7 Fun Baseball Drills for 10 Year Olds! (Get Started Today)

7 Fun Baseball Drills for 10 Year Olds! (Get Started Today)

Baseball is meant to be enjoyable!

As coaches and fogeys, we have to work arduous to maintain children engaged, having enjoyable and creating.  The drills created for a crew observe ought to maintain everybody shifting and having enjoyable whereas creating their expertise.

At the tip of observe, you need the gamers on the crew to be excited in regards to the subsequent observe.

Too usually, coaches stand on the mound throwing pitches as one child hits and the opposite 9 stand within the area.  There are far more environment friendly methods to make sure gamers are energetic and creating.

Fun Baseball Drills for 10 Year Olds

  1. Contact Drill
  2. Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby
  3. Knockdown Drill
  4. Knockout Drill
  5. Simulated Game
  6. Running Bases
  7. Sliding Drill

Last yr I coached a ten yr previous crew and located the 7 drills above to be a few of our favorites.

As children enter the 10u stage of baseball, the sport is beginning to evolve, there are leadoffs, choose offs and stealing.  The recreation turns into far more concerned and children want to begin creating their anticipation.

The expertise we try to develop with the drills detailed under embrace the next:

  • Contact and a couple of Strike Hitting
  • Swing velocity and energy to drive the gaps
  • Soft fingers for fielding floor balls
  • Anticipation of the sport and area consciousness on protection
  • Anticipation on the bases and the appropriate angles to take
  • How to remain protected and acquire a bonus by sliding accurately
Most children take pleasure in swinging the bag, give them loads of swings and enjoyable drills to observe with! You can attempt to get every child not less than 100 swings at a observe.

#1 Contact Drill

For the portion of observe after we are specializing in hitting, we’ll usually have a number of stations occurring.  We break the gamers into teams of 2-3 gamers and arrange a hitting cage, tee station, wiffle ball station and a heavy ball station.  The gamers transfer from station to station.  Once now we have accomplished these coaching zones, we’ll add some enjoyable via a contact drill.  You can use baseballs or wiffle balls for this drill.  To get essentially the most quantity of swings, I might advocate wiffle balls with a number of coaches.

How The Drill Works:

  • Set up a number of stations with a number of coaches.
  • Break the gamers into teams of three.
  • Have the primary participant in every group step to the plate.
  • See what number of consecutive strikes the participant is ready to make contact with. (Foul balls do rely)
  • Have the gamers compete inside their group and undergo this cycle for 5-10 minutes.
  • At the tip, establish the winner of every group and convey to the principle plate.
  • Have every hitting cycle via two occasions and establish the winter for that observe.


  • The gamers study to make contact.
  • This helps give attention to making contact even on a pitch that isn’t excellent.
  • Players study to make a easy, compact swing.

Skills Developed:

  • Contact and a couple of Strike Hitting.  
  • How to give attention to contact towards a tough pitcher.

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#2 Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby

After now we have accomplished our hitting portion of observe in several stations, on the times we don’t use the contact drill we’ll work on hitting with some energy.  We will as soon as once more use wiffle balls as for the weaker gamers, they’re simpler to hit with a long way.  Not all wiffle balls are created equal and typically tennis balls are a fantastic possibility as effectively.

How The Drill Works:

  • Set up a number of stations with a number of coaches.
  • Break the gamers into teams of three.
  • Mark off the gap for an affordable homerun.  Keep in shorter at first so extra dwelling runs are hit and gamers are inspired.
  • Have the primary participant in every group step to the plate.
  • Throw 5 pitches and see what number of dwelling runs every participant hits.
  • Have the gamers compete inside their group and undergo this cycle for 5-10 minutes.
  • At the tip, establish the winner of every group and convey to the principle plate.
  • Have every hitting cycle via two occasions and establish the winner for that observe.


  • Players can learn to drive the ball.
  • They should additionally generate some velocity.
  • A mixture of a contact drill and driving the ball helps develop each necessities of hitting.

Skills Developed:

  • Confidence in having the ability to drive the ball
  • Swing velocity – it’s okay to swing arduous on this drill and give attention to driving via the ball

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#3 Knockdown Drill

This is a throwing drill.  After now we have warmed up originally of observe with some easy catch.  We will arrange a station or a number of stations to assist the gamers enhance their potential to throw the ball a bit additional with some accuracy.  The purpose is to area a floor ball or catch a fly ball, take a very good crows hop and knock down the goal.  We will usually make the most of a cone on high of a chair.

How The Drill Works:

  • Set up a cone on a chair.
  • Have gamers cycle via for 7-10 turns.
  • Keep observe of who knocks the goal most frequently out of the overall variety of makes an attempt.


This drill helps maintain the gamers targeted on hitting a goal and it provides some enjoyable to the observe!  Make certain you give attention to correct kind, getting the entrance shoulder closed and holding your toes in high quality steadiness beneath you.

Skills Developed:

  • Arm power
  • Accuracy
  • Proper footwork previous to throwing the ball (sometimes the reason for off beam throws)

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#4 Knockout Drill

This is a drill the place the gamers need to not solely area the bottom ball cleanly, however then they need to make the second a part of the play, which is an correct throw.  As lengthy as they make the play efficiently they keep within the recreation.  If they get knocked out, we sometimes have a secondary recreation going down to maintain the variety of complete quantity reps excessive and to stop gamers from simply standing round.

How The Drill Works:

  • Break gamers into teams of 5-6.
  • Throw or hit floor balls to the primary participant up.
  • The gamers should make a clear play and throw to stay within the recreation.
  • Complete the method via the road and proceed till there is just one participant left.
  • Consider having a secondary line the place gamers can proceed to area floor balls.
  • This recreation will also be performed with fly balls.


  • Players study to take care of a bit stress and should area the ball clear and make a top quality throw.
  • Players take pleasure in competing and making an attempt to remain within the recreation.

Skills Developed:

  • Proper approach and gentle fingers
  • Handling stress conditions

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Time to play! Check out the simulated recreation under. Remember, maintain children energetic and having enjoyable. Who doesn’t love truly enjoying the sport and placing all the talents collectively.

#5 Simulated Game

Most groups may have between 10-12 gamers on the crew.  Take 3 gamers and have them hit and put the others into place.  I might advocate a coach pitching to maintain the sport shifting.  The purpose is to have the ball hit usually, gamers operating the bases, and fields make the right play within the area.  The gamers love this recreation as they really feel like they’re “scrimmaging” they usually get a chance to carry their expertise all collectively on this format.

One key right here is for the final half-hour of this simulated recreation, don’t let any of the coaches coach.  Let the gamers talk with one another and speak.  Let the gamers make the choices and assess their choice and not using a coach leaping in straight away to right.

How The Drill Works:

  • Identify 3 hitters to get able to hit.
  • Place the opposite gamers within the area.
  • Utilize a coach to pitch.
  • If you’re brief on gamers, don’t use a catcher or pass over an outfielder.
  • Have the gamers hit after which run the bases.
  • The fields should make the right play.


  • The recreation of baseball can occur quick.  Even the gamers that may area the ball when drilling, could wrestle as soon as in a recreation scenario.
  • The simulated recreation retains it enjoyable and actual!
  • The alternative to run bases is loved by the gamers!

Skills Developed:

  • Anticipation of the sport
  • Defense consciousness
  • Baserunning consciousness

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#6 Running Bases

This drill is normally used on the finish of observe.  Players will run a single, then a double, then a triple and eventually a house run.  Coaches have the chance to show to run via the bottom on a single, hearken to their coaches and make the right flip.  This will take months for gamers to lastly catch one, however it’s one thing you are able to do repeatedly to assist construct consciousness of the place the ball is and what the coach is telling them to do.  Coaches ought to work on staying per arm motions and the verbiage used.

One technique to take this drill to the following stage is to make use of a stopwatch and time every participant on his time to first base and second base.  Over the course of the season, see if children can lower their time.  They will have the ability to do that by taking the appropriate angles and operating the bases accurately.

This drills may appear easy, however highschool groups run this drill as effectively. Base operating must be a relentless in observe, plus it may be used for conditioning as effectively.

How The Drill Works:

  • Have each participant line up at dwelling plate.
  • Have them make a simulated swing and run the bases.
  • Start with a single after which progress to the opposite bases.
  • You may have runners begin on 1st and work on going from 1st to third on a base hit.


  • Kids like to run bases and rating.
  • This is a good way to do away with some vitality.
  • This helps maintain children in form and most children take pleasure in operating!

Skills Developed:

  • Proper base operating path
  • Anticipation
  • Seeing the ball and making a call

#7 Sliding Drill

Sliding is one technique to keep protected when there’s a shut play at a base.  This is a chance to clarify the right technique to slide and to encourage gamers to not slide into first base.  We will use this drill on a moist, wet day.  Or you’ll be able to carry a slip and slide to observe to work on sliding.

How The Drill Works:

  • Set up a slip and slide or make the most of moist grass.
  • Have gamers take turns sliding safely.
  • Properly instruct the right technique to slide.


  • Helps take away the worry of sliding.
  • Teaches the right approach.
  • Players have enjoyable on a slip and slide or moist grass.

Skills Developed:

  • How to soundly facet and acquire a bonus
Watching children develop and make athletic gamers as they get older is rewarding. Stay calm and assist children turn into the very best model of themselves.

Fun Baseball Drills for 10 Year Olds: Final Thoughts

The 10u stage is a enjoyable yr for a lot of gamers.  The children nonetheless have good attitudes, however at the moment are at a stage the place they will begin to drive the ball and make sure gamers within the area.  Keep engaged on talent improvement and recreation consciousness.

Overtime, children will develop greater and stronger and if they’ve a strong basis and situational consciousness they are going to be prepared for the following stage.  The true payoff is once they attain 12 or 13 years previous and might actually drive a ball, the sport turns into actually enjoyable at that time!

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