How to Fix Paper Jam on HP Printer

When you encounter a paper jam error on an HP printer, there’s nothing to fret about. It is usually a false paper jam, that means the printers can present the paper jam error with out the papers really jammed within the rollers. However, generally you could run into an actual paper jam.

When the printers are jammed, they produce a wierd noise after sending a print command, and the printing will not be accomplished. There may also be circumstances when the printer prints the take a look at web page however refuses to print different paperwork.

Luckily, there are some things you’ll be able to look into earlier than taking your printer to the service middle. We might be discussing them on this article.

How to Fix Paper Jam on HP Printer?

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As we already mentioned, the paper jam error on HP printers is often a false paper jam. So, earlier than transferring to the fixes part, attempt energy biking the printer. It typically solves the difficulty with out additional hassles. Power off the printer and take away the ability cable from it. Then flip it on after a couple of minutes and see if the difficulty persists.

Check Papers in Paper Tray

You ought to first test in case you have sufficient papers inserted within the paper tray. Make certain the variety of papers inserted on the tray is inside the specified restrict. Otherwise, the printer can’t consumption the papers and throw a paper jam error. You can rapidly test the printer’s handbook to search out its paper capability.


Likewise, confirm that you simply inserted the paper tray appropriately after placing the papers within the tray. Else, the improperly positioned tray can even trigger points.

Fix Paper Alignment Issues


Next, you should align the papers within the tray correctly. Position the papers such that it precisely suits the paper tray. You also needs to use papers of the identical thickness and guarantee they’re moist-free. There shouldn’t be any folds or rolls on the paper. Neither the papers must be sticky.

Change Document Size

Another cause for a paper jam error is utilizing completely different paper measurement settings than the papers really inserted within the tray. You can’t count on to print an A3-sized doc by inserting A4-sized paper within the tray. Therefore, you should go to your HP printer’s printing choice settings and regulate it accordingly.

The steps to vary the doc measurement are fairly comparable in all of the fashions of HP printers. Here, we’re referencing HP Laserjet Printers for elucidation functions.

  1. Open a doc you are attempting to print.
  2. Press Ctrl + P to enter the Print menu.
  3. Click Printer Properties.
  4. Alternatively, open Control Panel.
  5. Navigate to Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
  6. Right-click the HP printer profile and select Printer properties.
  7. Now, on the Printer properties window, soar to Paper/Quality tab.
  8. Choose acceptable doc measurement from the Paper measurement drop-down.
  9. Choose Custom and specify the doc measurement if you can’t see the precise paper measurement.
  10. Click New.
  11. Give Name to the paper measurement and assign Height and Width of the paper that’s inserted within the tray.
  12. Click Add > OK to avoid wasting adjustments.
  13. Now print the doc, and you shouldn’t face a problem.

Check for Stuck Papers

Now that you’ve gone by the fundamental fixes, it’s time to test and take away if there are any papers caught within the paper path. Also, mud and particles can clog the paper rollers over time. It can forestall the rollers from successfully taking and ejecting papers.

So, you will need to take away any caught papers and clear the particles earlier than getting the printer to work again once more. Please hold a flashlight and a blower on standby to take away the caught items and dirt. You ought to entry and test all of the attainable areas on a printer the place the papers could be caught.

The steps to entry the paper path could be barely completely different relying upon the mannequin of printer you’re utilizing. Here, we’re referencing the LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn printer for demonstration functions.

Clearing Under Toner Cartridge Cover

You ought to first test below the toner cartridge if any papers are caught below it. Likewise, in case you have an inkjet printer, you should entry the ink cartridge and test.

  1. Turn off the ability provide of your printer and take away the cables.
  2. Let the printer calm down for a couple of minutes. It is as a result of the fuser contained in the printer is heated up, and you may have issue working with it.
  3. Remove all of the papers from the paper tray and pull the tray out of the printer.
  4. With the assistance of a flashlight, test if something is below the paper tray and take away it.
  5. Then open the entrance door and uplift the toner cartridge cowl of your printer. If you personal an inkjet printer, raise the cartridge entry door.
  6. See if any items of paper are caught inside it with the assistance of a flashlight. If any, please take away these paper items.
  7. Use a blower to blow out any international supplies current inside it.
  8. Close the toner cartridge door.
  9. Try printing and see if the paper jam error is solved.

Clearing the Paper Path

If cleansing below the toner cartridge nonetheless didn’t kind out your drawback, chances are high there that the papers are caught within the paper path. Probably between the curler wheels. The printer has two curler wheels: a pick-up curler and a feed curler.

Pick up curler picks the paper from the paper tray whereas the feed curler feeds the paper into the machine for printing functions. You ought to test each of them and take away any caught items. Also, you should use a blower to get the mud and particles out of it.

  1. Access the paper path cowl of the printer and take away it. It is usually on the rear aspect of the printer.
  2. Once you see the rubber wheels, test if any paper items are caught. If attainable, take away it utilizing your fingers. If not, you need to use a toothpick to take away it.
  3. Take the assistance of a flashlight and examine additional.
  4. Next, take a blower and blow the mud out of it.
  5. Now test the paper output tray and take away any caught papers.

Cleaning the Wheels

After you clear the paper paths, it’s time to scrub the curler wheels. The curler wheels are positioned within the paper path cowl and beneath the paper output tray. Some printers can have curler wheels beneath the printer physique. Please test it and act accordingly. 

The wheels should transfer freely in your printer to work correctly. Get a lint-free material and distilled water to start out the cleansing course of.

  1. Remove the ability cable out of your printer.
  2. Remove the paper trays and paper path cowl out of your printer.
  3. Now take a lint-free material and dip it into the distilled water.
  4. Squeeze the water out of the fabric so it’s only damped barely.
  5. Now clear the wheels with the assistance of that lint-free material.
  6. Rotate wheels and guarantee there isn’t a any jam within the wheels.
  7. Also, examine if there’s any hair jamming the wheels. Remove it utilizing your fingers.
  8. Clean the inside physique of the printer as nicely. It may also help if something is obstructing the optical sensors from detecting the papers.
  9. Use the blower in nearly all seen components of the printer path.
  10. After you end cleansing, put again the paper trays and paper path cowl.
  11. Check now in the event you can print usually.

Reset the Printer

HP printers are geared up with optical sensors which detect papers once they go by the rollers. Sometimes, these sensors fail to detect the paper, forcing the printer to throw a paper jam error. Resetting printers could be useful in such circumstances.


Furthermore, if any misconfigured settings have been inflicting points, resetting may also help. Likewise, many customers reported the false paper jam concern was fastened after resetting their printers. So, give it a attempt.

  1. First, discover the IP deal with of your printer. Please seek the advice of this text on how you can discover the printer’s IP deal with.
  2. Then, launch Chrome or every other browser in your PC.
  3. Enter the IP deal with of your printer within the deal with bar of the browser and hit Enter key.hp printer webpage
  4. Sign in to the printer and select General > Restore Factory Settings.
  5. Click the Reset button.reset hp printer

Tip: You can even attempt different strategies to reset the HP printer if the above course of doesn’t work.

Take Your Printer to the Service Centre

It could be time to service your printer in the event you can not repair the paper jam points your self. There could be extreme circumstances like a failed optical sensor or worn-out curler wheels that want a alternative. Or, the toner cartridge can generally fail too. Please take your printer to the licensed HP restore middle and ask them to look into the difficulty.

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