6 Signs to Know Your Hard Drive is Failing

All good issues come to an finish, and that features the lifetime of your laborious drive. While some laborious drives die utterly unexpectedly with out a sound, some indicators usually current themselves beforehand to warn you the tip is approaching. Look out for these issues and for those who assume your drive could be about to fail, again up your info and begin searching for a brand new drive.

How Long Do Hard Drives Last?


According to NewEgg Insider, most laborious drives are anticipated to reside between three to 5 years. However, that varies considerably with utilization and the way the drive is stored.

If you utilize your drive for hours day-after-day and it’s studying and writing loads of knowledge, it would doubtless die before one which’s evenly used. While you would possibly count on 5 years of use, fixed studying and writing will take its toll and would possibly put on out a lot sooner, particularly on HDDs.

One solution to hedge towards laborious drive failure is to search for a fantastic guarantee when looking for a brand new drive. That method, not less than you received’t need to bear the price of a substitute when it dies. Just you’ll want to register your guarantee and hold your documentation as required. 

How Do I Know if My Hard Drive is Dying?

Though you might not get an error message or a crimson flag, indicators that point out a tough drive failure is approaching will in all probability seem. They will be delicate, so it’s vital to look out for them and make a psychological be aware once you see them.

Escalating Computer Problems

This is likely one of the hardest issues to diagnose as a result of it’d simply seem like a reminiscence leak or a sluggish web connection at first, relying on how you utilize your laptop.

Some laptop points are warning indicators that arduous drive demise is approaching. They may not really feel very ominous once you first discover them, however they point out bother on the horizon.

  • Your laptop is lagging extra usually when utilizing applications it didn’t use to wrestle with.lagging
  • Your laptop is totally freezing or shutting down randomly.shutting-down

These points plagued a good friend who seen his laptop was slowly performing worse than earlier than. Games he’d performed earlier than weren’t operating as easily. Other applications would lag or crash. He truly up to date his graphics card and CPU as a result of he thought the problems had been indicators of a bottleneck.


The laptop was nonetheless lagging and experiencing points after the improve. Before he might troubleshoot additional, the laborious drive died. It was solely a 12 months outdated – a lot youthful than the anticipated lifespan of a drive. When he put a brand new m.2 into the slot, the pc labored like new once more.

Even in case your laborious drive isn’t on the finish of its life, you will be unfortunate and have it die, with the one signal being the pc not working fairly proper. When your laptop begins to carry out poorly, don’t low cost the laborious drive reaching the tip of its life because the trigger.

Blue Screens


Blue display error codes are nice as a result of they offer you a spot to start out troubleshooting. However, they don’t all the time inform you the entire story and give you a selected and fast repair. This is often the case with laborious drive points.

When you see frequent blue screens with no different trigger, run a scan to see whether or not Windows can detect issues together with your laborious drive.

Strange Sounds


Your laptop isn’t a silent machine with the followers and mechanical components working. While some newer drives function silently, HDD drives don’t. There’s often a quiet hum emanating from them.

Clicks, grinding steel sounds, or uneven groans are all uncommon noises that sign a tough drive demise could be inevitable. You ought to instantly again up your knowledge once you discover these issues so that you simply don’t lose what’s vital if the drive dies whilst you’re testing it.

Problems with Stored Files


Take be aware in case your laptop is lagging when opening information solely from a selected drive. It may also sometimes say the file can’t be accessed. These issues will be defined by a failing laborious drive that may’t pull its saved knowledge promptly.

Certain Error Messages

Look for any error messages about dangerous sectors. When you see that, it’s time to make use of system utilities to test on the standing of the laborious drive and try to restore it. If it may possibly’t be mounted, then the drive will in all probability not work at its finest once more. 

The Disk Can’t Be Accessed

If you may’t entry the disk, it could be failing. There could possibly be different points, too – issues with cabling or working system malfunctions. However, inaccessible drives are a big signal of failure.

Some individuals restart their laptop to seek out the drive is accessible once more and determine meaning every little thing is ok. It doesn’t work that method, although. The laborious drive might need intermittent issues that don’t present up each second – however that’s nonetheless a crimson flag for laborious drive issues.


Suppose your laborious drive is your boot drive, and the pc refuses as well to Windows. In that case, you may strive the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot your startup course of, run Command Prompt scans, and even reinstall Windows. If these work, you may attempt to hold utilizing the drive. If, nevertheless, the drive is inaccessible or refuses to allow you to set up something on it, it’s in all probability useless and wishes substitute.

Remember that not every little thing on the record is a assured indicator of a dying laborious drive. Instead, they’re indicators that one thing could be mistaken with the laborious drive however can point out different issues too. You shouldn’t change a tough drive simply because one of many indicators exists. Rather, it is best to troubleshoot it a bit and hold your backups up to date.

How to Check for a Dying Hard Drive?

If you’re snug utilizing Command Prompt, you may test to see whether or not Windows detects an issue together with your laborious drive.

  1. Open an elevated Command Prompt window. You can do that by urgent the Windows Key + X and selecting Command Prompt (Admin).
  2. Type wmic diskdrive get standing
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Read the outcomes.

You need each outputs to learn OK. If they don’t, it’s worthwhile to troubleshoot your laborious drive to attempt to repair errors on it. You must also instantly again up something important. 

Regularly checking your laborious drive for issues might help you forestall catastrophic points sooner or later. 

Can I Fix My Hard Drive?

Usually, damaged laborious drives ought to be changed. However, you need to use the CHKDSK function in Windows to attempt to detect and restore issues with the laborious drive.

  1. Open a Command Prompt window as admin.
  2. Type “chkdsk c: /f /r /x” with out quotes. Replace the letter C with the letter of the drive you wish to scan.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Type Y to offer the pc permission to restart and run the scan.
  5. Press Enter.

When the scan is completed, learn the output. You ought to in all probability change the disk if it discovered errors and couldn’t repair them. If it mounted the errors, keep watch over it to see whether or not the issues you seen reoccur, and all the time again up your information. 

Why Do Hard Drives Fail?


Hard drives fail for just a few totally different causes. Those causes rely on the kind of drive and your particular state of affairs.

  • Sometimes a tough drive fails as a result of its bodily components are worn out or broken. HDDs are most definitely to endure this sort of failure, usually signaled by sure sounds from the drive itself. If the mechanical components of your laborious drive fail, you’ll need to get skilled assist recovering the information. 
  • Electrical failures are one other frequent explanation for laborious drive issues. If the components within the drive that permit it talk with the remainder of your laptop are glitching, then the drive itself might develop into inaccessible.
  • The laborious drive might also simply put on out over time. No electrical element lasts endlessly, and that’s as true of laborious drives as of anything in your PC.

No matter what the explanation, laborious drive failures ought to be deliberate for prematurely earlier than they develop into a difficulty. 

What Happens When My Hard Drive Fails?


When your laborious drive fails, your laptop can now not entry it. Anything on it’s misplaced until you utilize a knowledge restoration program or service.

If the laborious drive that dies has your working system, your laptop will now not activate. 

If it’s a storage drive, your laptop will nonetheless work from the drive with the OS, however you’ll now not have the ability to entry the information on the storage drive. That’s why it’s so vital to again issues up even once you don’t assume a drive failure is coming. 

Can I Fix My Hard Drive After it Dies?

While some individuals repair their laborious drives after they die, it isn’t the usual process. It’s costlier and time-consuming than simply shopping for one other drive.

If your concern is knowledge restoration, some applications or companies might help with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Difference Between HDD and SSD Failure?

Since SSDs don’t have shifting components in the best way that HDDs do, the failure would possibly look a bit totally different. You’re extra prone to discover laptop errors or file-access points with SSDs. They often received’t make a specific noise after they begin to fail.

If your laptop is operating sluggish otherwise you’re having issues with applications freezing or crashing, it’d sign an impending failure for an SSD, even when there are not any auditory or seen indicators.

How Do I Check the Health of My Hard Drive?

Performing a CHKDSK scan ought to offer you details about how your laborious drive is functioning. If there aren’t any issues with it, it ought to be effective.

What Causes a Hard Drive to Slow Down?

There are a number of causes a tough drive could be working extra slowly than earlier than. The system could possibly be bottlenecked with one other piece of {hardware}, the cables could be degraded and never switch the data as properly, the ports could possibly be broken, or your laptop might have a virus. Problems with the laborious disk itself also can result in slower efficiency. 

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