how to Enable or Disable fn lock Key in Windows

How to Enable or Disable Fn lock Key in Windows

The Fn key on the underside of your Keyboard boosts the perform key’s (F1-F12) functionality to carry out many media-related duties, comparable to managing volumes, brightness, and different minor issues on Windows gadgets. The main goal of this secret’s to reinforce your productiveness by providing you with entry to some Windows performance underneath a keystroke.

If you allow the Fn lock Key, the Function key precedence mode will probably be turned on, which would require you to press the Fn key to make use of media options from the Function keys. Disabling the Fn lock, then again, will allow you to use the media options straight from the perform keys with out urgent the Fn key. 

In at the moment’s article, we’ll focus on how you might Enable or Disable the Fn lock Keys in your Windows gadget. 

Enable/Disable Fn Lock Key in Windows

You can disable/allow the Fn lock keys on Windows gadgets to handle the media performance of the Function Keys. To do that, you should utilize the devoted Fn lock keys, and even configure it from the BIOS.

From the Function Lock Key

Most Keyboards these days have a devoted fn lock key. You can use this key to disable or allow the fn key. To use this button, Press the Fn Key concurrently with the devoted lock key to disable or allow the fn key. 

Generally, the fn lock secret’s the Esc key that permits you to allow or disable the performance of the Fn Key. In some instances, the Fn lock key could be totally different too. One method to establish the Fn lock secret’s by way of a  small lock icon printed on the highest of the Key. Fn lock

Some variations of the lock keys which are obtainable on totally different gadgets are listed within the desk. 

Manufacturers Fn Lock Key Combination
Dell/Lenovo Fn + Esc
HP Fn + Shift or Ctrl+Fn
Asus Fn + Esc or Fn + Insert or Fn + Shift

Note: The devoted perform lock keys would possibly differ with the laptop computer mannequin or producer. Check the person’s handbook or contact the producer to find out the important thing in your gadget. 

Change Function Key Priority From BIOS

Using BIOS, customers can configure many alternative {hardware} parts of their gadget. The Fn keys can be enabled or disabled from it. If the Fn key isn’t working proper now, it’s attainable that it’s been disabled within the BIOS.

To allow or disable the perform keys from the BIOS,

  1. Press Windows Key + I to go to the Settings.
  2. Go to System > RecoverySystem recovery settings
  3. Under Recovery choices, discover Advanced startup and click on on Restart now.
     Restart to Recovery environment
  4. The PC will now boot into the Recovery atmosphere
  5. Now, go to Troubleshoot > Advanced choices.Windows Recovery Environment
  6. Click on UEFI Firmware Settings.UEFI firmware Settings
  7. Click on Restart.
  8. The system will now restart to BIOS.
  9.  Go to the Advanced tab.
  10. Navigate to the Function Key Behavior part and alter the Function Key to Media Key. This will disable the Fn key in your Keyboard. Similarly, change it to the Function key to allow the Fn Key. Change Function Key Behaviour
  11. Save the adjustments and exit from the BIOS.
  12. When the Windows boots up, examine if the perform keys are working as supposed. 

Note: The configurations associated to Function key behaviors and precedence can be situated underneath different tabs. For occasion, On Dell laptops, it may be underneath the Advanced tabs. Check underneath all of the menus and sections totally to search out the perform key configurations. 

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