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11 Ways To Fix Computer Not Recognizing Hard Drive

A tough drive is among the commonest {hardware} parts to retailer all of your private information and folders, and generally, even the Operating System itself. So when the pc fails to acknowledge a tough drive, it goes with out saying that the system can not entry its information and folders.

Furthermore, when you’ve got the O.S. put in on this difficult drive, you’ll get a boot gadget not discovered error throughout boot. There are a number of causes a pc fails to acknowledge a tough drive. One of the foremost purpose being the storage gadget not exhibiting up in BIOS.

Besides this, something from {hardware} points, like a defective cable, to software program points, like driver errors, there’s a multitude of issues that may be stopping the P.C. from recognizing a tough drive.

Why Is My Computer Not Recognizing Hard Drive?

If you have got an inner or exterior arduous drive that’s not exhibiting up, briefly, the difficulty might be a broken part, defective gadget driver, or some software program/O.S. complication. 

Now allow us to take a look at some widespread causes your arduous drive shouldn’t be exhibiting up.

  • Hard drive disabled from BIOS.
  • Conflicting drive letters
  • Faulty arduous disk cable
  • Damaged arduous drive
  • Insufficient energy
  • Outdated arduous disk driver
  • Damaged arduous drive port on the motherboard
  • Outdated Windows

How to Fix Computer Not Recognizing Hard Drive?

Before leaping into options, you first want to make sure whether or not the BIOS is detecting the arduous drive. If the system shouldn’t be detecting the arduous drive, the difficulty is probably going with the arduous drive, its cable, or the motherboard itself. 

Enable Hard Drive from BIOS

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) has particulars about all the inner {hardware} parts linked to the system. Besides this, you may allow or disable particular units in response to your selection. If the arduous drive is disabled from the BIOS, the Operating System can not entry it.

You might want to allow the arduous drive from BIOS for the O.S. to detect it.

  1. Repeatedly press the BIOS key throughout startup to Enter BIOS. BIOS key might be any of the operate keys or the delete key, relying in your P.C./Laptop.
  2. Once in BIOS, seek for configurations associated to Storage, System Configuration, SATA, or Storage Configuration settings.
    Enable Sata
  3. Here, allow any storage gadget that’s at present disabled. 
Note: Depending in your system, the BIOS UI could also be totally different for you. Therefore, you would possibly have to navigate by way of BIOS configuration to allow your arduous drive.

Check Disk Management

Hard drive exhibiting up in BIOS implies that the system is detecting the arduous drive, however some complication stops the gadget from exhibiting up within the O.S. If thats the case, you may test disk administration.

Disk Management retains the report of all of the storage units that the O.S. detects, their storage, and allotted and unallocated house. The O.S. won’t show the storage gadget with unallocated house. 

If you have got linked the arduous drive for the primary time, all its cupboard space can be unallocated. Therefore, it might look like the pc shouldn’t be detecting the arduous drive. Follow the steps beneath to arrange a brand new drive.

  1. Press the Windows + X and choose Disk Management.
  2. Right-click on the storage gadget that signifies Unallocated.
    unallocated disk space
  3. Select New Simple Volume.
    create new simple volume undetected hard drive
  4. Select Next.
  5. Set the dimensions of the pattern quantity and click on Next.
    set size new volume hard disk not found
  6. Set a Unique drive letter, one that’s not assigned but. Then, click on Next.
    assign drive letter hard drive not detected
  7. Check Format this quantity with the next settings and set File system and Volume label. Click Next.
    format partition hard disk not found
  8. Select Finish.
  9. Now open This P.C. to test if it detects the arduous drive.
Note: Only carry out these steps when you’ve got inserted the arduous disk for the primary time. Performing the above steps on a tough disk containing information would possibly lead to information loss.

Check Hard Disk Status

If the BIOS and Disk Management detect the arduous drive however you can not see the partition on This P.C., we advocate checking the drive standing. Windows makes use of the arduous disks S.M.A.R.T. characteristic to get its present standing.

  1. Press Windows + R to open Run.
  2. Type cmd and press Enter to open the command immediate.
  3. Copy the code wmic diskdrive get mannequin, standing, and press Enter.
    hard disk status
  4. All the storage units ought to point out OK.

Switch AHCI/IDE Mode

Operating System makes use of a sure SATA configuration, AHCI, IDE or RAID, to speak and retailer information inside its storage units linked with SATA cable. Most OS now a days makes use of AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) is the most recent one, and IDE is pretty older interface.

If one configuration is inflicting problem you may change between the AHCI or IDE to see if it fixes the difficulty.

  1. Repeatedly press the BIOS key to enter your system BIOS. BIOS key might be any of the operate key or the Delete key relying in your PC.
  2. Once in BIOS, navigate to System Configuration.
  3. Search for settings named Storage Configuration.
  4. Here set Configure SATA as AHCI or IDE.
    set sata configuration hard disk not showing
  5. Save and exit the BIOS
  6. Once the PC restart, test if the OS detects the arduous drive.

Note: Depending on the gadget you utilize, you would possibly have to navigate the BIOS to seek out right settings

Change Drive Letter

If you may see the arduous disk standing signifies OK, however you can not entry the drive, there might be letter project points. Windows could face points displaying a tough drive if it doesn’t have a devoted letter. To assign a drive letter,

  1. Press the Windows + X key and choose Disk Management.
  2. Right-click on the defective storage gadget drive and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.
    change drive letters hard disk not showing up
  3. Select Change.
  4. Select a brand new letter from the drop-down menu and click on OK.
  5. Open This P.C. to test if the arduous disk exhibits up.

Re-seat Hard Disk Cable

Inside a Desktop P.C., two wires hook up with the arduous drive, SATA, and the ability cable. The SATA cable connects the arduous disk to the motherboard, and the ability cable connects the arduous disk to the ability provide.

These cables have a lock mechanism. The pc could not detect the arduous drive if these cables should not secured.

To reset your arduous drive cable,

  1. Turn off your P.C.
  2. Open your P.C.s facet panel by eradicating all of the screws on the suitable facet of the motherboard.remove side panel
  3. Gently take the facet panel out of the CPU case. You can now entry the inner part of your P.C.
  4. Locate the 2 cables that join the motherboard to the arduous drive and the ability provide to the arduous drive. 
    sata data and sata power
  5. Remove and reconnect all these cables one after the other.
  6. Turn in your P.C. earlier than closing the facet panel.
  7. If the system detects the arduous drive, shut the facet panel.
  8. If the system doesn’t detect the arduous drive, flip off your system.
  9. Remove the motherboard facet of the SATA cable. And test the SATA port from which you eliminated the SATA cable.
  10. Search your motherboard for an additional SATA port and join the SATA cable to this port.
  11. Turn in your system and test if the P.C. detects the arduous drive.

Replace Data and Power Cable

Sometimes the difficulty will not be with the port, however with the cable that’s broken. Damages resulting from put on and tear of the cable or a defective SATA cable itself might be why the pc shouldn’t be detecting the arduous drive. 

In that case, changing the cable ought to repair the unrecognized arduous disk problem. To exchange the arduous disk cable, 

  1. Unscrew all of the screws on the suitable facet of the CPU case, and gently take away the facet panel.
  2. Remove the prevailing cable and exchange it with a brand new pair of cables. 
    sata data and sata power
  3. Connect one finish of the SATA cable to the motherboard and the opposite to the arduous drive.
  4. Connect one finish of the ability cable to the P.S.U. and one other to the ability port in your arduous drive.
  5. Turn on the P.C.
  6. Enter the BIOS to test if the system detects the arduous drive

Check Power Supply

check power supply hard disk not detected

Another purpose the pc fails to detect the arduous disk is that if the arduous disk doesn’t activate. This might occur on many events. One of them being P.S.U. not supplying sufficient energy to the arduous drive. 

Suppose you have got a power-demanding pc however the P.S.U. can not provide sufficient energy to it, inner {hardware} parts will endure. And this consists of the arduous disk as effectively. 

To repair this, just be sure you use an influence provide that meets the minimal energy requirement in your P.C.

You can discover a number of web sites that calculate the ability provide in your system on the web. Use them to find out your PCs minimal P.S.U. voltage.

USB Power Suspend Feature

Computer might also have points detecting an exterior arduous drive if USB energy droop setting is enabled. What USB selective droop setting does is, it stops energy provide to USB port that’s idle.

The system often detects the exterior arduous drive linked to a USB port. However, if the gadget is idle for a very long time, OS would possibly mistake it for an unused best USB port. And when you’ve got enabled energy droop characteristic, the OS could not detect the arduous drive.

In order to repair this, you have to to disable USB selective droop.

  1. Press the Windows + R key to open Run.
  2. Type powercfg.cpl and press Enter to open Power choices.
  3. Click on Change plan settings on the chosen energy plan.
    change power plan hard disk not found
  4. Click in Change superior energy settings.
  5. Expand USB settings, after which increase USB selective droop Settings.
    usb selective suspend hard disk not found
  6. Set it to Disabled.

Update Necessary Drivers

The gadget driver acts as an interface by way of which the Operating System and the gadget change data. A corrupted driver will trigger issues between the 2 when speaking with one another. 

In the case of a tough drive, you have to to replace the required driver to restore corrupted drives.

  1. Press the Windows + X key and choose Device Manager.
  2. Expand Disk Drives to checklist all of the storage units linked to the pc.
  3. Double-click on the drive that’s inflicting the difficulty.
  4. Go to the Driver tab and choose the Update driver.
    update hard disk driver hard disk not found
  5. Click on Search mechanically for drivers.
  6. Once the replace is full, test if the P.C. detects the arduous drive.

Recover Files from Hard Drive

If not one of the options work, you need to attempt to get better information and folders from the arduous drive. Hard drives or any storage gadget will ultimately fail after extended use. A failing arduous drive will trigger a number of points, one in every of them being the P.C. not recognizing the drive.

If you have got a comparatively older arduous drive, we advocate recovering the drive. However, recovering information from a drive is a posh course of. Therefore, you may consult with our article to format and get better information that explains every step intimately

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