Corsair Fan Not Lighting Up

Corsair Fan Not Lighting Up? Try These Fixes

RGB setup in your PC is turning into more and more fashionable with desktop customers. An easy technique to give your pc an RGB setup is with an RGB fan. And as a consequence of its recognition, Corsair’s RGB fan is the selection for many customers.

Like another RGB followers, the Corsair RGB followers will solely robotically mild up as soon as linked to the pc’s motherboard. However, if you’re having points with the fan when setting it up or, the RGB in your fan randomly stopped working, there could also be a number of causes for this. 

It could possibly be a broken wire or an inadequate energy provide that’s inflicting points with Corsair’s RGB fan. No matter the rationale, beneath we now have mentioned a couple of methods you possibly can repair the issue.

Why Are My Corsair Fans Not Lighting Up?

Before we leap into the strategies to repair the difficulty, allow us to first focus on what may cease the RGB from turning on. First, if you’re utilizing ARGB system followers, you should be sure that your motherboard helps them.

If the motherboard doesn’t assist it, the RGB in your followers is not going to work. Besides this, listed here are a couple of different causes your Corsair followers are usually not lighting up.

  • Damaged Wire
  • Insufficient energy provide from PSU
  • Faulty RGB followers
  • The connector from the RGB fan not linked to the proper fan header on the motherboard

How to Fix in case your Corsair Fans are usually not lighting Up?

Now that you recognize some frequent causes Corsair followers cease lighting up, allow us to take a look at how we will repair the difficulty. If your Corsair fan has randomly stopped working, strive reseating the RGB fan’s connector. 

Sometimes, the header and the connector might not be involved with one another although it appears linked. Therefore, earlier than we begin with the fixes, flip off the system, entry the motherboard, take away the cable that connects the RGB fan to the motherboard and join it immediately. 

Check if the Motherboard helps RGB

If you’re connecting the Corsair RGB fan for the primary time, it is advisable to ensure that the motherboard helps RGB. Depending on the kind of RGB you’ve gotten, the motherboard might or might not assist it.

If you’ve gotten an ARGB (Addressable RGB) fan, it is advisable to join it to 2 headers in your motherboard. The first header powers the fan, and the second header powers the RGB on the fan. You can seek advice from the RGB fan’s person handbook to find out the facility and the RGB connector.

  1. Connect the primary header, the one which powers the fan, to SYS_FAN.
    system fan header motherbaord
  2. Connect the second header, the one which powers RGB, to the 3-pin 5V header in your motherboard. This header will likely be named ADD_HEADER/JRAINBOW.
    argb header motherboard corsair fan not working

However, relying in your motherboard, the header’s title is likely to be completely different. Therefore just remember to use the motherboard’s person handbook.

If you’ve gotten a static RGB fan, most motherboards will seemingly assist it, as you don’t want to attach it to the motherboard. The cable from the static RGB fan goes into the controller hub. And this hub connects the motherboard, your RGB fan, and the facility provide.

Use a special RGB Header

Your motherboard incorporates a number of ARGB 3-pin 5V headers. Wear and tear or broken parts could also be why your Corsair RGB fan is just not lighting up. So, should you discover your corsair fan not working, you possibly can strive switching between these ARGB headers.

  1. Turn off your PC and take away the wall outlet to which the PC’s PSU connects.
  2. Remove all of the screws that maintain the facet panel to entry the motherboard. 
  3. Remove one of many cables that join the RGB fan to the ARGB header in your motherboard.
  4. Search your motherboard for one more header named ADD_HEADER/JRAINBOW and join the RGB connector to this header. 
    12v rgb header corsair rgb fan
  5. Restart your PC and verify if the RGB in your Corsair followers lights up.

Change RGB controller

rgb fan controller corsair rgb fan

If you’re utilizing Corsair’s static RGB fan, you’re seemingly connecting the RGB to a controller. The controller acts as a hub after which connects the RGB to the motherboard and the facility provide. 

However, if this controller is defective or broken, your entire lights in your RGB fan fail to operate. If that’s the case, it is advisable to change this controller.

Reset BIOS

reset bios corsair fan not working

BIOS, or the Basic Input Output System, has entry to and controls your entire {hardware} part linked to the motherboard. In the case of system followers, you should utilize BIOS to manage fan velocity or management its RGB.

If you’ve gotten not too long ago modified RGB settings within the BIOS and may’t revert the adjustments, we suggest that you just reset the BIOS. Resetting the BIOS reverts all of your BIOS configurations to a default one. 

This contains RGB settings as properly. To reset BIOS,

  1. Repeatedly press the BIOS key to enter the BIOS. This secret is often the Delete key or one of many operate keys.
  2. Once within the BIOS, seek for settings named Reset to default, Reset manufacturing facility settings, Load optimum defaults or Reset BIOS.
    reset BIOS corsair rgb not working
  3. Once you’ve gotten reset BIOS to manufacturing facility default, restart your PC and verify if the RGB in your corsair followers lights up.

Check the PSU

power supply corsair notworking

When the PSU doesn’t provide sufficient energy to the motherboard, parts linked to the motherboard will undergo or might not operate in any respect. The identical goes for the system or CPU followers, and its RGB might not work in any respect.

However, a PSU has points supplying sufficient energy to the motherboard for a number of causes. This could possibly be a free cable, inadequate energy from the PSU, or perhaps the PSU is pretty older.

reconnect 24 pin power cable

To repair any points with the PSU, first, reseat the 24-pin energy cable that provides energy to your entire board. A free cable could possibly be the rationale your RGB is just not functioning. If this doesn’t work, be sure that the PSU you utilize is sufficient to your pc. 

You can use Corsair’s official web site to verify in case your pc is getting sufficient energy provide from the PSU.

Check for Physical Damages

broken wire corsair rgb fan not working

Physical injury to the wire or the LED in your RGB fan itself may trigger the RGB to cease working. Check the wire that connects the RGB fan to the motherboard and the facility provide.

If you can not see seen injury to the cable, it could possibly be inner injury. In this case, you’ll need to switch your entire fan to verify when you’ve got a broken RGB fan.

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