Can You Cook a Tony’s Pizza in Microwave

Can You Cook a Tony’s Pizza in Microwave? (Answered)

Tony’s Pizza is likely one of the hottest pizzas within the United States. It could be present in grocery shops and comfort shops throughout the nation. There are many various kinds of Tony’s Pizza, however the very best one which I like probably the most is the traditional pepperoni pizza.

The most typical option to prepare dinner a Tony’s Pizza is within the oven, however what should you don’t have an oven otherwise you simply need a fast, handy meal? Many individuals surprise whether it is attainable to prepare dinner a Tony’s Pizza within the microwave.

In this information, I’ll discover the various factors that go into cooking a Tony’s Pizza within the microwave, together with what are the professionals and cons, how lengthy it takes to prepare dinner, ideas for fulfillment, and extra.

So, Can You Cook a Tony’s Pizza within the Microwave?

Yes, you possibly can! Although the producer doesn’t present particular directions for cooking Tony’s Pizza within the microwave, it’s attainable to prepare dinner it this fashion. However, understand that you gained’t get the crispy crust or browned cheese that you’d get in an oven. This doesn’t make the pizza much less scrumptious, although – simply totally different.

Here’re some execs and cons to think about when cooking Tony’s Pizza within the microwave:


  • Convenient and fast: If you might be brief on time and wish a fast meal, cooking Tony’s Pizza within the microwave could be a nice choice.
  • Less mess: Since you gained’t be utilizing an oven, there might be much less cleanup concerned when cooking a Tony’s Pizza within the microwave.


  • No crunchy crust: Because the pizza gained’t be baked in an oven, it won’t have the identical crispy crust that you just get with conventional cooking strategies.

Although historically, you gained’t get that crisp and browned crust when cooking a Tony’s Pizza within the microwave, these days, there’s a microwave crisper pan that you should use to imitate an oven-cooked pizza.

Initially, I used to be skeptical about utilizing this microwave crisper pan to prepare dinner a frozen pizza, however I used to be pleasantly shocked by the outcomes. Once you get used to cooking it this fashion, you’ll discover how straightforward and handy it’s to prepare dinner Tony’s Pizza within the microwave.

How Long Does It Take to Cook a Tony’s Pizza within the Microwave?

Well, the reply is dependent upon the scale of the pizza and the power of your microwave, however typically talking, a regular 8-9 inch pizza will take between 4-6 minutes to prepare dinner within the microwave. Larger pizzas, akin to a 10-inch pizza or a 12-inch pizza, will take between 5-7 and 7-11 minutes, respectively.

For this information, I exploit a 900-watt microwave. If your microwave is extra highly effective or weaker than this, chances are you’ll want to regulate your cooking time accordingly. If you might be new to cooking Tony’s Pizza within the microwave, it’s a good suggestion to start out with a shorter cooking time after which enhance it as wanted.

How To Cook a Tony’s Pizza within the Microwave

Now that you’ve got an thought of what to anticipate when cooking a Tony’s Pizza within the microwave, let’s go over some primary steps for cooking a pizza within the microwave.

  1. Preheat a microwave crisper pan for 3 to 4 minutes.
  2. Remove the cardboard base and the plastic wrap from the pizza.
  3. Place the pizza on the pan and microwave on excessive for 4 to six minutes (or extra, relying on dimension).
  4. Carefully take away the pizza from the microwave and let it cool for 30 seconds to 1 minute earlier than slicing and serving.

If you don’t have a microwave crisper pan, you possibly can nonetheless prepare dinner a Tony’s Pizza within the microwave. But, it’s advisable to place one cup of water within the microwave with the pizza to make sure the pizza heats uniformly.

Tips for Cooking a Tony’s Pizza within the Microwave

Here are another ideas to remember when cooking a Tony’s Pizza within the microwave:

1. Use a microwave crisper pan – A microwave crisper pan is specifically designed to prepare dinner meals evenly and forestall it from sticking to the underside of the microwave. This is particularly necessary for pizza since you don’t need the cheese or toppings to stay to the pan and turn out to be overcooked.

2. You don’t must thaw the pizza first – One of the good issues about frozen pizza is which you could prepare dinner it proper from frozen. There’s no want to attend for the pizza to thaw first. Just pop it straight into the microwave and prepare dinner in accordance with the directions on the packaging.

3. For security make sure that the pizza reaches 165 F – When reheating any form of frozen meals, it’s necessary to be sure that it reaches a secure inner temperature. For pizza, you’ll wish to be sure that it reaches 165 F earlier than consuming. The finest option to examine that is with a meals thermometer.

4. Use oven mitts when eradicating the pizza from the microwave – The pizza might be scorching when it comes out of the microwave so you’ll want to use oven mitts or one other type of warmth safety when eradicating it from the oven. You don’t wish to burn your self!

How to Store and Reheat a Tony’s Pizza

The finest option to retailer Tony’s pizza is within the fridge should you aren’t going to eat it inside just a few days or within the freezer should you plan on protecting it for longer. To refrigerate or freeze Tony’s pizza, first, it’s good to line an hermetic container with a paper towel to soak up any extra moisture, after which place the pizza on prime.

If you will have multiple slice left, you possibly can stack them on prime of one another with extra paper towels in between every slice. After making ready the pizza on this method, you possibly can put them within the fridge for as much as 5 days or within the freezer for as much as 6 months.

To reheat a Tony’s Pizza, you possibly can both pop it into the microwave or preheat your oven to 350 levels and bake the pizza for 10 to 12 minutes or till it’s heated by means of. You may reheat it in a skillet or toaster oven as properly.

How to Upgrade Your Tony’s Pizza

If you’re trying to take your Tony’s Pizza up a notch, there are a number of other ways you possibly can improve it.

1. Season the crust: The first step to upgrading your Tony’s pizza is to season the crust. This will give the pizza a bit bit of additional taste and make it extra fulfilling to eat. All it’s good to do is sprinkle some garlic salt or Italian seasoning on the dough earlier than you bake it.

2. Add slices of veggies: Another straightforward option to make your Tony’s pizza style higher is so as to add some slices of veggies. This is not going to solely add some dietary worth to the pizza, however it’ll additionally add a crunch that plain previous dough can not present. Tony’s pizzas are normally fairly mild on toppings, so be at liberty to go loopy with this one!

3. Crack just a few eggs: This subsequent tip could seem a bit bit unusual, however belief us, it really works. Crack just a few eggs onto your Tony’s pizza earlier than you bake it and also you gained’t be disillusioned. The eggs will create a kind of “crust” on prime of the pizza, making it much more fulfilling to eat. Plus, they add a little bit of protein which may also help offset the grease from the pepperoni.

4. Add extra cheese: It ought to come as no shock that including extra cheese is a good way to make your Tony’s pizza style even higher. More cheese means extra taste, and who doesn’t love that? Just ensure to not add a lot cheese that it overpowers the opposite toppings or makes the pizza too greasy.

5. Add a swirl of sauce: Last however not least, add a swirl of sauce to your Tony’s pizza earlier than you bake it. This will give the pizza an additional zing of taste and make it much more scrumptious than ever earlier than. Be cautious to not add an excessive amount of sauce, although, or else you danger making the pizza soggy. A lightweight swirl is all you want!


So, the subsequent time you’re in a pinch and solely have a microwave to prepare dinner your Tony’s Pizza, don’t despair. Yes, you possibly can microwave Tony’s Pizza and it’ll nonetheless be scrumptious – simply totally different. And if you wish to get nearer to that oven-cooked style, there’s even a particular microwave crisper pan that you should use. So go forward and invite your mates over for pizza evening – they’ll by no means comprehend it wasn’t cooked in an oven.

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