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Can You Put Corningware in the Microwave? (Answered)

Who doesn’t love a superb casserole? They’re heat, filling, and often fairly simple to make. One of the most well-liked manufacturers of casserole dishes is CorningWare. These dishes have been a staple in kitchens for many years, recognized for his or her sturdiness and flexibility. One of the commonest questions folks have about CorningWare is whether or not or not they will put it within the microwave.

If you’re questioning if CorningWare can be utilized within the microwave, the reply is sure – most of it might. However, there are a number of manufacturers that shouldn’t be microwaved.

These embrace the Centura line, which has a sculpted rim and a plain edge. If you’re undecided whether or not or not a selected piece of CorningWare is microwave-safe, verify for a microwave-safe image on the underside of the dish or on the packaging.

If you possibly can’t discover a microwave-safe image, the subsequent smartest thing to do is to go to the producer’s web site and search for their microwave security coverage. CorningWare’s web site ought to have an inventory of their microwave-safe merchandise.

If you continue to can’t discover the knowledge you’re searching for, err on the aspect of warning and assume that the dish shouldn’t be microwave-safe.

One final thing to do after you’ve discovered a microwave-safe image or security coverage is to do a radical verify of your piece for any steel. Metal, even in small quantities, may cause sparks and fires within the microwave.

How to Tell If a Container Is Microwave Safe

Aside from checking for a microwave-safe image and visiting the producer’s web site, there’s one different strategy to inform if a dish is microwave-safe. You can use this technique for any dish, not simply CorningWare.

First, fill a glass or mug with water. Place each the glass and the Corningware dish you’re testing within the microwave. Set the timer for one minute and begin the microwave.

If the dish will get scorching, however the water stays cool, the dish shouldn’t be microwave-safe. On the opposite hand, if the dish is cool and the water is scorching, you possibly can safely put the dish within the microwave.

As a reminder, earlier than you do that take a look at be certain to verify the dish for any steel to keep away from any accidents.

Brief History of Corningware

CorningWare is a model of glass-ceramic cookware first launched in 1958 by Corning Glass Works. The authentic CorningWare materials was developed in 1953 by chemist Donald Stookey. The materials was created accidentally when Stookey was experimenting with combining glass elements at excessive temperatures.

He positioned a pattern of his creation in a furnace by heating it to 600 levels Fahrenheit. Once it cooled, he discovered that the glass had remodeled right into a white, opaque substance that didn’t break when he dropped it.

The launch of CorningWare in 1958 marked the primary time that Pyrex was used for cookware functions. The preliminary line of CorningWare included simply 4 objects: a casserole dish, a cake pan, a pie plate, and a espresso mug.

Corningware turned very talked-about within the Sixties on account of its sturdiness and flexibility. It might be used on the stovetop, within the oven, and even within the microwave. Additionally, it was dishwasher secure, which made cleanup a breeze.

Over the years, the design of CorningWare has modified considerably, however the fundamental precept behind it stays the identical. All CorningWare merchandise are made out of oven-safe glass-ceramic materials that may stand up to sudden adjustments in temperature with out breaking or shattering.

CorningWare is out there in each commonplace and designer editions. Standard version merchandise are sometimes white with both a matte or shiny end. The designer editions function extra up to date designs and hues.

Today, CorningWare continues to be standard for all of those causes. Additionally, many individuals have fond reminiscences of cooking with or consuming from CorningWare dishes, which makes it a sought-after product for each skilled cooks and people simply beginning out.

Safety Tips for Using Corningware

CorningWare is a sturdy and versatile cookware choice, however there are a number of security suggestions it’s best to take into accout when utilizing it.

1. Do Not Overheat Corningware Dishes

CorningWare is designed to resist sudden temperature adjustments, nevertheless it shouldn’t be used to warmth meals that require an especially excessive cooking temperature.

For instance, don’t use a CorningWare dish to microwave frozen meals that include wrappers or a minimum of take away the wrapper earlier than microwaving. These wrappers can generate warmth that’s too excessive for the dish, inflicting it to interrupt.

2. Never Put Corningware in a Convection Oven

Browning function is frequent in a convection oven and it’s designed to crisp meals. However, they function at extraordinarily excessive temperatures, which may trigger CorningWare to interrupt. So in case your microwave has a browning function, don’t flip it on when utilizing CorningWare.

3. Avoid Microwaving an Empty or Partially Empty Corningware Dish

Although it’s much less prone to occur, microwaving an empty or partially empty CorningWare dish may cause it to interrupt. This is as a result of the microwave power can have nothing to dissipate and can construct up contained in the dish, inflicting it to shatter.

My Favorite Corningware Recipes

Here are 5 of my favourite recipes that may be made utilizing CorningWare dishes.

  1. Strawberry Banana Bread: This scrumptious and easy-to-make bread is an ideal breakfast or snack. And one of the best half is that it might all be made in a single Corningware dish!
  2. Green Bean Casserole: This basic vacation dish is at all times a success, and due to Corningware, it’s simpler than ever to make.
  3. Mac and Cheese Casserole: This simple casserole is an effective way to make use of up leftover mac and cheese, and it’s certain to be a success with the entire household.
  4. Ravioli Lasagna: This dish is a enjoyable twist on conventional lasagna that’s good for a fast weeknight meal. Plus, it’ll make your nonna proud!
  5. Waffle, Maple & Sausage Stuffing: This stuffing is ideal for any vacation meal, and it’s so good that you just’ll wish to make all of it yr spherical. Trust me, it’s price the additional effort!


So, what have we discovered? We’ve discovered that CorningWare is a sturdy and versatile cookware choice, however there are a number of security suggestions it’s best to take into accout when utilizing it. We’ve additionally discovered concerning the historical past of this iconic model and a few of its hottest merchandise. Lastly, we’ve seen how one can take a look at if a dish is microwave-safe. Thanks for studying!

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