Black Dog / Hellhound Myths

Black Dog / Hellhound Myths

Black dog myths date again a whole bunch of years. Tales from all around the globe inform of those fearsome, darkish shadowy creatures with glowing pink eyes. However what are they? Are they merely ghost canines, apparitions of somebody’s as soon as beloved pet? Might they be one thing not of this realm, altogether evil and demonic like a hellhound or some type of guardian of the gates of hell? Who is aware of for certain however with all that folklore on the market it’s onerous for anybody to say that they don’t exist!


Nicely the very first thing is to try to set up what you might be seeing or certainly coping with (which could be extraordinarily onerous to do on the time) as a result of some folklore is slightly sketchy or hazy in locations and you’ll discover that most of the traits crossover from one creature to a different. One of many major methods to determine what you’re looking at is by analysing the way it interacts with you. As an illustration, is it taking a look at you particularly? It might be a Demise Omen (or simply hungry!)

Is it growling at you and looking out like it’ll chase you down? It might be a Hellhound or one thing very demonic (get out of there, in a short time!)

Are you able to contact it or does it vanish and easily stroll by issues? You could be coping with a ghost dog or apparition of a residing dog (benefit from the expertise, it could stroll you residence if you’re susceptible).

So listed here are some folklore/myths about black canines and hellhounds so see what you suppose?

Black Canines


Black Canines are the commonest of all curious sightings and folks nonetheless declare to have seen them right here within the UK immediately. Essentially the most well-known dog case famous is that of The Bungay Black Dog in 1577. In medieval instances they had been principally related to witches as their so referred to as familiars. It’s written that they’re seen trying to find one thing or somebody however they might simply be an apparition of a as soon as love pet who’s in search of their proprietor maybe? They’re stated to typically journey alongside an individual, protecting them firm on the lonely stroll residence, as if seeing them safely to their door. However they’re additionally know as Demise Omens that seem when somebody shut is about to die bit just like the grim reaper.

Their major traits embody that they’re black (principally) or very darkish in color and intensely massive various from larger than and Alsatian to the scale of a calf. They have an inclination to have a shaggy coat and glowing eyes that are usually crimson or yellow. There may also be a whiff of sulphur. They might be shadowy however could be stable wanting though they are going to vanish at will. The areas they’re mostly noticed embody quiet lanes, church yards and historic trackways.

That is rumoured to be the place the Bungay Beast left scorch marks on the door…


Medieval European superstition stated that the primary individual to be buried in a Church yard must guard all of the souls that adopted so a black dog was killed and buried first. This will have been the place all of the myths began initially.

There are different names that these black canines could be know by :-

Black Shuck (East Anglia and the US)
Skiker, “Howler” (Lancashire)
Padfoot (Staffordshire and Wakefield) – Higher often called Sirius Black in Harry Potter, The Prisoner of Azkaban
Muckle the Black Tyke (Scotland)
Mauthe Doog (Isle of Man) Gwyllgi, “Dog of Darkness” (Wales)
Barghest (Yorkshire)

Route 66 in America supposedly has quite a few reported sightings of Black Canines. It’s stated that they run alongside motorists driving on the freeway, typically biting by the tyres to trigger accidents. A great deal of books have additionally been written utilizing a number of the black canines myths reminiscent of The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle.One other horrid and peculiar truth is that it’s believed that black canines had been usually sacrificed in Japan to carry on the rain!



Hellhounds are barely completely different,they’re fairly ugly and are usually invisible (good job!) however to not their meant sufferer. They’re Demon’s formed into one thing resembling a dog they’re completely evil and are out to take your soul!

They’re additionally lightning fast, with tremendous human energy and might typically discuss. However many individuals nonetheless consider that these could possibly be the black canines that they’re seeing!


City legend tells that Robert Johnson, a well-known city blues singer, did a cope with the Satan on the crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Apparently, the Satan made him a star in return for his soul, which the Hellhounds later collected. He died aged simply 27! Among the songs he sang included “Crossroads”, “Hellhound on my path” and “Me and the satan blues”.


Cerberus is a 3 headed beast in type of a dog, someday proven with a serpent as a tail. He guards the Gates of the Underworld or Hell.


Might Fluffy in Harry Potter be this type of Beast ?


The beast of Gevaudan is likely one of the very first supernatural beast assaults recorded in historical past and probably the most well-known. It seemingly solely killed girls and youngsters below the age of 16. Beginning in 1764 it’s documented to have killed and evaded seize for years round components of France. Locals believed it was the work of the Satan whereas individuals who got here from additional afield to shoot this beast believed it to be a wolf.


Brotherhood of the Wolf, the film tells the story of the beast and it’s hunters.

Watch the Trailer right here:

Perhaps that is the place is the place the primary legends of Werewolves began!

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Demon Chick xx

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