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Hard Drive Makes Clicking Noise – How to Fix it?

When any part works by bodily movement, the elements are sure to get broken in some unspecified time in the future. It might be on account of friction, warmth, or deviation from their orientation.

Likewise, the arduous drive is made up of a variety of shifting elements inside it to facilitate storing and accessing knowledge. So, the presence of a clicking sound coming from the drive is the results of the very malfunction of such shifting elements, particularly of the top, actuator arm, and platter.

Here, we’re going to discover the causes of arduous drive clicking noise intimately and what may very well be the doable fixes for it.

Why Does My Hard Drive Make a Clicking Noise?

Unlike flash drives, a tough drive shops your knowledge on a spinning platter. Every time it wants to jot down or entry some information, the arduous drive searches for the data on that platter with the assistance of a learn/write head. The head strikes backwards and forwards within the observe the place the deal with of the file is positioned utilizing an actuator.

In regular operation, these tracks are exactly calibrated, and the top goes to the desired radius in search of the information with none interference. In addition, the top stays above the platter with just a few nanometers hole.

nano meter gap between head and platter

Now, if the top is in some way miscalibrated, or the hole between the top and platter closes, then you’ll hear the click noise. So, the noise is mainly the head touching one other part.

In most circumstances, it’s the head returning to the spindle in the course of the drive and putting forcibly when it doesn’t discover the firmware within the platter or doesn’t have any observe to information it.  Similarly, you might also be listening to the click sound as a result of the top is bumping on the platter or encounters any obstacles in its means.

What Can be the Causes Behind It?

The head of the drive, actuator, or platter doesn’t exit of its path by itself. Several bodily defects and even firmware points may cause the click sound within the arduous drive.

Lets have a look at all of them right here.

Physical Harm or Manufacturing Defects

damaged hard drive

Did you drop the arduous drive or bang it into different elements? If so, the actuator arm might have misaligned or loosened. As we talked about earlier, the elements are delicately positioned. So, any hurt to it bodily can transfer them out of their place.

Not solely the arm however the platter may have loosened or broken because of the hurt. This can present it with an irregular floor or trigger it to rotate in an uneven style. And the learn/write head might bump into it. As a end result, you’ll hear a clicking sound at common intervals.

But, if you’re experiencing the issue even in a brand new arduous drive, it could merely be a producing defect.

Damaged Firmware and Service Area

The arduous drive consists of a selected house known as the service space the place the firmware is positioned. The firmware incorporates data for the traditional functioning of the drive.

If the service space suffered any bodily harm, or the firmware current in it will get broken, then the head fails to initialize and strikes backwards and forwards a number of occasions, in search of the firmware. As a end result, when it comes again to its place, it hits the spindle arduous, thus the click sound.

In this case, you’ll hear the sound repeatedly. This can ultimately harm the top, and your arduous drive might not work and not using a head substitute.

Thermal Expansion

head stuck on platter

Whenever you run the arduous drive, it receives energy from the system, which causes it to generate warmth. The bodily motion of the actuator arm and the disc contributes to it much more.

So, it’s doable that the elements have expanded on account of warmth. As a end result, the hole between the top and disc closes down. Usually, it ought to trigger a scratching noise. But if the enlargement is uneven, then the top might bump on some portion of the floor, ensuing within the clicking noise.

Similarly, thermal enlargement can misalign the actuator arm as effectively, making its movement erratic. However, typically, the noise might come up when the arm is attempting to realign itself as effectively. So, for those who hear the noise every so often, then it could be the arm getting again into its place after thermal enlargement.

Dust Accumulation

Accumulation of mud in computer systems is inevitable. Sometimes, the mud particle might get caught on the disk or the top. When these mud particles transfer round together with the disc, they will trigger scratches on the platter.

Consequently, the top might get caught on these scratches, emitting a clicking noise.

Inadequate Power Supply

inadequate power supply to the hard drive

Computer elements work with exact energy. Anything roughly can hamper their efficiency in addition to their integrity.

When the voltage equipped to the arduous drive is inadequate, then the actuator can’t transfer the arm correctly, ensuing within the clicking sound.

In addition to that, utilizing a low-quality energy provide unit may cause the system to expertise sudden voltage fluctuations. This will result in the malfunctioning of the circuit board within the arduous drive. Hence, it impacts the motion of the top or actuator arm, and you’ll hear the click noise.


Nothing can slip away from the hand of loss of life. As time goes by, the elements begin sporting off, and their efficiency degrades. A tool such because the arduous drive, which works by means of mechanical motion, is much more susceptible to it.

If your arduous drive is previous, then the head could also be eroding. Or, the platter might have scratches. Similarly, the actuator may lose its calibration over time. Hence, it’s possible you’ll be listening to the press of loss of life.

scratch hard drive platter

How to Fix Clicking Hard Drive?

If the disc platter is just not broken completely and the top continues to be high quality, then aligning the elements might resolve the problem. Sometimes, changing the top or actuator arm additionally fixes the issue.

But arduous drive elements are extremely delicate. So, for those who attempt to tamper with or try and restore it, that will utterly harm the drive.

So, for those who encounter a clicking noise in your arduous drive, we advocate you go to knowledgeable laptop or arduous drive restore level immediately. You ought to contemplate backing up your knowledge if the drive continues to be working. For the issue in a brand new drive, you may at all times return it and declare a wholesome one.

Nevertheless, there are some things you would strive for your self.

  • Allow the arduous drive to chill down at room temperature and use it after some time. This will repair the problem if brought on by warmth.
  • Remove the arduous drive out of your system and join it to a different working laptop. See if the issue seems there. If not, then there could also be some concern with the ability provide in your system.
  • Reconnect the SATA or Molex cable popping out of the PSU and related to your arduous drive. You may strive utilizing one other set of connectors from the PSU and examine the modifications.
  • Check the voltage equipped by the PSU utilizing a multimeter and see whether it is sufficient for the arduous drive. You may use one other wholesome PSU to seek out out whether or not it’s the wrongdoer. If it’s certainly the ability provide unit, it is best to change it.

What Not to Do to Fix the Drive?

what not to do to fix a hard drive

Even if you’re a {hardware} fanatic and like to resolve issues your self, it is best to by no means do just a few issues to restore your clicking arduous drive.

  • Freezing the arduous drive – You might imagine that if heating causes the problem, then freezing can resolve it. However, freezing a tough drive is not going to repair it however can harm it completely. The condensed water can fry your total electronics.
  • Continuing to make use of it – If the problem is because of a nasty sector or file error in a particular program, then persevering with to make use of it should trigger the drive to look repeatedly for the file. This can harm the top, and it’s possible you’ll not even have the ability to get better the information later.
  • Opening the Hard drive – Do not contemplate opening the arduous drive by yourself. The disc platter is extremely prone to break, and it’s possible you’ll render your arduous drive completely ineffective.

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