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Does a CPU Have an effect on FPS? (Detailed Information)

Each activity in your pc, from a calculator to graphics-intensive video games, is processed by the CPU. Though intense graphics computations principally depend on a GPU, the CPU additionally carry out an affordable quantity of activity to run these video games. Subsequently, it’s only widespread for the CPU to have an effect on Frames Per Second (FPS). 

There are numerous points relating to the CPU and it affecting the FPS. It primarily is dependent upon different parts such because the RAM pace and the graphics card.

This text offers an in depth information on how the CPU impacts your in-game FPS.

What Does GPU Do When Gaming?

graphics card

Earlier than we bounce into what CPU does that impacts the FPS, allow us to focus on the GPU first.

The GPU in your system generates all the item’s visuals once you run a recreation. Not solely this, the GPU handles physics, hit-boxes, shaders, positions of objects, lighting results, textures, reflection, visible results, and much more for the item it creates.

A greater-performing GPU means it will probably create quite a few objects, deal with its polygons, create physics, and carry out all of the duties talked about above with ease. And due to this fact, you will note a serious efficiency enchancment when upgrading a GPU.

The kind of GPU you’ve gotten additionally vastly have an effect on the FPS you get in video games. In case your pc runs on an built-in GPU, it might carry out as effectively because the devoted one.

What Does CPU Do When Gaming?

what does the CPU do

Now you would possibly suppose, if the GPU handles all these duties, what does the CPU try this have an effect on the FPS. Properly, the CPU handles the motion of those graphical objects.

Every object is made from edges and vertices. When an object strikes, the CPU adjustments the vertices’ places. And therefore you see the item transfer in your display screen. Moreover this, the CPU additionally processes in-game logic, which suggests it handles “If this, then that” logic inside the sport.

For instance, for those who press the W key, your character within the recreation strikes ahead. Moreover, for those who enter a sure area in your recreation world, a cutscene will begin. The CPU handles all these sorts of logic.

When the CPU processes this recreation logic, it sends the information to the GPU to provide the specified object together with its positions, physics, lighting, textures, reflection, and much more.

For this reason each the CPU and the GPU play a vital position in your recreation’s FPS. The CPU handles the logical facet of a recreation, whereas the GPU handles the graphics portion. Subsequently, your CPU and GPU ought to carry out equally on your recreation to realize the specified framerates.

Does CPU Have an effect on FPS?

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Now again to the true query, does CPU have an effect on FPS? For the reason that CPU processes all logic in your recreation, the processing energy of a CPU does have an effect on FPS. And upgrading to a contemporary CPU might offer you a slight efficiency increase in video games.

Moreover this, the reply to the query additionally is dependent upon the video games you play. Video games like ARMA 3, GTA 5 On-line, Far Cry 5, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020, and many others., are closely depending on the CPU. So, even for those who use a high-end GPU, you’ll not get many frames until you’ve gotten a better-performing CPU. On this case, the CPU extremely impacts FPS.

Some video games, nevertheless, depend on the GPU’s processing energy. If that’s the case, you will get cheap FPS with a lower-performing CPU.

Does Upgrading CPU Enhance FPS?

Nonetheless, there are numerous components that decide whether or not a CPU improve improves efficiency. The bottleneck is one main issue figuring out whether or not upgrading the CPU impacts FPS.

A bottleneck happens when some part performs a lot quicker than others. This ends in the quicker processing components ready for the slower performing components.

GPU Bottleneck

gpu bottleneck example

By way of GPU, you probably have a more moderen era CPU and an older, or slower performing GPU, it is going to endure from a GPU bottleneck. Which means that the CPU should anticipate the GPU to finish its course of earlier than it will probably ship extra information. When this occurs, your CPU is not going to carry out effectively as it’s speculated to.

When your PC suffers from a GPU bottleneck, you’ll continuously see CPU utilization rise and decrease after a sure interval. Which means that the CPU is ready for the GPU to finish its duties. And speaking concerning the GPU, it is going to continuously be utilizing its full assets once you’re gaming.

In case your pc suffers from a GPU bottleneck, upgrading the CPU is not going to have an effect on FPS.

CPU Bottleneck

cpu bottleneck example

Alternately, for those who use an RTX 3090 (Newer Gen GPU) mixed with Intel i3 sixth gen (Older Gen CPU), the pc suffers from a CPU bottleneck. Which means that the CPU will carry out duties slower in comparison with the GPU. And therefore, the GPU could have numerous idle time, making all that energy ineffective.

When the PC suffers from a CPU bottleneck, your GPU utilization will enhance and reduce within the interval, which signifies that the GPU is ready on the CPU. Right here, additionally, you will discover that the CPU utilization is consistently excessive.

So, for those who face a CPU bottleneck, upgrading your CPU to a more moderen model gives you a lift in FPS. To maintain up together with your GPU, your CPU must be quicker for higher frames.


So summing it up, the CPU impacts your in-game FPS and a more moderen era CPU gives you a greater efficiency in video games than an older one. Nonetheless, there are numerous issues to contemplate earlier than upgrading a CPU for a lift in FPS.

In case your pc suffers from a GPU bottleneck, upgrading to the newest CPU is not going to have any impact on FPS. Nonetheless, if the PC has some extreme CPU bottleneck, upgrading the CPU will enhance your in-game FPS.

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