How to Clean a RAM Stick

3 Ways How to Clean a RAM Stick

RAM (Random Access Memory), is the first reminiscence on any laptop system. It is required for the pc to load all the knowledge that’s fed to the CPU.

Like any element in a pc system, RAM can accumulate mud and dust over time which might trigger it to overheat and malfunction. A unclean RAM may cause issues within the system starting from clogged up ports; making them unusable to even inflicting quick circuits. 

A great way to take care of the general well being of your system is to wash the parts not less than as soon as each few months. You can use compressed air to take away mud and particles. For extra thorough cleansing, electronics-safe solvent like IPA (isopropyl alcohol) is advisable. 

Here, we’ll present you tips on how to take away the RAM safely out of your system after which clear it afterward.

How to Remove the RAM?

Depending on the kind of system you will have, the RAM is completely different in a desktop and a laptop computer. First, we’ll present you tips on how to correctly take away the RAM from every sort of system.

For Desktop

Note: Wearing an anti-static wristband and dealing in a non-dusty surroundings minimises the chance of getting electrical shock and damaging parts as a consequence of static expenses.

For desktop units, the RAM rests within the DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) slot which is soldered to the motherboard. To clear the RAM, first you’ll have to take away it from the pc chassis.

  1. If your system is on, flip it off and unplug the ability twine and make sure that the ability twine is faraway from the ability strip or the surge protector.
  2. Press the ability button for not less than 10 seconds to take away any residual expenses that your system could also be holding
  3. Remove the aspect panel of the case to realize entry to the internals of your desktop. If this course of requires a screwdriver, use the suitable instrument for it
  4. Now, find the RAM and press on the tab or tabs on the aspect of the slot with an outward movement. If finished correctly, the RAM will carry itself out of the slot.
    unlatch dimm ram
  5. Carefully take away the RAM and place it apart for cleansing. Never contact the gold contacts of the RAM as oils and moisture out of your arms might corrode the contacts

For Laptops

Note: Consult your system producer and ensure that the RAM is detachable earlier than trying to wash it. To save house, some laptops have the RAM soldered into the motherboard whereas some are straight built-in with the CPU.

Laptops use a smaller sort of RAM known as SO-DIMM (Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module). These are extra compact variations of the DIMM RAMs sometimes present in desktops.

  1. Shut down your laptop computer and take away the again cowl.
    remove laptop cover
  2. Remove the battery. If your laptop computer has an inner battery, unplug the battery cable from the motherboard.
  3. Press the ability button for not less than 10 seconds to take away any residual expenses.
  4. To take away the RAM, unlatch the aspect clips which is able to carry the RAM barely.
    unlatch sodimm ram
  5. Gently take away the RAM and place it apart for cleansing.

Methods To Clean the RAM 

Cleaning the RAM is a reasonably simple and easy job. The course of requires some instruments to entry the inner parts of your system and a few widespread chemical substances. After profitable removing, use the next strategies to completely clear the RAM

Compressed Air

Compressed air or electrical dusters present a non-abrasive methodology to wash the fragile parts of the RAM. This is the most secure methodology to take away any mud particles and unfastened particles from the RAM. To clear with compressed air

  1. Securely maintain the RAM and blow compressed air from a distance of 6 to 7 inches
  2. Use the compressed air in brief bursts at an angle and take away any cussed particles with a delicate brush or a microfiber fabric.

Using compressed air is probably the most most secure and environment friendly manner of cleansing the RAM. If you can’t procure compressed air, observe on to steps under.

Contact Solvents

If compressed air doesn’t work, solvents like isopropyl 90% or ethanol can be utilized to wash any caked-in dust, mild corrosion or gummy substances. Make positive that the solvents are rated protected for digital units earlier than continuing. To clear the RAM

  1. Dip or spray the solvent in a delicate lint-free fabric. 
  2. Gently rub the soiled areas till the RAM is clear.
    clean dimm ram
  3. Do not put extra strain whereas cleansing because the parts might get broken or fall off
  4. Let the solvent evaporate fully earlier than reinserting the RAM into your system

Note: If you will have been utilizing your laptop, let the parts cool all the way down to room temperature earlier than cleansing with solvents. Solvents on a sizzling element might produce poisonous or dangerous fumes.


You can even use a delicate pencil eraser to take away cussed dust and stains from the RAM modules. If you’re planning to wash utilizing this methodology, ensure that the eraser is clear and doesn’t have any stains.

Conductive supplies like Pencil lead (graphite) and non-conductive supplies within the eraser can injury the RAM or hamper them lowering its performance. To clear the RAM modules

  1. Hold the pencil eraser at an angle and gently glide over the soiled areas with a clear stroking
  2. Shake off any eraser shavings or particles and ensure that none are sticking to the RAM. Especially the gold contact factors
  3. Make positive to not put an excessive amount of strain whereas rubbing as the extra pressure might crack or dislodge the parts of the RAM. 

After cleansing the RAM, proceed to wash their slots as they could even have dust and dirt collected in them. The dust is extra more likely to decide on the slots than the RAM sticks.

Methods to Clean the RAM Slot

The RAM slot technically known as the DIMM (on most desktops) and SO-DIMM (in laptops) are soldered to the motherboard. These elements, can over time additionally accumulate dust and different particles. This enormously reduces their performance and causes undesirable issues within the system.  

To safely clear the RAM slots, 

  1. Ensure that any static electrical energy and warmth is dissipated from the system
  2. Spray the contact solvents in a lint-free fabric or a cotton ball after which gently clear them till the dust and dirt is eliminated.
  3. Let the slots dry fully earlier than re-installing the RAM
  4. After drying, use compressed air or a delicate brush to take away any lint or unfastened particles from the slots.
    clean ram slot

After cleansing the RAM and their respective slots, re-insert the RAM again to the slots. Firstly align the RAM stick and press it gently till you hear an audible click on. Adjust as needed and ensure they’re safe. 

Be aware of the position and orientation of the RAM of their respective slots as they’re keyed and solely match when positioned appropriately. 

Things to Avoid

  • Never pour alcohol or any cleansing solvent within the RAM straight.
  • Make positive the parts are usually not sizzling and are not less than room temperature earlier than cleansing them with solvents.
  • Never straight blow out of your mouth. This might trigger static electrical energy to construct up and moisture from the mouth to corrode the contacts.
  • Using abrasive strategies and rubbing aggressively with fabric or brushes can dislodge the contacts or injury the fragile electrical traces which can end in lack of performance.
  • Never use corrosive cleaners as they could produce hazardous fumes and injury the parts of your RAM.

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