How to Disable a Key on Keyboard

It may be a good suggestion to disable a key on the keyboard if it retains spamming and limits you from typing appropriately. Also, if you happen to not too long ago shifted to a brand new keyboard and never used to the place of a specific key, the perfect guess is to disable it.

MS-PowerToys is a normal go-to choice to disable a key for many Windows customers. However, there are additionally strategies you’ll be able to simply use with out putting in any purposes. Keep studying to know extra!

How to Disable a Key on Keyboard?

Disabling a key in your keyboard shouldn’t be that cumbersome. You can both use the customization instrument from Microsoft, modify registry settings, or opt-in for different purposes.

Here, we’ve compiled the perfect 3 confirmed strategies to disable a key in your keyboard. Let’s get straight into them.

Disable Using MS-PowerToys

The first methodology we are going to study is disabling a key utilizing Microsoft’s PowerToys software. The software is accessible on Microsoft Store and allows you to customise total Windows. It has completely different functionalities like altering the colour format, resizing photographs, and customizing File Explorer together with modifying the keyboard settings.

Follow these steps to disable the specified key in your keyboard.

  1. Open Microsoft Store software in your pc.
  2. In the search field, sort Microsoft PowerToys and hit Enter.
  3. Click Install button.
    install powertoys from microsoft store
  4. Once the set up is full, launch the appliance.
  5. On the left pane of the PowerToys software window, seek for and click on Keyboard Manager.
  6. Then on the best pane, toggle on Enable Keyboard Manager.
    enable keyboard manager
  7. Click Remap a key underneath the Keys part.
    remap a key option
  8. It will open up a brand new Remap keys window.
  9. Click (+) image underneath Physical Key.
    plus symbol to add physical key
  10. Click Type button underneath the identical Physical key part.
    type button under physical key
  11. Now press the important thing that you simply need to disable. It can be proven on the display after you press it. For occasion, I pressed “A.” If you can’t sort the important thing, choose it from the dropdown.
  12. Click OK.
    pressing a key on selected keyboard
  13. Now click on the dropdown underneath Mapped To part.
  14. Scroll all the way in which up within the dropdown and click on Disable.
    disable key using powertoys
  15. Click OK.
  16. Confirm disabling within the popup, and you might be completed. You don’t even must restart the pc, and the important thing will cease working afterward.

Disable Using Registry Editor

Another methodology to disable a key in your keyboard is utilizing the Registry Editor. This methodology works like a appeal each time. You don’t want to make use of any purposes or third-party instruments to make use of this methodology. However, be sure you create a backup of your registry earlier than continuing with this methodology.

  1. Hit Windows + R key on the keyboard.
  2. Type regedit within the textual content subject. Then press Enter key.
  3. Click Yes within the popup.
  4. Once the Registry Editor window opens, copy and paste this location into the tackle bar and hit Enter key. ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlKeyboard Layout
  5. Right-click the empty space on the best pane and click on New > Binary Value.
  6. Click the empty house as soon as.
  7. Now double-click and open New Value #1.
  8. Enter eight pairs of zeroes (00) on the primary line.
  9. In the second line, you first must enter 02 or 03.
  10. If there’s a single key you need to disable, sort 02, and if there are a pair of keys it’s essential to disable, sort 03. 
  11. For instance, If you want to disable the letter key “A” which is a single key, sort 02. Likewise, if you wish to disable the Ctrl key, which is in pairs, sort 03.
  12. Next, enter 5 pairs of zeroes (00).
  13. Then enter the Hex code for the important thing you need to disable. You can see the Hex code for every key within the keyboard from the desk beneath.
  14. For occasion, I need to disable the letter key “A” on my keyboard. It means I ought to sort “1E 00”.
  15. Now on the third line, enter 4 pairs of zeroes (00).
  16. Click OK and exit from Registry Editor.
  17. Restart your pc. The key will cease working now.
Key Code Key Code Key Code Key Code
Q 1000 1! 0200 Left Windows 5BE0 Spacebar 3900
W 1100 2@ 0300 Right Windows 5CE0 Power 5EE0
E 1200 3# 0400 Backspace 0E00 Messenger 11E0
R 1300 4$ 0500 Escape 0100 F1 3B00
T 1400 5% 0600 Num Lock 4500 F2 3C00
Y 1500 6^ 0700 Scroll Lock 4600 F3 3D00
U 1600 7& 0800 Up Arrow 48E0 F4 3E00
I 1700 8* 0900 Down Arrow 50E0 F5 3F00
O 1800 9( 0A00 Left Arrow 4BE0 F6 13E0
P 1900 0) 0B00 Right Arrow 4DE0 F7 4100
A 1E00 -_ 0C00 Insert 52E0 F8 4200
S 1F00 =+ 0D00 Page Up 49E0 F9 4300
D 2000 [{ 1A00 Page Down 51E0 F10 4400
F 2100 ]} 1B00 Left Alt 3800 F11 5700
G 2200 ;: 2700 Right Alt 38E0 F12 5800
H 2300 ‘“ 2B00 Volume Up 30E0 Wake 63E0
J 2400 ,< 3300 Volume Down 2EE0 Forward 69E0
Okay 2500 .> 3400 Play/Pause 22E0 Back 6AE0
L 2600 /? 3500 Home 32E0 Refresh 67E0
Z 2C00 | 2800 Stop 24E0 Save 57E0
X 2D00 Enter 1C00 Prtsc 37E0 Print 58E0
C 2E00 Right Shift 3600 FN 63E0 Delete 53E0
V 2F00 Left Shift 2A00 Sleep 57E0 Caps lock 3A00
B 3000 Tab 0F00 Mute 20E0 Undo 08E0
N 3100 Left Ctrl 1D00 `~ 2900 Next monitor 19E0
M 3200 Right Ctrl 1DE0 Calculator 21E0 Prev Track 10E0
Keys and their respective Hex code

Use Third-party Apps

If you don’t want or have hands-on expertise utilizing the Registry Editor, you’ll be able to opt-in for third-party apps like Keytweak.

The software makes it straightforward to customise the capabilities of keys on the keyboard with its easy interface. It additionally works by making modifications within the registry of your pc. Simply obtain the appliance from the Internet and set up it. Then comply with the steps beneath to disable the important thing.

  1. Launch Keytweak in your pc.
  2. Hover the mouse pointer over the keys on the on-screen keyboard of KeyTweak. It will present you the important thing mapping.
  3. For occasion, I hovered the pointer over 31 and clicked it. It exhibits Key chosen: 31 is at the moment mapped to “A”.
  4. Click Disable Key.
  5. Then click on Apply button.
  6. Click Yes within the popup to restart your pc. This software will do the identical within the registry settings we did within the second methodology to disable the important thing.

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