how to install a second ssd

How to Install a Second SSD

An SSD because the boot drive and a bigger HDD for file storage – this was the popular storage setup for lots of customers. However, with how reasonably priced SSDs have grown not too long ago, twin SSDs appear to be the pattern lately.

If youre wanting into putting in a second SSD as nicely, wed possible be proper to guess that you just discovered the present SSD panorama to be complicated. 

SATA, NVME, M.2, PCIe, and a bunch of different technical jargon could make deciding on and putting in an SSD appear intimidating for the typical person, however that is the place we are available in.

Types of Solid state drives (SSD)

If youve put in an SSD beforehand, or youve already bought an SSD suitable along with your system, be at liberty to skip forward to the set up steps. However, for these nonetheless within the analysis stage, this part will probably be useful.

There are two key components to notice for compatibility – interface normal and type issue. The interface specification defines how the SSD really works (knowledge transmission modes, communication strategies, and so on.), whereas the shape issue merely refers back to the bodily form and dimension of the SSD.

SSDs are available in varied combos of interfaces and type components, however a lot of them are very area of interest or proprietary. As such, nicely solely discuss essentially the most related ones right here for the sake of conciseness. 


2.5 in sata ssd

These are older SSDs designed with a type issue just like HDDs. As a lot of these SSDs use the SATA interface, the information switch fee isnt that spectacular (max 600 MB/s). However, these SSDs are nonetheless pretty widespread attributable to their glorious compatibility with totally different methods.


m2 sata ssd

This kind of SSD makes use of the SATA interface as nicely, which means the information switch fee is just like the beforehand mentioned SSDs. However, it distinguishes itself as a result of M.2 type issue.

2 SSDs are 22mm huge, with various lengths relying on the module, they usually mount onto the M.2 slots on the motherboard. Additionally, M.2 SATA SSDs usually have two keying notches within the M and B positions as they use two PCI Express lanes (PCIe ×2).


m2 nvme ssd

M.2 NVME SSDs use 4 PCI Express lanes (PCIe x4) and usually join by way of the PCIe 3.0 (2,400 MB/s) or PCIe 4.0 (6,900 MB/s) interface. This kind of SSD may be very widespread lately as a result of mixture of compact dimension and glorious efficiency.

As for identification, any such SSD makes use of one keying notch within the M place. In phrases of the module identify, a codename like M.2 2260 signifies that the SSD is 22 mm in width and 60 mm in size.

Preliminary Steps

At this level, you must have the ability to determine your SSD kind. You ought to discuss with the motherboard or laptop computer guide to search out out the place the respective socket (SATA or M2) is situated. Before you possibly can join the SSD to the socket, although, there are a couple of preliminary steps to comply with:

  1. First, flip off the PC and unplug the ability cords.
  2. Prepare a clear workspace and place the PC case on it.
  3. Going ahead, it is going to be useful to take snaps earlier than you take away any cables, screws, or different parts, as this can make it simple to recall what goes the place in a while. Place the screws someplace protected in order that they dont get misplaced. Also, use an antistatic strap or periodically contact an unpainted metallic floor to discharge any static buildup.
  4. Take the motherboard out of the case when you can. If thats not attainable, merely lay the case on its facet and open the duvet in order that the mobo is at the least accessible.
  5. Check the suitable part beneath to proceed with the remainder of the steps.

How to Install 2.5” SATA SSD?

Youll want a SATA energy cable and knowledge cable to put in a 2.5 SATA SSD. Depending in your PC case, you may additionally want extra mounting brackets or 2.5 to three.5 bay adapters. Once you might have the required parts, comply with the steps listed beneath to put in the SSD:

  1. First, carry out the preliminary steps from the earlier part when you havent already.
  2. If youre putting in a brand new mounting bracket, align and screw it in. Then, insert the SSD into the tray.
  3. Connect one finish of the ability cable to the PSU and the opposite to the SSD.
  4. As for the information cable, you possibly can examine the SATA connector and search for an an identical port on the motherboard. But a greater choice can be to examine the motherboard guide as an alternative, as youll additionally have the ability to determine the quickest ports to make use of.
  5. Once the SSD is secured, and the information and energy cables are related, place the motherboard again within the case. Plug all the things again in, energy on the PC, and examine the ultimate part to complete establishing the SSD on the software program finish.

How to Install M.2 SSD?

Unlike the standard 2.5 drives, M.2 SSDs mount instantly onto the M.2 slots on the motherboard, which means no knowledge or energy cables are required. Some M.2 modules have hooked up heatsinks, when you can (optionally) set up them on others. With that stated, listed below are the mandatory steps to put in an M.2 SSD:

  1. Perform the preliminary steps when you havent already.
  2. Locate the M.2 slots on the motherboard. Theyll be labeled M.2 and could also be coated by the warmth defend. Refer to the guide when you’ve got problem finding them in your particular mobo.
  3. Unscrew and take away the heatsink, and safely retailer it elsewhere for a bit, together with the screws.
  4. Depending on the size of the module, alter the place of the standoffs if essential.
  5. Now, seize the M.2 SSD and insert the connector finish into the slot at a 30-degree angle.
  6. Gently press down on the SSD and screw it in place. Dont overtighten it; simply sufficient to carry it securely in place.
  7. Grab the heatsink from earlier and take away the protecting movie from the thermal pad. Then, align the heatsink with the SSD and place it on high.
  8. Slightly press down on it with out transferring it sideways. Once it has maintain, screw it in place.
  9. Now, place the motherboard again within the case and reconnect all of the cables. Power in your PC and skip forward to the ultimate part to complete establishing the SSD on the software program finish.

How to Install a Second SSD on A Laptop?

For laptops, the principle concern is normally whether or not your laptop computer can really home a second SSD or not. Some producers present a number of M.2 slots, whereas others could not give any room for upgrades. While not as widespread lately, folks additionally used to take away the CD-Drive and set up a 2.5 SATA drive as a substitute.

Either method, the steps listed beneath will enable you to set up the SSD in your laptop computer, offered its supported:

  1. First, flip off the laptop computer, unplug the ability twine, and take away the battery. With some laptops, you will have to unscrew the battery cowl to take away it.
  2. Afterward, maintain the ability button for round 10 seconds to empty any residual energy.
  3. When eradicating the again cowl, you will have to take away the whole case or simply the storage drive segments, relying on the laptop computer. Unscrew the nuts (a few of which can be hidden behind stickers) and retailer them safely. You may additionally want a flat screwdriver to unlock the facet locks.
  4. After eradicating the duvet, find the M.2 or SATA slots.
  5. With an M.2 module, you simply must insert the sting connector into the slot at a 30-degree or so angle and screw it in afterward.
    With a SATA SSD, youll want to attach the information and energy connectors to the respective slots.
  6. Afterward, put the duvet again in place, and reinsert the battery and all of the screws.
  7. Power in your laptop computer and examine the subsequent part to complete establishing the SSD.

Software-End Installation

The hardware-end set up is full, however youll additionally must initialize your brand-new SSD earlier than you can begin utilizing it. On the Mac fashions that enable upgrading the storage, you are able to do this by Erasing the disk by way of the Disk Utility. On Windows, you possibly can initialize the drive by way of the Disk Management utility. Here are the mandatory steps for this:

  1. Press Win + R, kind diskmgmt.msc, and press Enter.
  2. Right-click the SSD (labeled uninitialized or comparable) and choose Online. Right-click it as soon as once more and choose Initialize Disk. Make certain you choose the proper drive to initialize at this stage, as initializing an older in-use drive will delete all of its present contents.
  3. Select the partition fashion (usually GPT lately) and press Ok.
  4. Now, right-click the unallocated house and choose New Simple Volume.
  5. Specify the quantity dimension, drive letter, and file system (usually NTFS for Windows) to complete establishing the SSD.

Finally, when you put in an previous SSD that you just plan besides from, youll want to alter the Boot Order as nicely. You can do that by urgent the BIOS key (Function keys or Del), setting the SSD because the boot drive, and saving the adjustments. And with that, youre good to go.

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