Dropped Thermal Paste on the Motherboard? Right here’s The best way to Clear It?

When you have dropped thermal paste in your motherboard by mistake, you need to clear it as quickly as attainable to worsen additional harm.

Whereas thermal paste doesn’t pose any menace since most of them are electrically non-conductive (ceramic), it’s nonetheless higher to be on the secure facet and clear them. Nonetheless, the conductive ones could cause quick circuits and may result in {hardware} failures. 

Don’t fear, this information goes by way of all of the steps intimately to scrub it off so that you don’t have to fret anymore.

The best way to Clear Off the Thermal Paste?

The method of eradicating the paste from the motherboard is pretty easy. There are a couple of instruments and gear you will have to start out. Aside from that each one you want is persistence. Allow us to go over the completely different instruments required.

  • Cleansing Resolution (Isopropyl Alcohol with 90% or extra focus).
  • Q-tips.
  • Piece of unpolluted microfiber material.
  • Toothpick (Elective).

After getting all of the instruments prepared, now could be the time to scrub the thermal paste off the motherboard.

Study the Space of Impact

Earlier than you begin to truly clear off the paste, examine the place the paste is definitely spilled on. This is essential as a result of every spot requires a unique method relating to cleansing.


Subsequently, confirm the world of impact completely. After you have scoped it out, proceed accordingly based mostly on the information. Additionally, earlier than you start, be sure you have utterly shut down the pc and disconnected all of the cables.

Motherboard Circuit

The board circuit is what homes all the opposite parts. It covers a lot of the motherboard and subsequently is susceptible to spill probably the most. It’s the most handy space to scrub except it’s surrounded by different parts like the facility connector and such.

Comply with these steps to correctly clear the circuit.

  1. Firstly, apply some alcohol answer to the material.
  2. Subsequent, you need to begin swiping the paste off. Don’t apply an excessive amount of strain because the paste goes off fairly
  3. Repeat the method till all of the thermal paste is cleaned off the board.

That’s all, now let the alcohol dry off, it mustn’t take greater than 5 minutes. However if you wish to pace up the method you need to use a can of compressed air or a hairdryer.


Subsequent is the CPU, eradicating the paste off of it’s pretty simple, the place it’s important to be cautious is the pins. It additionally will depend on the kind of CPU your system has. LGA packaging doesn’t have pins whereas CPUs on PGA packaging have pins that may bend if not cautious.

You need to clear off the paste whereas the CPU is on the socket. Let’s see the right way to go about cleansing a CPU.

  1. In the identical method with the motherboard, apply some answer to the material.
  2. Then begin rubbing the paste clockwise or anticlockwise. Be mild whereas doing so.Wiping-CPU-paste
  3.  Subsequent, take away the metallic bar and take away the CPU from its socket.

The subsequent step is cleansing the pins. This methodology applies for each sorts of packaging so you don’t want to fret.

  1. Apply some alcohol to the CPU. It’s simpler if you happen to use a spraying bottle.
  2. Subsequent, seize a Q-tip and slowly begin rubbing. In case your CPU has pins, you need to be further cautious. Clean-CPU
  3. Repeat the method till you may have all of the paste off.
  4. Use a toothpick to choose it off if there are bits of paste caught on the underside.
  5. Once more, let it dry after cleansing.

Comply with our different article for an in depth information on cleansing the thermal paste off the CPU.

CPU Socket

When you have bought paste on the socket of the board, comply with alongside to see how one can clear them. Identical to the CPU, the sockets come in several packaging. LGA sockets are likely to have small pins whereas PGA sockets often have areas in-between to accommodate CPUs containing pins.

  1. Begin making use of some alcohol answer to the socket. You will be beneficiant with the quantity for the reason that alcohol doesn’t do something to the board.
  2. Now, seize your brush and begin rubbing the paste. cleaning-cpu-pins
  3. Use extra alcohol and repeat the method till all of the paste is gone.

RAM Slots

With RAM slots you need to watch out. They comprise pins inside the slot for connection and you do not need to break them in any method. If not cleaned correctly, it might trigger burning on the pins which can then block the connection between the reminiscence and the pc.

Nonetheless, if the thermal paste is spilled whereas the RAM module is seated on the DIMM slot, it’s higher to take it out of the slot and clear the paste off the RAM first after which proceed with the steps beneath.

  1. Apply some alcohol to the slots (a couple of drops).
  2. Subsequent you need to use the toothbrush or seize a skinny material and put it over one thing like a card.
  3. Begin to swipe the paste off slowly. You need to get it upwards and never sideways (can harm the pins).
  4. Repeat this till you get all of the paste off the slots.
  5. When you have the paste on the small holes on the floor, simply apply some alcohol and use the toothbrush to rub it off.

PCIe Growth Slots

Identical to with the RAM slots you need to be further cautious with the PCIe lane. Earlier than you begin off, look at the place the paste has spilled. Is it simply on the floor? Or has it gone contained in the slot as nicely? Determine it out and proceed accordingly.

Identical to the RAM slot, if the graphics card is seated on the PCIe lane through the time of spilling, gently take the cardboard out of the slot and clear them with the alcohol. Then, proceed with the steps beneath.

  1. When you have it on the floor, apply some alcohol to it.
  2. Subsequent, use the micro-fiber material to wipe it off.
  3. Rinse and repeat till all of the paste is gone.
  4. For the paste in-between the slots, you’ll be able to clear it the identical method how we did it with the RAM slots utilizing a card.

Eradicating the Extra Paste

If there are nonetheless stays of thermal paste left, use the Q-tip to wash it off. Moreover, you too can make use of the microfiber material. Make it possible for there’s extra paste left on the motherboard. In case there are bits of answer left, use the dry a part of the material and clear it correctly.

Observe: Proceed with further care relating to connectors, they’re very susceptible to break.

Now that your motherboard is all cleaned up, let it dry off for about 5 to 10 minutes. This ensures that the cleansing answer is totally gone and the board is clear.

Is Thermal Paste Dangerous for Motherboard?

Thermal paste is made up of dielectric materials which implies that it’s not speculated to react with any parts and quick issues. However they arrive in two variants: conductive and non-conductive. Conductive paste could cause shorting within the motherboard, although that doesn’t imply non-conductive are secure. When you unintentionally spill some across the CPU socket, it might create issues like excessive temperature and such.


Additionally, whether it is spilled on any slots the place different parts go i.e PCIe slots and RAM slots, this may end up in connectivity points. Additionally if the paste hardens in such an space (slots), it may be an actual downside to take away.

Normally, thermal paste does probably not pose an enormous menace to the motherboard however that doesn’t imply you need to depart it there. It’s all the time a very good follow to scrub it up and stop it from taking place sooner or later.

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