Outfield Positions in Baseball (Complete Overview)

How Are Baseball Positions Numbered (Overview)

If you’ve gotten ever changed into a baseball recreation through radio or tv, you may hear the announcer say, “oh, what a pleasant 1-6-3 double play” or “the yankees flip a 4-6-3 double play to finish the inning.”  If you haven’t been round baseball a lot, you may marvel what they’re referring to.

Well, they’re referring to sure positions on the baseball subject as every place has a quantity.

Which leads us to the important thing query.

How Are Baseball Positions Numbered?

Each place has a quantity: 

  • Pitcher – 1
  • Catcher – 2
  • 1st Base – 3
  • 2nd Base – 4
  • third Base – 5
  • Shortstop – 6
  • Left Field – 7
  • Center Field – 8
  • Right Field – 9 
Baseball Positions by Number

How Are Baseball Positions Numbered: Examples

Example 1: 6-4-3 Double Play

This is usually a floor ball hit to the shortstop, who will get the primary out at 2nd base to the 2nd baseman, who then throws to first base for the 2nd out.  It went from the shortstop (6), to the 2nd basement (4), to the primary basement (3).  Resulting in a 6-4-3 double play.

Example 2: 1-6-3 Double Play

This is a floor ball hit to the pitcher (1), who throws the shortstop (6) who’s protecting 2nd base for the primary out after which to the first baseman (3) for the 2nd out.  Resulting in a 1-6-3 double play.

Example 3: A 5-3 Put Out

This is usually a floor ball hit to the third baseman (5) who throws is throughout the sector to the first baseman (3) leading to an out.

Example 4: A 7-5 Put Out

This is usually a base hit to the left fielder (7), who throws a runner out making an attempt to advance to third base and is tagged out by the third baseman (5).  This ends in an out.

Example 5: A 8-2 Put Out

This may very well be a base hit to the middle fielder (8) who fields it and throws all of it the way in which residence to get a runner at residence plate through the catcher (2).  This ends in an out, usually by a tag.

Why Are Baseball Positions Numbered?

They are used for simplicity inside the scoring system.  Games, for a few years, have been scored in a scorebook, which has little room to put in writing what befell.  Every at bat is recorded as are runs and outs to maintain monitor of rating and to gather some minimal knowledge on what befell within the recreation.

Now that now we have reviewed the several types of performs, you’ll be able to undergo a number of in your head to assist cement within the completely different positions and the numbers that the gamers carry.  The numbering system is a simple approach for scorekeepers to mark the performs within the scorebook for fast reference after the sport.  

The numbering system makes scoring a lot simpler.

Do Other Sports Use A Numbering System?

Basketball makes use of a quantity system for positions.  These aren’t used as a part of a scorebook, however extra for fast reference to positions.  Here is the numbering system in basketball:

  • Point Guard – 1
  • Shooting Guard – 2
  • Small Forward – 3
  • Power Forward – 4
  • Center – 5

What Are Double and Triple Plays in Baseball?

In baseball, a number of outs could be made on one batted ball or inside one play.  When multiple out is recorded, for instance 2 outs, it’s known as a double play.  When 3 outs are recorded on one play, it’s known as a triple play.

What is a double play in baseball? (Complete Overview)

Triple performs are relatively rare within the recreation of baseball and one thing particular for those who ever see one.  The commonest triple play is a 5-4-3.  On this play a floor ball is hit near the third base, the place the third baseman (5) fields the ball and steps on the bottom for out 1 (play began with runners on 1st and 2nd), then throws it to the 2nd basement (4) protecting 2nd base for out quantity 2, after which on to the first baseman (3) protecting 1st base for the third out in a single play. 

If you’re fortunate sufficient to see one at a significant league recreation, it’s one thing you may keep in mind for a very long time!

Some triple performs generally is a sequence of loopy numbers the place the ball is thrown and may contain as much as 5-6 gamers.  The most rare play in baseball is the unassisted triple play.  How may that occur?  If there are runners on 1st and 2nd base with no outs and there’s a hit and run known as by the supervisor.  Let’s say a line drive is hit to the shortstop who catches the ball (out 1), steps on 2nd base (out 2) and tags the runner (out 3) who now simply realizes the ball was caught.  The shortstop was the one one to the touch the ball and is credited with an unassisted triple play.

Final Thoughts: How Are Baseball Positions Numbered

Baseball is a enjoyable recreation with lots of little issues just like the numbered positions.  Don’t stress about it, as a substitute embrace the little particulars and study as a lot concerning the recreation as doable.  Many folks love the sport of baseball as a result of it’s slower tempo and simple to know and comprehend what is occurring!

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