expertise, athletic potential and general consciousness of the sport.

How To Play Shortstop

The greatest shortstops have the strongest and most correct arm of all infielders.  They should have good vary, high quality fingers and fast reflexes.  Overall, they should have baseball instincts, frequent sense and the boldness to play a demanding place.  Finally, the power to show a double play is important.

  • Skills Required
  • The Importance of the Feet and Hands
  • Keys to Making Quality Throws
  • Proper Positioning at shortstop
  • Drills to Improve Your Fielding Skills
The off steadiness throw turns into vital, ensure you are throwing in apply like you’ll within the sport.

How To Play Shortstop: Skills Required

We began to listing among the expertise above, however here’s a full have a look at the listing of expertise required to be a high quality shortstop on your workforce.

  • A powerful and really correct arm
  • The greatest vary on the workforce
  • Soft fingers and fast reflexes to take laborious hit floor balls and get into the correct place
  • Quality baseball instincts, consciousness and general frequent sense.
  • Leadership expertise – the shortstop is the captain of the infield and is in fixed communication with the whole workforce whereas within the discipline.
  • Quick ft and launch to show a double play

How to determine baseball positions?

How To Play Shortstop: The Importance of the Feet and Hands

The shortstop usually has probably the most vary of anybody on the workforce.  This takes fast ft, some velocity and general consciousness to be in the fitting place to make the very best play doable.

  • Get comfy in a fielding place, prepared to maneuver barely ahead on the pitch.  The shortstop desires to be shifting ahead on the time of the pitch along with his or her glove in entrance of them.
  • Hands low when on the brink of discipline the ball, it’s simpler to maneuver your fingers up for a ball that bounces up.  Charging a slowly hit ball and being prepared will let you play deeper, however you have to be prepared to maneuver ahead.
  • Feet shifting and prepared for motion on the pitch.  Think energetic, be energetic and be sensible.
  • Keep the invoice of your hat down when fielding a floor ball, and all the time play the ball.  Do not let the ball play you!  Find a superb bounce!  
  • Read whether or not the primary hop is a brief hop (near the plate) or a protracted hop (additional manner from the plate) and play accordingly.
  • Use a crossover step for floor balls hit to both aspect and keep low.  Work on the backhand and planting your proper foot to make a robust throw.
  • On laborious hit smashes, get in entrance of the ball and use your physique.  Knock it down and naked hand it to make a robust throw.

What is the function of the shortstop?

Awareness of the place runners are at on the bottom paths is vital for the shortstop to have.

How To Play Shortstop: The Key to Making Quality Throws

  • Think and put together forward of time of the place you’re going if the ball is hit to you.  Is there a runner on 1st base?  Is there a drive at a base?  Are the bases loaded and you might be throwing house or stepping on 2nd after which throwing throughout to first?
  • If you don’t have an opportunity to get the runner, maintain the ball.  Don’t compound a foul play by making a foul throw on prime of it.
  • Make the throws in apply on the identical tempo you’ll within the sport.  Create game-like conditions to construct consolation with the angles and the throw you will want to make.
  • With a runner on first, all the time attempt to get the drive play at 2nd base.  Listen for assist from the 2nd baseman on the correct throw.
  • Most shortstop throws are lengthy and take the correct planting of the fitting foot to get sufficient velocity on the ball.

What is the toughest place in baseball?

How To Play shortstop: Proper Positioning at shortstop

  • There isn’t any mounted place, know the hitter and the pitcher.
  • Study the hitter and modify all through an at bat and throughout the sport.
  • Know the velocity of the hitter.  This will influence the depth you might be enjoying at.
  • Be prepared for the bunt with sure hitters and sure conditions.
  • Field the ball and do away with it rapidly.
  • Know the situation of the sector.  Wet and sluggish. Dry and quick.  Bare infield or grass infield!
  • Overall depth is set by the energy of your arm.  The stronger your arm, the deeper you’ll be able to play, the extra floor balls you may get to.

How are baseball positions numbered?

Studying previous video games and the place gamers extra incessantly hit is one solution to achieve a bonus.

How To Play shortstop: Drills to Improve Your Fielding Skills

  • Take loads of laborious hit floor balls.
  • Work on floor balls hit in each instructions and the footwork to make a robust throw.
  • Work on pop flies hit barely over your head between you and the outfielder
  • Work on the sluggish curler and able to make the off steadiness throws
  • Work on tagging runners out.  Soft fingers, catch and swipe.
  • Work on taking cutoffs and listening to your teammate for route
  • Work on being a frontrunner and energetic in communication even throughout scrimmages and drills.

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Things to Consider: Other Positions

Do you’ve got the talent to play shortstop?  What is your secondary place?

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Other Ideas for Improvement: Watch The Best of All Time

Check out Ozzie Smith, Omar Vizquel, and Francisco Lindor on YouTube to look at some nice defensive gamers.  Three gamers from three totally different eras.  Watch their footwork, positioning and the way they make throws from totally different arm angles.  They are a pleasure to look at and you’ll be taught lots.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a participant or coach, hold the sport in perspective and hold it enjoyable.  The pleasure of working laborious, bettering and competing ought to hold the participant coming again to each apply and return to the workforce the next yr.  Enjoy the journey, embrace your teammates and rejoice the accomplishments alongside the best way.  Baseball is meant to be enjoyable, let’s all work to maintain it that manner!

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