How to Change Boot Drive in Windows and Mac

If youve put in a brand new SSD and need to make it your boot drive, you are able to do it by means of the BIOS settings. There you’ll have to change your gadgets boot precedence. Doing it will make the PC boot from the SSD as a substitute of your outdated drive. 

A pc usually has one drive in addition from, however you too can have a number of boot drives on a PC and boot from any of them. But first, you need to ensure that there’s an working system put in on that drive.

What is a Boot Drive?

A Boot drive is the first storage system which your PC hundreds the working system from. An SSD and an HDD are the most typical boot drives. But you too can use a USB flash drive as a boot system. Even CD drives can be utilized as a boot system, however they’re now roughly out of date.

A boot drive could maintain a bootable working system. You could make any inside drive a bootable drive by putting in a brand new working system into it after which altering it to a bootable drive. 

How to Change Boot Drive on Windows?

You will first have to put in an working system on the brand new drive to have the ability to boot from that drive. If you’ve a number of boot drives, you’ll be able to change the boot order to make your PC boot into that drive first. You can both use the system BIOS or UEFI to alter the boot order of your PC. The BIOS or UEFI interface could range relying on its model, however the normal course of is comparable for all.

  1. Shut down and restart your PC.
  2. Press the BIOS hotkey when the PC begins. It is normally one of many F1, F10, F2, F12 or Del key.
    enter BIOS
  3. Find and Navigate to Boot or Boot choices. As weve talked about earlier than, the interface could differ relying on the model. This possibility may additionally be listed as Boot order.
    go to boot menu
  4. Put the drive you need to boot first to the highest of the listing. You can change the order of the listing utilizing the keys displayed on the backside of the BIOS display screen. It is normally modified utilizing the + / buttons.
  5. Save and exit the BIOS. You can press F10 or F11 to save lots of and exit.
    save and exit BIOS

Changing the boot order of your PC will make it in order that it hundreds information from the system on the highest of the listing. 

If you need to change your current working system to a brand new drive, you’ll be able to clone the prevailing drive to a brand new one. You can use any third-party software program to clone your current drive and boot from the brand new drive. This methodology is useful if you end up shifting to a brand new drive however need to preserve your outdated working system. You can use third-party software program to clone your outdated drive.

How to Change Boot Drive on Mac?

You can change the boot order on Mac from both the Startup disk utility or from the boot menu at startup. Using the boot menu is useful if you wish to clear and set up a brand new OS. But if you wish to fully change to a brand new laborious drive, utilizing disk utility is preferable.

Using Startup Disk Utility

Using the Startup disk utility will completely change the boot disk. To change it again, you’ll have to comply with these steps once more. Heres the way you do it:

  1. Click on the apple brand and go to System Preferences.
    system preferences
  2. Press Startup Disk.
  3. Click on the lock icon and enter your person credentials.
  4. Choose the disk you need to boot from and restart your mac.

Using Boot Menu

Using the boot menu will solely change the boot system for less than that one boot. If you restart your PC, the boot system will change again to the earlier one. These steps will information you on easy methods to change the boot drive utilizing the boot menu:

  1. Turn off your mac and insert the boot drive.
  2. Turn in your mac. Press and maintain down the Option key in addition into the boot menu.
  3. Select the boot drive you need to boot from and press Enter.
    choose boot drive

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