Freezing a Hard Drive – Does it Actually Work?

We all know that overheating digital parts may cause irreparable injury to them. So, its pure to assume that cooling them can assist delay their life and even revive them.

Most of us might have heard that freezing a tough drive can assist get better information from it. Apart from this, it’s stated to resolve the problem of the drive not booting up and the system getting caught in the course of the work.

But there are instances the place it has precipitated catastrophic injury to the drive and made the arduous drives restore inconceivable.

So, what truly is the reality? Lets discover out.

Why Could Hard Drive Freezing Work?

A tough disk drive consists of a spinning disk with a magnetic coating to retailer the information. A head runs simply over the disk to write down the data and retrieve the saved information.

A variety of warmth is generated throughout the drive because of this mechanical motion and steady energy provide. As a end result, the parts might develop barely, inflicting their alignment to alter, particularly of the pinnacle, head stack, and soldered joints.

This may cause the minute hole between the pinnacle and the disk to fill, stopping the pinnacle from transferring. Technically, this problem known as stiction or static friction. In addition to that, the soldered joints might loosen or break as a result of growth.

Head stuck on platter

Now, theoretically, freezing a tough drive can shrink the parts and convey them again to their regular measurement and orientation. This may also trigger the pinnacle to liberate from the disk and rotate usually.

Also, it may stop the solders from breaking off or can tighten them again because of shrinking. Thus, the arduous drive might get repaired.

Does It Actually Work?

Earlier arduous drives consisted of parts with bigger dimensions. Even a slight motion of those elements might trigger the transferring elements to get caught. Similarly, the pinnacle stack was not fairly in a position to regulate precisely by itself.

To add to this, the circuit board had plenty of soldered joints together with a number of parts, making them susceptible to failure.

So, if the previous days hard-disk stopped working because of stiction or growth by warmth, then it might be able to revive after freezing. In reality, the individuals who declare that this methodology labored for them are those utilizing these previous arduous drives.

However, the time has modified now. The arduous drive consists of smaller parts calibrated precisely. The servo motor controlling the pinnacle is ready to self-align itself exactly. In addition, the PCB has much less variety of parts and soldering in them.

modern hard drive

Hence, the problem of misalignment by growth doesn’t fairly have an effect on them anymore. Thus, freezing the trendy arduous drives wont restore it, and your effort shall be spent for nothing.

Even the previous drive that will get repaired wont final lengthy. The fundamental concept needs to be to repeat all of the necessary information earlier than it fails once more.

As a matter of reality, they hardly ever get revived after freezing. Most profitable instances ought to solely have a slight malfunction contained in the drive that might have been repaired even with out freezing.

We consider it is just a matter of sheer luck that the strategy works and you don’t meet with extra hazards by freezing your arduous drive.

Does It Cause More Harm Than Good?

If somebody says that the strategy labored for them, they need to be grateful that no different penalties arose.

A tough drive consists of a breather gap to stability the interior and outer stress. It additionally helps to launch any condensed air and clear mud from the within. There are additionally a number of air pockets that maintain air across the nook or empty areas.

When you freeze the drive, the water vapor within the air contained in the drive will get condensed into ice crystals. This will finally rework into water because of an increase in temperature after eradicating it from the freezer.

As a end result, the water will fry the electronics and might even short-circuit your system. And your arduous drive will get everlasting injury.

scratched harddrive

Similarly, the hole between the pinnacle and the plate is only some nanometers. If the crystals are available in between the pinnacle and the plate, then the head can crash into them. Also, the scratches on the disc by such crystals and water will corrupt all the information, making it irrecoverable.

So, when you have extraordinarily necessary information, then we advocate you go to an expert information restoration heart or arduous disk restore station. Following these hacks can additional decrease the prospect of the revival of your arduous drive.

How Can I Freeze My Hard Drive?

If you continue to need to take the possibilities or simply need to attempt the method on your previous, spare, and broken drive, we have now supplied the steps for you beneath.

  1. Obtain a plastic wrapper and canopy your arduous drive to make it hermetic. Make positive that no empty areas are left inside the place the air might reside.
  2. Place the wrapped drive right into a plastic bag that doesn’t let air inside and tighten it up.
  3. Keep the drive in your freezer for 20 to 24 hours.
  4. After it will get frozen, take away it from the freezer, and unwrap it fastidiously. Make positive that the condensed water vapor doesn’t enter the drive.
  5. Connect it to your PC (we advocate utilizing a spare PC, if accessible) and see if it really works.
  6. If the arduous drive features properly, copy the required information rapidly in a flash drive or an exterior storage drive.
  7. If not, we advocate you take it straight to an expert for restore.

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