How To Be A Good Pitcher in Baseball (7 Tips)

How To Be A Good Pitcher in Baseball (7 Tips)

There is a saying in baseball, “You can by no means have sufficient pitching!”

If you may have ever coached, performed or been a fan of a workforce, you perceive and might confirm that that is 100% correct.

At the Little League degree, many groups will work to have each participant on the workforce at the very least capable of throw some strikes to eat up some innings.

At the Major League degree, most groups could make deep runs into the playoffs after they have at the very least 3-4 high quality starters and a powerful bullpen.

Teams will usually construct their workforce across the pitching of their workforce.

Regardless of what degree you may at present play at, be an excellent pitcher doesn’t change from degree to degree.  There are some fundamentals that we are going to cowl beneath to take your pitching abilities to the following degree.

How To Be A Good Pitcher in Baseball (7 Tips)

  1. Location, location, location
  2. Have sufficient velocity
  3. Keep hitters off steadiness
  4. Mentally robust
  5. Field your place
  6. Be a pupil of the sport
  7. Practice mechanics
Good mechanics are vital. Check out tip #7 beneath!

Tip #1: Location, location, location

The greatest pitchers are capable of find their fastball.  The nice pitchers can find their fastball and their off velocity pitches.  If you watch most pitches which might be hit arduous or hit far, they’re usually down the center of the plate.  

When a pitcher is unable to find their pitches and go away pitches over the center of the plate, dangerous issues sometimes occur for the defensive workforce.  Working on finding pitches is the first step for anybody engaged on turning into an excellent or nice pitcher.  The location the pitcher desires to keep away from is true down the center and will concentrate on hitting one among 4 corners.

  • Low and inside
  • High and inside
  • Low and outdoors
  • High and outdoors

The pitcher can work on throwing the fastball to those 4 places.  Have your catcher setup and attempt to hit the precise spot.  During the sport, working these 4 corners will preserve the hitters guessing and altering their eye leves.  The occasional pitch off the plate, deliberately thrown, could cause the batter to chase the pitch when they’re behind within the depend at 0 ball and a couple of strikes (0-2 depend).

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Tip #2: Have sufficient velocity

While there have been pitchers like Greg Maddux who haven’t had elite velocity, however are nonetheless within the corridor of fame, having elite velocity is a recreation changer.  

For the pitcher that doesn’t have elite velocity, having sufficient velocity together with hitting places and having high quality off velocity pitches is sufficient to assist somebody be a very good pitcher.

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The pitcher will need to work on constructing and growing their velocity, however finished in a secure method underneath the route of a coach.  There are some particular areas gamers can work on that may assist enhance velocity:

  • Improve leg energy
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve mechanics

Here are 10 tricks to enhance velocity in baseball:

Tip #3: Keep hitters off steadiness

Having an off velocity pitch is a recreation changer for a lot of pitchers.  While many routinely default to the breaking ball, a change up is a superb addition to the pitchers choices.  The coach of a baseball participant can work on the fastball and changeup till the participant has reached a secure degree to begin engaged on a breaking ball or curveball.  

The aim right here is to hit your places and alter the velocity.  Here are some potential mixtures.  Assuming an 0-2 depend.

  • Throw an 0-2 excessive quick ball after which observe up with a 1-2 change up down and away
  • Throw an 0-2 change up out of the zone after which observe up with a quick ball down and away.

Changing velocity and placement and infrequently leaving the zone is an efficient technique to preserve the hitter off steadiness and guessing what’s coming subsequent.

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Tip #4: Mentally Tough

Let’s face it, even one of the best pitchers have dangerous days.  The solely factor you may management as a pitcher is your routine, a optimistic mindset and sticking together with your bodily coaching between begins.  Live with the result of what takes place within the recreation and construct your confidence round your routine and your mindset.

The greatest pitchers can recuperate from a foul first inning or a tough stretch in a recreation.  The worst pitchers begin to collapse as a result of they lose confidence and begin to lose a optimistic mindset.  Instead, keep targeted on what must be finished and work your location and off velocity pitches.

Watch the MLB pitchers and take observe on how they conduct themselves throughout good and dangerous instances and their strategy to getting batters out by way of maintaining hitters off balanced.

Tip #5: Field Your Position

There shall be a number of floor balls or line drives hit again at you throughout a recreation.  Be prepared after each pitch to assist your individual trigger and make a top quality play.  Also, anytime a ball is hit to the outfield contemplate the place you may be wanted to again up a base or a throw coming in from the outfield.  

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A key for a lot of pitchers is overlaying first base on a floor ball hit to the primary baseman.  Get used to transferring that approach and make it a part of your routine in between begins to work on this fundamental. 

Tip #6: Be a pupil of the sport

Study the sport and watch nice pitchers.  Watch for a number of the following:

  • What is their strategy after they get to an 0-2 depend?
  • How do they get forward in a depend?
  • What is their strategy when the depend is 3-1 or 2-0?
  • Do they hit the 4 corners?
  • Do they alter from one at bat to the following with sure hitters?

Be a pupil of the sport and research one of the best to ever pitch.  The nice information for pitchers as we speak is that you would be able to watch youtube movies on a number of the greatest and watch their strategy to getting hitters out and maintaining their pitch depend low.

Baseball is a recreation for the astute participant, the participant prepared to check one of the best and dive into the technique they use.  The technique in baseball is an enormous a part of the sport and there’s a nice deal that one can study by watching others.

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Tip #7: Proper Mechanics

Find a top quality pitching coach and work on bettering your mechanics.  The correct mechanics not solely assist you enhance your velocity and general accuracy, however may help preserve you from injuring your arm.  

You need to keep wholesome all through a season and having the correct mechanics performs an vital position on this a part of the sport.

Next Steps: How To Be A Good Pitcher in Baseball

The first step is to self assess your recreation.  Some issues to think about:

  • Out of 10 pitches, how usually are you able to find your fastball?
  • Is velocity a energy of yours or do you want enchancment?
  • Do you may have a top quality change up or off velocity pitch?  How usually are you able to situated it out of 10 pitches thrown?
  • Do you keep mentally robust throughout tough instances on the mound?
  • What are you able to do to enhance your fielding as a pitcher?
  • Do you spend time learning nice pitchers and their strategy?
  • How would a pitching coach price your mechanics on a scale of 1-10

After finishing this evaluation, choose 1-3 areas that you would be able to actually dive into to enhance your general pitching talent and turn out to be an excellent to nice pitcher!  

Don’t neglect to benefit from the journey!  Baseball and pitching are purported to be enjoyable.  Keep the stress low, decide to the method and stay with the result.  Remember, baseball is a recreation, preserve it enjoyable!  

Love it and sit up for taking part in!

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