How Lengthy Does Thermal Paste Final?

In case you ever see your CPU or GPU heating up at an uncommon price even on idle, it may be time to re-apply its thermal paste. Whether or not you’re a novice or novice PC builder, you want to know whether or not it’s time to change the thermal paste.

At this time, we’ve got introduced you this text to offer you a solution on how lengthy does a thermal paste final together with another thermal paste queries.

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How Does Thermal Paste Work

Whenever you join a heatsink to a chip, the floor just isn’t in full contact with each other as a consequence of its imperfections, which signifies that there will probably be microscopic air bubbles in between. This, in flip, will lure some quantity of warmth. That’s the place the thermal paste is available in.

So, what the thermal paste does is, when utilized on a floor, it fills these microscopic air pockets, permitting warmth from the chip to switch into the heatsink extra effectively. For CPU, an ample quantity of thermal paste makes your CPU cooler.


Though thermal paste works nice at transferring warmth from one floor to a different, extra doesn’t imply higher. The extra thermal paste on a floor means it could possibly leak from the perimeters when two surfaces are involved. 

Proceed with the article to know the ample quantity of thermal paste on a floor.

How Lengthy Does Thermal Paste Final Contained in the Tube


Thermal Paste will final round one to 2 years, relying on totally different circumstances, when contained in the tube. When saved in an air-tight, dry, and funky place, it could possibly even final couple extra years.
Moreover, thermal paste’s life span can range relying on its high quality and the parts used to fabricate them. Nonetheless, it’s not beneficial to make use of a thermal paste that’s greater than 5 years previous.

How Lengthy Does Thermal Paste Final on Units

The thermal paste on both CPU or GPU typically lasts about two to 4 years, relying on the warmth generated by the chip. 

Earlier than contemplating that your elements want a recent thermal paste, all the time test the CPU and GPU temperature. In case your CPU and GPU have high-temperature readings, it could be that the paste just isn’t working as it’s alleged to.

Listed below are some issues that have an effect on a thermal paste’s life span:

  • Excessive PC Utilization: In case you have a PC that runs virtually all day, its paste will lose its thermal conductivity, leading to CPU and GPU overheating. Apart from this, overclocked parts and operating graphically demanding video games will dissipate extra warmth than regular, which quickly decreases a thermal paste’s lifetime.
  • Thermal Paste High quality: In case you have a low-quality paste, it is going to even have a decrease life span. Leading to you altering the paste extra usually than regular. Subsequently, all the time take into account efficiency over worth when getting a thermal paste.
  • Environment: The temperature rise will make the paste lose its effectivity. So, in case your laptop location’s temperature is greater, chances are you’ll want to vary the thermal paste very often.
  • Mud Settlement: In case your warmth sink just isn’t dissipating warmth from the chip, it could be due to the mud settled on it. This may warmth up your chip extra, lowering in thermal paste’s lifetime.

When Ought to You Re-apply Thermal Paste

In case you discover that your laptop just isn’t performing as effectively or in case your CPU and GPU temperature rises greater than the conventional quantity, it could be time to re-apply thermal paste.

Nonetheless, the mud settled on heatsink followers also can improve your CPU and GPU temperature. To make sure that this isn’t the case, clear the mud off the heatsink and activate the system. If it nonetheless provides greater temperature studying, possibly the chip wants a recent thermal paste.

If, for any purpose, you’ve gotten eliminated the warmth sink from the chip, both GPU or CPU, beforehand utilized paste is not going to work. So, you want to clear the thermal paste off the chip and place a recent thermal paste earlier than inserting the heatsink.

Find out how to Re-apply Thermal Paste

So, your CPU and/or GPU are heating up! It’s now time to re-apply the thermal paste. Nonetheless, you can not merely insert the paste above the beforehand utilized paste. Please comply with these steps to re-apply thermal paste.

Take away Heatsink


Take away the heatsink by eradicating the 4 screws holding it to the motherboard. As soon as eliminated, the heatsink ought to come out pretty simply. Nonetheless, in some uncommon circumstances, the chip and the heatsink can get caught collectively due to the thermal paste itself.

If that occurs, gently insert the chip again into the socket and activate the system. Flip the system off after 5 to 10 minutes. This may increase the paste’s temperature, permitting it to lose its grip.

Flip the system off and check out eradicating the heatsink once more.

Clear Thermal Paste

clean thermal paste with cloth

When you take away the heatsink from the chip, you possibly can see the residue from the earlier thermal paste. Take away all of the residue utilizing a dry paper towel or cotton swab. 

Most thermal pastes are electrically non-conductive. So, some residue on the edges is not going to have an effect on your PC. Nonetheless, attempt to take away as a lot as potential. 

In case you have an electrically conductive thermal paste, you want to take away each little bit of beforehand utilized thermal paste.

Re-apply the Thermal Paste

Clean Thermal Paste off CPU an reapply thermal paste

It’s now time to use a brand new thermal paste. When making use of the thermal paste, it is strongly recommended that you simply use a thermal paste spreader. 

Place a small quantity of thermal paste on the chip and use the thermal paste spreader to unfold the paste throughout the chip. 

In case you would not have a spreader, you possibly can merely place the thermal paste on the chip within the form of an X. This may distribute the paste throughout the chip if you insert the heatsink.

Re-insert Heatsink

Gently place the heatsink above the chip and screw it in place. Make it possible for no quantity of paste will get leaked from the perimeters of the chip.

How A lot Thermal Paste Ought to I Use


An excessive amount of thermal paste can leak out of the perimeters. This leaked paste acts as an insulator, inflicting some motherboard parts to overheat. Moreover, if in case you have an electrically conductive thermal paste, it could possibly even quick circuit your motherboard.

Nonetheless, the paste is not going to present sufficient thermal conductivity if the paste is just too little. This ends in poor warmth movement between the chip and the heatsink.

So, what’s the regular thermal paste quantity? Usually, a pea-sized quantity of thermal paste on the middle of the chip is an ample quantity. When you insert the warmth sink on the chip, guarantee that thermal paste doesn’t leak from the perimeters.

Nonetheless, utilizing a thermal paste spreader, you possibly can simply unfold the paste above the chip.

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