Clean A Motherboard

How To Clear A Motherboard

Holding your motherboard clear is an integral a part of being a accountable pc consumer. Your motherboard has so many various ports and modules. It additionally performs a plethora of operations that may be impeded if it’s too soiled.

Mud and particles can impair connections to the motherboard and even preserve your pc from working, primarily as a result of they will improve the warmth on the board.

Everybody ought to embody a routine cleansing of their motherboard of their listing of chores — together with the remainder of the pc parts. Nevertheless, some individuals might want to go additional and deep clear their motherboard for it to function accurately. 

How To Clear A Motherboard

Clean a Motherboard

For those who haven’t cleaned a motherboard earlier than, strategy the operation with a variety of warning. Motherboards are delicate, and the flawed transfer might injury the tools and make it unusable sooner or later.

There are two primary methods to scrub a motherboard: routine cleansing and deep cleansing.

Routine cleansing is one thing it is best to embody as a part of your common pc upkeep schedule. It doesn’t require a lot particular tools, and also you don’t should take away your motherboard out of your pc to do it. That is the one form of motherboard cleansing that most individuals must do.

Deep cleansing requires alcohol and a variety of warning. Such a cleansing is critical when the motherboard has been in a grimy surroundings, or one thing was spilled on it. For those who do it improperly, you may brick the motherboard.

For reference, I’ve solely needed to deep clear a motherboard as soon as — after we purchased a probably broken motherboard for a check construct, and there was seen dust on it. There are three computer systems used each day in my family, and we’ve by no means needed to deep clear the motherboards we bought new for them. 

Routine Cleansing


To carry out a routine cleansing in your motherboard, use compressed air and a really delicate brush. Earlier than beginning, shut down your pc, flip the facility provide change, and unplug it from the wall. You need the pc to be in an space that’s simple to scrub since mud will blow out of it.

  1. Open the aspect panel of the pc. If there are a number of panels, take away all of them. You need area for the mud to vacate the machine.Opening a PC Case
  2. Use a can of compressed air to take away the mud by directing the spray throughout the machine’s parts. Your beginning place will fluctuate relying on the setup of your pc. It’s greatest to start out on the prime and work your method down since mud will fall and decide on decrease parts as you go.compressed-air-cannister
  3. Once you strategy your motherboard, ensure to work from the case’s again to the entrance. You do not need the tip of the compressed air can to the touch your motherboard straight. Hold it about an inch away from the motherboard. Proceed utilizing compressed air on the motherboard till all of the free mud is off.
  4. Proceed blowing compressed air into the case and onto the parts till the free mud is freed from the case.
  5. Study the motherboard to see whether or not there’s nonetheless mud on it. Sure areas could also be difficult to achieve, or there might be caught on mud that you just wish to take away. 
  6. Use the delicate brush to take away any mud caught on the motherboard gently.brushing-Motherboard
  7. Spray compressed air throughout the pc and its parts, together with the motherboard, yet one more time to take away any mud you pulled up with the comb.
  8. Shut your pc and set it again up as normal.

Once you clear your motherboard, it’s a superb time to do different pc upkeep operations. You’ll be able to take away the case followers, wash them, and dry them. You’ll be able to examine your wiring for free connections or clear up any overlapping cables. 


Cleansing your motherboard this manner, not less than each quarter, is a superb option to preserve it working. Eradicating mud will preserve it from overheating, too, which may help you get higher efficiency.

Keep watch over your motherboard and the within of your case to find out whether or not you have to clear it extra typically. Some computer systems collect mud extra shortly than others, relying on the place they’re positioned in a room. 


Deep Cleansing

Deep cleansing a motherboard must be saved for motherboards which are in dire straits. We bought one which had been in a flooded house and wasn’t assured to work.

It was caked with seen dust. As soon as we’d deep cleaned it extensively, it labored once more. Nevertheless, such outcomes can’t be assured even with a meticulous and thorough deep cleansing.

Earlier than you begin, ensure to get:

  • Lint-free cotton pads
  • 99 % isopropyl alcoholisopropyl-Alcohol-99
  • A steel tub bigger than the dimensions of your motherboard
  • A brush with nylon bristles
  • A lint-free drying towel

It’s essential to take away the motherboard from a pc earlier than trying to deep clear it. You shouldn’t have anything plugged into it both. Ensure you are solely cleansing the motherboard, not the CPU, cables, or every other related gadgets.

Small Areas Of Filth

If solely a small space of the motherboard is soiled, do this.

  1. Set the motherboard down on the lint-free towel. Study it to search out the areas you most wish to clear. If solely a part of the motherboard is soiled, you shouldn’t should soak your entire board to scrub it.
  2. Moist a lint-free cotton pad with isopropyl alcohol. Gently dab it on the soiled spots on the motherboard. As you see the grime on every pad, moist a brand new one and return to the board. Proceed cleansing the seen dust till the pad comes away white. 
  3. Permit the motherboard to dry for a full 24 hours earlier than changing it in your pc.
Deep Clean Small Part

Extraordinarily Soiled Motherboard

If your entire motherboard is a multitude, do this:

  1. Fill the bathtub about an inch excessive with 99 % isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Decrease the motherboard into the bathtub.
  3. Gently agitate it within the liquid. You wish to ensure the alcohol is attending to all of the affected areas. Raise it up. 
  4. Use the nylon brush to loosen any cussed dust that stays on the motherboard gently. Dip it again into the alcohol and agitate it once more. 
  5. Take away it from the alcohol and set it on the lint-free towel. Let it dry for not less than 24 hours — although I desire to await 48 hours — earlier than changing it in your pc.

Warnings Earlier than You Clear A Motherboard

Ensure to check your motherboard earlier than you do a deep cleansing. There is probably not a necessity for it if it’s working correctly and there’s no seen particles. 

All the time use 99 % pure isopropyl alcohol. The purer it’s, the higher it’s in your motherboard. On no account try to scrub it with every other liquid. Whereas it may be difficult to search out 99 %, decrease purity ranges received’t work as nicely and have a better probability of inflicting injury. The upper the purity, the much less water is within the combine. 

In case your motherboard continues to be below any form of guarantee, it’s higher to contact the guarantee firm earlier than trying to use isopropyl alcohol to your motherboard. They could supply free skilled cleansing. At least, they will let you recognize whether or not doing it will void the guarantee. 

Wetting your motherboard may cause it to cease working, even when utilizing isopropyl alcohol. The deep cleansing methodology ought to solely be accomplished on extraordinarily soiled motherboards that received’t work in any other case. 

Put on gloves and goggles when utilizing massive quantities of isopropyl alcohol. Ensure you’re working in a ventilated space. 

Associated Questions

Is It Okay To Wash A Motherboard?

Individuals have efficiently washed motherboards, and typically they’re so messy that it’s the one option to make them operate correctly. Nevertheless, drying time is crucial. If any liquids aside from 99 % pure isopropyl alcohol contact your board, wait not less than per week earlier than plugging the motherboard again in. 

Can I Wash A Motherboard With Cleaning soap And Water?

Whereas some individuals will use distilled water to scrub their unplugged motherboard, not at all do you have to ever use cleaning soap. Individuals have even put motherboards within the dishwasher — with out cleaning soap — and nonetheless had their board operate afterward. Nevertheless, utilizing isopropyl alcohol is a more sensible choice than water.

Can You Repair A Corroded Motherboard?

A motherboard with excessive corrosion can nonetheless be saved in some circumstances. That is the place deep-cleaning with isopropyl alcohol turns out to be useful. 

Can You Use 50 P.c Isopropyl Alcohol To Clear A Motherboard?

You shouldn’t. Sticking to 99 % is your greatest wager. Nevertheless, if you happen to ever get a decrease purity isopropyl alcohol in your motherboard, ensure to let it dry longer than you’d with 99 % pure isopropyl. The extra appreciable quantity of water within the combine will injury your motherboard if it isn’t fully dry earlier than you plug it again in. 

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