Can you mix RAM

Can You Combine RAM With Totally different Model/ Dimension/ Pace/ Voltage

Let’s say that you just needed to buy new RAM, and the RAM modules which can be equivalent to those you will have in your system should not obtainable for buy anymore?

Most often, so long as each RAM is of the identical technology, akin to DDR3 (Double Information Charge Gen 3) or DDR4 (Double Information Charge Gen 4) will work, however it would have some potential drawbacks, AKA compatibility points.

Can You Combine RAM Manufacturers?

Can You Mix RAM Brands

It’s potential to combine completely different RAM manufacturers; nevertheless, motherboard producers counsel utilizing RAM that matches the mannequin kind, measurement, frequency, latency, and producer to obtain one of the best stability and efficiency.

Even when the specs don’t match, you’ll nonetheless have the ability to make the most of the RAM collectively. If the frequency and latency of the RAM modules differ, your system will default to the RAM settings of the lowest-performing module.

On the plus facet of blending the RAM (manufacturers), you’ll nonetheless have the ability to get pleasure from a rise in pace when multitasking between completely different duties and a few memory-intensive packages akin to Photoshop.

It’s possible you’ll discover that apps open sooner, and the general pace of your PC has elevated, at the least as a result of improve in RAM quantity. The lower in latency and pace could be tough to note until you pushed your PC’s limits. 

Nevertheless, these advantages don’t outweigh the issues and dangers that comes alongside them.

There have been many circumstances of reported points skilled after mixing RAM modules of various timings, distributors, pace and sizes. Such points, like BSOD, auto restarts, exhausting crashes and so forth., although are empirical by nature, will certainly be finest to keep away from.

This is the reason you might be all the time really helpful to purchase RAM modules in kits(kits are available in pairs or triplets, not as a single stick) and NOT combine with present older RAM sticks, thereby fully changing the older equipment.

In case you are unable to discover a matching equipment, or, shopping for a brand new set of sticks altogether, you’ll in all probability have to maintain this instability in thoughts. Dropping an hour or two’s value of labor at random, as a consequence of a tough reset, could be very irritating.

Is it OK to Combine RAM Speeds?

Is it OK to Mix RAM Speeds

It’s completely potential to function two or extra RAM modules at completely different speeds. Nevertheless, similar to mixing manufacturers, you’ll default to the lowest-performing RAM modules.

For instance, let’s say that one set of RAM modules are 16GB CORSAIR DDR4 3200 MHz with a 16 CAS latency. The opposite RAM module set is a 16GB TEAMGROUP T-Create Basic DDR4 2666 MHz with a 19 CAS latency.

If put in in the identical PC, each modules can be diminished to the bottom widespread denominator, i.e. (2666 MHz) pace and (19 CAS) latency to work collectively successfully.  

Conversely, the CORSAIR DDR 3200MHz with a 16 CAS latency usually prices extra and is crippled to a decrease usable frequency and latency. In flip, you aren’t utilizing your RAM to its fullest potential, stopping you from getting probably the most out of your RAM.

Merely put, you simply paid a worth premium for a efficiency enhance you can’t use.

Can You Combine RAM Sticks of Totally different Sizes?

Can You Mix RAM Sticks of Different Sizes

When upgrading RAM, it’s really helpful that you just improve in pairs of equal measurement, frequency, and producer. Additionally, be certain that you confirm your PC mannequin to make sure that the RAM is appropriate together with your system utilizing the producer’s web site or person handbook of the motherboard.

When you set up one single 16GB DDR4-3200MHz module in your system, it would solely run at 1600MHz, often called (single-data price). Additionally, for those who set up two or extra RAM modules, akin to one 16GB DDR4-3200 and one 8GB DDR4-3200, the dual-channel mode can be disabled, which may severely cut back your PC’s efficiency.

On Intel motherboards, that assist Intel Flex mode, nevertheless, the additional portion of the bigger RAM module will run in single-channel mode, and the primary chunk of matching 8GB on the mis-sized modules will run in twin channel mode. AMD motherboards are extra delicate to mismatched RAM sizes and normally throw instability points.

One other problem with mixing RAM is latency. Latency is the variety of clock cycles (measured in nanoseconds) it takes to entry knowledge in one of many RAM modules columns.

When you set up an 8GB Module of RAM with an 18 CAS latency and one 8GB module with a 16 latency, the modules will function on the slowest CAS latency. That means each modules put in will run at 18 CAS latency.

Though these strategies have been examined, it serves to say that there are stories of individuals receiving a BSOD (Blue Display screen Of Demise) now and again as a consequence of incompatible RAM sizes of their PCs. Intel provides FlexMode that enables larger flexibility when putting in completely different RAM varieties.

To allow a PC with out Intel FlexMode, akin to an AMD-powered machine to get probably the most out of your RAM, set up two equivalent RAM modules (offered as kits in pairs) akin to (2) 16 DDR-3200 into your motherboard within the right slots.

Look to your motherboard’s handbook or producer’s web site for extra data.

Sometimes, the association is correctly drawn within the motherboard’s person information or handbook, and likewise discovered on the respective producer’s web site. This association exhibits the sequence of filling a number of RAM slots, for the right dual-channel mode, and is very vital for boards with greater than 2 RAM slots.


Mixing RAM will be completed albeit with some problems with their very own.  Intel makes this course of barely simpler with its FlexMode. In case you are not making an attempt to get your system next-gen gaming prepared and solely want extra RAM for primary use, additional reminiscence can all the time assist.

When you have the assets, and the merchandise are nonetheless obtainable firsthand, purchase matching kits and change previous reminiscence altogether.


Is There a Great Distinction Between 8GB and 16GB of RAM?

For normal pc use akin to e-mail, net shopping, mild multitasking, and low-end gaming, 8GB of RAM is the spot-on quantity for many normal pc customers.

Nevertheless, 16GB opens the door to a lot extra akin to high-end gaming, working digital machines, video enhancing, and way more.

Is 16GB RAM Future-proof?

In accordance with PC Reminiscence Developments, the typical improve in RAM every year is about 2GB, the typical use is 8GB. If this pattern was to proceed because it has up to now, you would possibly future-proof your PC for about 4 extra years with these calculations.

If I Am Operating 70% of RAM Utilization, Is That Dangerous?

When you make the most of over 65-70% or extra of your PC’s RAM, I might suggest upgrading the quantity in your system. Nevertheless, using too many packages without delay or too many open tabs may cause excessive reminiscence utilization.

Guarantee that you’re solely utilizing the packages you want, and for those who’re nonetheless that top, buy further RAM.

Will I Discover a Distinction Between 4GB and 8GB of RAM?

Your PC requires at the least 4GB of RAM to run the OS and most packages. Nevertheless, for those who prefer to have a number of tabs open without delay or do lots of multitasking, you’ll discover that your system slows down and even hangs whereas the PC pages the knowledge.

Once you improve to 8GB, you’ll discover that these points will start to stop, and your pc can be shifting a lot sooner than it did earlier than. So, briefly, you’ll discover a distinction between the 2, and I all the time suggest a minimal of 8GB.

What Occurs at 100% RAM Utilization?

When you even discover your system is beginning to stutter or freeze for a second or two right here and there, it could be as a result of you will have reached 100% RAM utilization. As soon as this occurs, your system begins “paging.”

Paging is digital reminiscence saved on the exhausting drive that acts as RAM when there isn’t any availability. It operates by making a brief pagefile in your exhausting drive, continually writing and rewrites data to the drive, and acts like RAM.

In time may even trigger harm to your mechanical exhausting drive as a result of shifting elements. In case you are utilizing 100% RAM, it will be smart to improve your RAM as quickly as potential.

How Does Intel’s FlexMode Work?

Utilizing Intel’s FlexMode lets you set up (1) 8GB of RAM in slot 1, and (2) 4GB RAM modules in slots 3 and 4 so that you’ve got 8GB in every channel. 

This permits as a lot RAM as potential to function in Twin-Channel leaving solely (4GB) of the 8GB module working on single-channel mode.

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