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How to Increase My Sons Bat Speed: 5 Tips

As mother and father all of us strive laborious to assist our youngsters via their sports activities journey.  We all need our youngsters to like the sport, expertise some success and be taught some invaluable life classes.  Many mother and father will do something to assist their children to achieve the three objectives above.  

One manner we will assist children of their sports activities journey is to supply some recommendation, suggestions or coaching that can assist them get to the following stage of their growth.  Baseball is a sport the place children can develop and it doesn’t take superior genetics to achieve success within the sport. Major League Baseball gamers are available all totally different sizes and styles and there are 9 totally different positions on protection that require just a little totally different ability set at every stage.

Many of us have in all probability puzzled or questioned in some unspecified time in the future on how you can improve bat velocity.  When attending video games, there are at all times the gamers that appear to hit the ball just a little bit additional or with extra velocity. 

This is a good query and under will hope to supply some key info that can assist you enhance your sons bat velocity in baseball.  If you’re right here and you’ve got a daughter that performs softball or baseball, the three suggestions under will assist out your daughter as effectively.

How To Increase My Sons Bat Speed: 5 Tips

  1. Proper Mechanics
  2. Speed Training
  3. Drills
  4. Bat Selection
  5. Pitch Selection/Confidence

Table of Contents:

  • Why is Bat Speed Important
  • 5 Tips for Increasing Bat Speed
    • Proper Mechanics
    • Speed Training
    • Drills
    • Bat Selection
    • Pitch Selection/Confidence
  • Related Questions
  • Take Action

Why is Bat Speed Important

Bat velocity is vital as a result of it helps produce extra energy and the exit velocity of the baseball.  We need the utmost exit velocity of the baseball in each at bat. This is impacted by bat velocity, contact of the baseball, and general pitch choice.  

Hitting will be tough, however it’s a ability that with follow gamers can enhance and get higher.  Fortunately, there are some nice choices to the market at present to assist with velocity coaching. There has been quite a lot of examine within the video games of golf and baseball on how you can maximize swing velocity.  We can now take this studying and apply it to folks of all ages.

It is a straightforward equation, the sooner the swing, the sooner the exit velocity of the baseball which creates extra hits on account of the ball getting via the infield sooner and extra doubles, triples and residential runs. 

Batting common ought to improve with bat velocity as ought to the facility numbers. As a consequence, our youngsters have extra enjoyable enjoying the game attributable to have extra success and enjoyable on the plate. Hitting will be annoying, however with the correct mindset and coaching protocols all children can get higher and expertise extra success.

5 Tips for Increase Bat Speed

Tip #1 – Proper Mechanics

In any expert sport, it begins with the right mechanics.  THe correct mechanics not solely assist us hit the ball extra usually, however with the right mechanics we will maximize our pure bat velocity.  The first step with any hitter is guaranteeing they’re swinging correctly.

There are totally different actions inside the mechanics that assist generate extra bat velocity.  There is at all times a stability within the mechanics to extend high quality ball contact together with improve bat velocity. There should be a high quality mixture between the 2 with the intention to guarantee batting common and powers don’t drastically decline from mechanical shifts.

  • Stance – Your stance is simply a place to begin.  A participant will be opened, closed or sq.. If you examine the MLB hitters you will notice various totally different setups and stances.  The key right here is to search out one thing that’s snug. You wish to be in an athletic place with some flex within the knees. Try to maintain this balanced with out too many extremes to begin.  We additionally wish to guarantee we have now an honest backbone angle and aren’t too
  • The Load – A timing mechanisms that concerned choosing up the entrance foot.  This permits the hitter to load up on the again leg.
  • The Hands – The arms will transfer barely away from the physique because the physique is shifting in direction of the pitchers.
  • The Stride – You wish to stride again to the place you began with out overstriding.  The entrance heel is significant – because it drops you begin the rotation. Everything is popping concurrently to make sure every thing is occurring in sequence.  Everyt
  • Contact – At contact our entrance leg is extending full.  It goes from flexed to prolonged as we’re hitting into a powerful frontside.  This will assist the swing end and rip via the ball.
  • Follow Throw – After impression we wish to “throw the pizza into the oven”  This will assist maximize the velocity within the swing velocity. The arms are key to maximise energy.  Quite a lot of velocity will be generated from having fast, robust arms. The arms are there for the journey.  You need every thing to work collectively and in sequence. This will assist maximize bat velocity.
  • Home Runs are hit with a slight uppercut.  Too many gamers and coaches are selling an excessive amount of of a chopping movement.

Overview of Swing Mechanics (Simplified Version):

Tip #2 – Speed Training

If we wish to do one thing higher, we should practice to do this one thing higher.  Increasing bat velocity isn’t any totally different. We wish to improve bat velocity, subsequently we should practice to swing sooner.  Fortunately, there are some spectacular merchandise in the marketplace at present. We extremely suggest the TremendousSpeed Slugger system which is a coaching protocol.  

Included within the set are three totally different coaching bats, one of many bat is 20% lighter than your sport bat, one 10% lighter, and one 5% heavier.  The protocols are included with the coaching system and can be found on their web site or youtube. The TremendousSpeed Slugger relies on overspeed coaching and the various years of analysis behind it.  

The concept is to coach your thoughts and physique to swing sooner than it presently does by utilizing a lighter coaching bat after which constructing the power and sustaining the next velocity via the 5% heavier bat. 

The good thing is that every coaching protocol will be full in 8-10 minutes for 3 occasions every week. More than this doesn’t enhance outcomes. The physique wants time to get better. I’ve bought this for my children ages 7, 8 and 10.  The outcomes up to now have been spectacular. Not solely from a swing perspective, however from a mechanical perspective as effectively.

Below are some glorious movies price trying out.

How Speed Training Increases Bio Mechanics:

Training 1 Protocol:

“The TremendousSpeed Slugger lineup contains 6 totally different units to accommodate gamers throughout the spectrum of aggressive baseball. You ought to select your TremendousSpeed Slugger set based mostly on the kind of bat you’re presently utilizing in video games.”

TremendousSlugger Website

Tip #3 – Drills

All hitters ought to full sure hitting drills regularly to assist enhance mechanics, contact, and general swing velocity.  These drills will enable you maximize your swing velocity. Gaining all of the velocity on the planet doesn’t assist if you may make strong contact.  Be dedicated to the sport and for you mother and father on the market – get your child going with a few of the high quality drills discovered within the video under.

Drills are important to creating the swing and staying sharp.  All MLB palyers to via their routine every day. I might extremely suggest a part of that routine being the TremendousSpeed Slugger system on 3 days per week after which including the drills under to the routine.

Top 6 Hitting Drills for People of All Ages

Tip #4 – Bat Selection

It is vital to pick a bat that helps maximize velocity.  Far too usually, as a coach, I see gamers with too heavy of a bat.  This simply slows down the swing and never solely hurts the velocity, however the contact that the participant is making.    Here are two fast tricks to choose the correct dimension bat out.

Length Test – With the deal with of the bat on the heart of the chest, your child ought to be capable of attain the tip of the bat.  If they will’t it may be too lengthy.

Weight Test – A participant ought to be capable of maintain a bat out to his or her facet for 30-45 seconds to check the load.  If the participant can not do that, the bat may be too heavy.

Size of Barrel – Some leagues will enable an even bigger barrel and a few may solely enable the two ¼ inch barrel.  We are high-quality and suggest the larger barrel as it could possibly present confidence and make the sport enjoyable for youth gamers.  Some gamers might need two bats, this enables the participant to regulate to the totally different event guidelines they could run into.

Here are our high 2 bats we might suggest:

Lower End Priced:

Higher End Priced:

Don’t Forget to Check out These Sweet Bat Bags!

Tip #5 – Pitch Selection/Confidence

Hitting just isn’t solely a bodily problem, however requires the correct mindset to have the ability to attain full potential.  Too usually children and fogeys get upset and discouraged if a child strikes out or struggles at a sport. Instead of getting down, discover a strategy to pitch some further batting follow to your child and assist instill some confidence in them. 

Have 1 or 2 key suggestions, similar to “load and explode” or “keep within the center” or “Get that barrel via” you could remind your child at key occasions. With my one son I usually used the “Get the barrel via” reminder as his barrel would typically decelerate in video games.  

My different son needed to be reminded to “keep within the center” as he usually needed to push the ball again facet as a lefty hitter.  Regardless, we may also help our youngsters on this journey with baseball by easy reminders and the way we reply to the conditions that every sport presents. 

If we get annoyed and upset, the child is bound to do the identical factor. Instead stay calm, assured and optimistic together with your child. Pick them up and check out to not be vital.  They are simply children making an attempt to have enjoyable with the sport. Always hold that in thoughts! 

Related Questions

Which of the guidelines above is most vital for swing velocity?

I might extremely suggest the SUperSpeed Training.  It not solely helps with swing velocity, however can play a serious function within the biomechanics of the swing.  Each child goes to swing a contact totally different and will likely be considerably distinctive. Building the swing velocity and energy from each side will assist the participant develop the right mechanics. 

Have your child watch a whole lot of main league baseball video games or try some glorious swings on-line. You will likely be stunned how effectively children can replicate swings with out speaking about all of those totally different key positions {that a} hitter should get via.  Kids are visible learners and we’re lucky to have entry to some nice swings that we will watch and replicate.

How vital is spin price?

Spin price is vital for launching the ball.  The common individual can not measure, nor do I feel the youth baseball participant ought to be overly involved.   Learn to hit totally different sorts of pitching and deal with hitting line drives. The launch angle and spin charges can come at a a lot later time.

How to develop the 5 Tools in Baseball?

We have a whole submit on the 5 instruments in baseball with some drills to develop in every space.  It is figure trying out. Visit right here for the complete particulars – What are the 5 instruments in baseball (Bonus: Drills that can assist you enhance)

Take Action…

We all wish to assist our youngsters attain their full potential and have enjoyable with sports activities.  Baseball isn’t any totally different. Swing velocity can play a serious function sooner or later potential of your id.  Get began at present and be sure to think about buying the TremendousSpeed Slugger system.  

It has labored for my children and has helped my golf sport (they’ve TremendousSpeed Golf as effectively).  The outcomes are spectacular and it could possibly’t damage! Get began at present and be sure to think about the long run impression on your child!

Always bear in mind to maintain the right mindset and be the encouraging individual that you’d need in your life.  Life is just too quick to be combating over baseball. Love the sport, respect the sport and at all times bear in mind to have enjoyable!  Training and getting higher ought to be enjoyable.

As children and adults, we love taking batting follow. Get a hitting internet, wiffle balls, heavy balls and totally different coaching aids.  Here are a few of our suggestions under.

Hitting Net

Wiffle Balls

Heavy Baseballs

(Baseball Positions)

(Why Baseball is the very best sport)

(Batting Average in Baseball)

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